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  1. Yay! Here's a screenshot of it (I'm on mobile atm).
  2. So mine showed up today and it's definitely not lime green. It's just regular green. Otherwise, I received the print and everything looks great. Will spin shortly
  3. Haven't cracked either open, but both look as good/ better than new store stock. Slightest ringwear on EODM. Seems flat, but I'll check em later. Guess I got lucky.
  4. I wonder how/ if they'll differentiate between the two releases.
  5. To be clear, I NEVER expected this to ship, and honestly I'm kinda glad it didn't. RSD sucks in many ways, but it's the Patron Saint of Housing the Homeless compared to Amazon who deserves $0 off of Indie stores backs (says the hypocrite who buys any $12 Prime deal he's interested in). Hopefully I've caused an account based net loss onnall the 2 day shipping on $10 records I buy.
  6. Just got cancelled. I'm willing to bet they got exactly 0. No loss here, but I was hoping to hook a fool up. Oh well.
  7. As of this moment, my Amazon Crow gets here Monday...the uncertainty continues...
  8. Apparently it's a reference to the name of the gaggles of prostitutes that Nazis used to keep around. Sounds like a tough place to be.