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  1. Saw J acoustic tonight with Sincere Engineer and Covey. He did the lord's work solo. Looking forward to a band tour and LP4. If anyone is sleeping on P&tG, don't. I have been listening for several years, and I don't know how they aren't more widely renowned than they are.
  2. Does it have "sub-mission" printed on the back track listing?
  3. I've seen Conor (in some incarnation) a bunch of times in the past 10 years. There have been performances that were stone cold sober and absolutely wonderful (Carnegie Hall in 2012 comes to mind) and times he was shithoused and it was noticeably bad (about 4-5 years ago) and times he was definitely drunk as hell but still did a great job (the last time I saw Bright Eyes). I think he's probably "fine" as much as drunk can be. Does he probably need help? Yes, we've all heard his songs. Is he super-wealthy? Yeah. He'll be fine, and he's seemingly self-aware enough to know when enough is enough. TL;DR- what @Shitty Rambo said, and just issue refunds where appropriate and keep making the money for the two normal guys in BE and the rest of the backing band.
  4. I wish. Mine showed up a week or 2 ago. Same (well both) It's awesome.
  5. I've been busy but surprised to not see this in here already https://fivehundredbucks.bandcamp.com/ New video out today too: It's on the pricier side for a single LP, but it's completely diy, so support "up and coming artists" (it's Jeff Riddle from THM). Enjoy your weekends folks.
  6. There were so many delays, they were probably just like, "plastic wrap that shit and ship it"
  7. PN quickness arrived today. Sounded great (aside from a bit of a warp that causes a noise at one edge of the lp).
  8. Hofx- clear green w/ splatturz and opaque pink with splatturz.
  9. They were great, and like I said, I wasn't even into them at the time. The ticket was free, so I figured it was at least a chance to see Ozzy. I'd go see LB, but I'm standing in the back. Too old for that front row shit nowadays.
  10. I saw Korn at Ozzfest many years after 7th grade (when I stopped listening to them) and they were very good live. Same stage: Disturbed (who I never liked, at any point) played and they sounded exactly like their recordings. Manson was great. Chevelle, who I previously "appreciated" was awful. And Ozzy was, well, old. All in all, not a bad day.
  11. Grabbed this a little under a year ago. Good pressing and looks great!