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  1. I'm wearing a BWM shirt right now. I have 2 more at home. Fuck the haters.
  2. I really don't want to change my name, but i will keep tradition if anyone wants to argue about the cost.
  3. Probably, but I don't expect this to be too limited. I think it'll be a large run on color based on the massive sales of that $100 CD boxset.
  4. Hoping this is a 3LP and I can change my name to Se7enTee DollaZ.
  5. Fowty Dollaz

    BUying Assistance

    I have a couple of albums that are 100% digitally sourced. They STILL sound amazing. For instance, Tracy Chapman's s/t is phenomenal. I understand your concern, but I promise that if it's an album you want, it'll still be good (unless it's some 00's punk/ emo, then it might sound like garbage on vinyl).
  6. Nice. Got that last time. Extras this time: Fartlessness, BateingCatwing, and another cassette fo free. Plus my 3rd copy of Harmlessness (black), 3 tees, and the Sioux Falls cs.
  7. I dunno. Feel like Nicole always throws me extra shit, but I didn't specifically order it.
  8. Posted about this about 3 days ago. Package will be delivered today
  9. Fowty Dollaz

    WTB: Mischief Brew Songs from Under the Sink

    Yeah, I saw this. If I had the money, I'd buy the whole thing, but only need SFUTS. That AJJ split would be cool too.
  10. I need this LP. I've missed it repeatedly for years on Discogs and eBay . My little brother introduced me to them around the time this came out. Lost my little brother a year and a half ago. I tell you this because the LP would be cherished with me. If you have any leads or want to sell it to me, PM me. Thanks.