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  1. It's a Brand New thread- par for the course.
  2. When I was 16, I made a conscious choice to date a 24 year old. For 5 years. It was a terrible decision, but it wasn't because of my age. She sucks. I still don't agree with what he did. Yes, because they were underage but also because he held a position of "power" over them. Also, I'll never understand the 20-something being into teenagers thing, even though I was on the opposite end.
  3. This is likely my favorite album by them (untying nostalgia and experiences to previous albums). Still not going to buy it.
  4. If I was already buying stuff, I'd probably tack em on and sell em to a local shop, but I'm not buying much right now.
  5. They must have used actual slave labor. I don't understand how these are so cheap.
  6. I was never enthralled with the whole idea, and I know it's early and people will back out, but it's fairly impressive that coheed managed to get 2200 people to book the cruise in 2 fucking days.
  7. Definitely not a shop owner, but my local struggles to keep up with demand every year. They regularly say, every RSD, "we always order many times what we receive." There have been times where they have a fair amount of big ticket items, but I've seen as low as 1 (or none) of pretty widely available/ sought after releases. When I go, I usually go VERY early/ night before and "camp." When I look back to the end of the line, by opening, I wonder what those folks are going to buy. Seems ridiculous that 300 of an item could be allocated to one store while others get zilch.
  8. Totally struck out on Desperado OST (I didn't go, try, etc). At 39.99, I may continue to strike out for a long time. It looks nice, probably a CD transfer, but I'm sure it sounds okay, but damn $
  9. Just a heads up grab that bundle (with asinine shipping- $10) at 30% off with BLACKFRIYAY
  10. This is kind of covered here: But you did specify independent. I'd love if there was a way to make folders to show country, province/ state, and cities. I don't think this board can subdivide that way but it would be useful. Your list above would only interest me if I were to be in the area on vacation.
  11. Worth mentioning: Tons of soundtrack from horror (Waxwork, etc) to LaLa Land. Rodriguez, Zeppelin boxset, Stones, Lady Gaga, Unwritten Law, and on and on. Discounts aren't huge, but worth checking out!