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  1. Thanks for this. Do you think the non-stock headshell is why it won't balance properly?
  2. I have a Pro-ject as my main turntable, but I'm putting together an inexpensive stereo setup in my basement. I picked up a Numark TT1600 MKII the other day at a flea market. They had swapped the original headshell with a Stanton and a Shure M44G cartridge. I had to order a new stylus, and I'm just getting around to trying to set everything up. To my dismay, the tonearm absolutely will not float. Even with the counterweight all the way out, it still weighs heavy on the cartridge end--and this is after removing an extra 2 gram weight from the headshell (how did they ever get it balanced with tha
  3. I really hope that discount code still works on Friday. I've spent too much $$$ on vinyl the last few days.
  4. Thanks for the info. I ordered mine from Wayside Music — my first purchase from them. Anyone have any opinions on Wayside? Thanks.
  5. Ordered it just a few minutes ago. I'm at work and just found out about it, so I haven't even had a chance to listen to it. I bought it based solely on the outstanding reviews I've seen.
  6. Where does one "find" this? Anybody online still stocking it? I have their LP and the Barton Hollow 7", but I didn't even know this one existed.
  7. I ordered the blue from Southern Lord a few weeks ago. Absolutely love the color... record looks and sounds amazing. Any Pelican fans here have the discography box set? I want it so bad, but it's so freaking expensive.
  8. I've ordered from Broken Circles, Insound, shopradiocast, Saddle Creek, and Sub Pop with no real problems. I highly recommend Broken Circles! My only bad experience with mail order was from Juno Records in the U.K. sometime last year. I wasn't crazy about placing an international order in the first place, but they were the most reasonable (and one of the only) places I could find a copy of the Into the Wild soundtrack reissue (great music!) Received the LP in a thin, flimsy cardboard mailer with no padding. The vinyl was warped so badly that watching it spin would make a sailor motion sic

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