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  1. Mine is opaque neon green and LP2 is that same black/ green. Honestly, so far, other than that aforementioned backtracking thing, it's not bad. It definitely a 2005-CD-sourced copy, and BY FAR, the worst boot I've heard (out of like 5!!), but it's gonna be SOME collectible 🙄
  2. Everything about that sounds badass, but that's just me.
  3. Absolutely nothing at all tells me it will sound a lot like DM meets AM! I hope it's even better than that, but my hopes are low. I like DM a good bit (I'm only missing a blue copy of that album), and I adore AM! like my 1st child. I just hope this isn't a bastard stepchild in the discography. Fingers crossed y'all. I'm blind buying anyway.
  4. Just wanted to let the world, here, in general, know that this is back in print for a while and can be bought here: https://squareofopposition.limitedrun.com/products/570596-mischief-brew-bacchanal-n-philadelphia-lp Some talk about SFUTS coming up next, maybe...
  5. Appreciate it. That means whenever mine ships, it'll be here within 2 days. Sweet.
  6. Still patiently awaiting mine to ship. Out of curiosity, to anyone who got it, did it ship from Springfield, MA?
  7. Hello everyone, you are receiving this email because you have at least one current pre-order item from us in your order. It's about these 4 releases: The Appleseed Cast - Mare Vitalis 2x LP Logh - A Sunset Panorama LP Pilot to Gunner - Games at high Speeds LP (+ bundle) Sunday's Best - the Californian LP (Repress) All of these releases have been planned since May and have also been in production in our pressing plant since summer. All releases were set be available at the end of September / beginning of October, but unfortunately there will be a significant delay for each of the 4 titles. We were finally informed of this at the end of last week. The reason for this are the current massive restrictions in the procurement of the granulate for pressing the records and the entire supply chain by Covid-19. Everything looked good through the summer, but unfortunately the postponement of many releases by a lot of labels from spring to autumn has suddenly and retrospectively reduced the availability of the granulate. Since demand fell sharply at times and production in Asia was only low anyway, this could not be satisfied when demand increased. Our pressing plant had to postpone over 100 orders by various labels and looked for alternative options (and found them). Another problem is that our small pressing plant books times with a large supplier in order to produce there. This also had to be canceled because the entire infrastructure that is tied to the large provider became very non-binding due to the Corona crisis and all orders were endangered by possible insolvencies in the supply chain. Our pressing plant has therefore "pulled the plug" because their business and all publications were extremely endangered. Now a new partner has been found and production can start again as usual, only all current orders (like our the 4 releases mentioned above) have only now been booked and are now being processed. This is all very annoying, but we are behind our pressing plant for this decision, as it could have been much worse. It is currently not clear when the records will be here, but it will certainly take a while. Unfortunately. The test pressings of all first presses sound great and I'll get a couple of covers, which I'll post on our Instagram. All bands are excited and we all look forward to the finished products. I hope you all understand. The current times are not easy times and we are trying everything possible to keep everything going as usual. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Stay safe and healthy Matthias - TSR
  8. Anyone seen the signed artcard/ print that comes with that tape bundle?