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Found 3 results

  1. List: So far we have: - Shitty Rambo - andy. - Santa Bateman - Rock Puppetz - Zeb_Enjoys_Vinyl Mixtapes - dkrtz - thefavoriteplay(?) - erikness - Fowty Dollaz - nostalgicbummer - backdrifter Just comment or PM me when you are partnered up and I'll strike out your name. Once one "transaction" is over, if you want to sign up for a different partner, I'll remove the strikethrough. Let's keep it civil and fun! Of course you can work out the details how ever you see fit, but if I trade with someone I see no reason we can't each cover the cost of shipping our mixtape (it should be the same each way). OP: I don't know if this is allowed or not, but andy. had a great idea and think it could be fun. If not then mods feel free to delete. We could trade mixtapes based on tastes wanted. For instance I like punk, folk, "indie rock," unique hip hop/ rap, and some metal. So, I could request a punk mixtape in exchange for your requests. Most of us have our collections available to develop ideas. This could be sender funded, requestor funded, or whatever is worked out between users. Hopefully individual transactions could be communicated via PMs and have wants/ requests posted here. I know it's KIND OF a sell-based idea, but hopefully the trade aspect keeps it friendly. Mixtapes were big when I was a kid, but this could be a fun thing amongst users. A little more old school than sending a link to bandcamp.
  2. xxstefanxx

    FT: Tool - Ænima bootleg

    i bought this years ago from AURAL EXPLOITS and of course they never mentioned it to be a bootleg. Anyway. Now i wanna get rid of it and swap it for something related to emo or indie. Vinyl of course. Just offer me something nice. Maybe some 90s emo? Mineral or stuff like this? I am not interested in money, because i am not selling bootlegs. Ah, yes. the pressing should be this one: http://www.discogs.com/Tool-%C3%86nima/release/1790871 i think the records played maybe once or so. Here is a pic:
  3. i don't recall seeing anything on Ebay in regards to anything like this (i don't think they would expect this to go down either way), but i'm posting this so people can poke holes in this. or, i'd like to know if this is already happening. yes, yes, i know you don't always have to send as a gift when you are paying through Paypal. assuming you both have Ebay accounts; say you want to trade with someone or buy something from someone on here, but they have limited posts or no feedback. Ebay feedback could mean nothing to you without the protection. couldn't you use Ebay as a way to assure delivery? for buying - coordinate and they put the item up at whatever price with an OBO and you go to that auction and offer your agreed upon price. that way you know you have the backing and not just Ebay feedback. for trading - this is where i couldn't think of that great of an idea. i was going to suggest that both you and trader put items up with OBO and make an offer of $0.01 and both accept. of course, i realize that if you don't get the item you only get your $0.01 back. i know you can make a legit offer on what you think it's worth and "mark as paid", but if you do that too many times i think it flags Ebay. just wondering. let me know what you think. or destroy it. either way.