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  1. Yes, I like the album and the packaging is pretty cool (though easy to damage if you aren't careful).
  2. Following. So far this year I've grabbed repress/ reissues of 2 Pennywise LPs, Suffer, and at least 1 or 2 more. I noticed costs are increasing, but that's everywhere.
  3. Yeah, I haven't been this pleased since I heard Skeleton Coast and Brave Faces Everyone last year. Green showed up 2 days ago, but I've only had time to listen in the car on Spotify.
  4. I'm guessing they are one in the same (no RSD hype sticker though).
  5. Good to know. I'm still mad I didn't grab the Type O Bloody Kisses, but I'll get it eventually.
  6. I'm just gonna bump this thread for any Mutemath fans out there. Armistice (their second and second best LP) is up for vote. It would be deluxified on color for first time. Yadda yadda. My wife would appreciate this release happening, so if you plop a vote down, thanks!
  7. Mine from Bullmoose arrived a few days ago. Got a weekly email pushing release back a week for about a month. It sounds pretty okay. I haven't cleaned it, but there were some snapcracklepops here and there (probably just debris) when I listened on cans.
  8. Based solely on the fact that I listened to the MOV once and the CH once (years apart) the CH is superior. I've not done a side by side and my setup has changed for the better since, but I'm guessing the CH is superior. Having typed all that, the MOV sounded just great. So...I dunno.
  9. Holy. Shit. 22 minutes in and I'm crying. This poor woman. Ugh. It's so shocking.
  10. It's a nice variant. You'll probably be able to "trade up" in the after market. I haven't checked the FS prices on other punk notes, but I imagine it isn't too bad. Edit: just checked S/T and I'm wrong. My bad.

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