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  1. I told my wife yesterday that I have an online date tomorrow at 5. Very excited for this. Maybe there will be a show exclusive 😆
  2. This is a "the best of" Creed. It has etching on all 4 sides. No music. Framing purposes only.
  3. ANOTHER one! Fuck, I'm out. Can't do anymore. I've moved so much money on Phoebe today. I'll just have to settle with what I have.
  4. Yeah those two are gone (though they have repressed stuff before- Gorillaz) but I'm perusing to see if there's something to swap for.
  5. Copy-pasted: 1x Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers, LP+ - Blue Green Swirl Vinyl. First 150 Copies Come with Signed Print. Released Friday, 19th June 2020
  6. You're dead on. Plus you can swap for older stuff if you want. I joined for Gorillaz, stayed for Fiona Apple, and occasionally popped back in for stuff (TV on the Radio). I'm in the same boat as you. We'll probably be bitching in a month about next month's crap choices, but I'll just grab something older. Got a Sister Rosetta Tharpe I might grab if nothing else good comes up and it's still available.
  7. Now I just F5 Dead Oceans webstore ad nauseam until either: New Bright Eyes drops or Coronatine ends.
  8. You're gonna have to drop like $100 just to get that (and 3 other records: Stooges, and whatever else they release). Probably a decent gamble though. That's $25 a piece and they always usually sound real nice. Truth.
  9. Considering there is a black (in her store) that is not listed as Limited Edition, I think that the black will eventually take over as the standard. Much like the BOCC LP, it'll be $10 in 2 years.
  10. It definitely let me choose that option, but with VMP lately who fuckin' knows? I'll probably get 17 copies of Whitney Houston. I already own an original of that, so I genuinely hope they get their shit in order because I need this PB and wouldn't mind the color variant of the Stooges. I thought about it before this $31 variant came to pass.
  11. So, I think I've nabbed every variant (so far) and I'm probably going to stop here. I did have to reup for VMP, but that Stooges was calling anyway. If I don't get a signed print and somebody wants to sell me theirs or trade for a different variant, hmu.
  12. No idea, but I don't think there is any way they would still have them in stock if it updates.