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  1. When I pre-ordered this set, for *NOT $18* I sold one set, kept one, and gave my mom one for her birthday.
  2. Just a tip: if POP.MARKET is the Discogs seller check their own site where 1) shipping is free domestically 2) they always have coupons (POP15 for 15% off) and 3) it's often cheaper (no Discogs fee). I just bought this for $20.60 shipped to my house.
  3. There are some VERY interesting tracks listed. Definitely not buying it, but I'm excited to hear some of those
  4. This came in today. The art is obviously a poor digital file. It's pretty pixelated, but w/e. I'm going to listen to it soon and determine if it sounds the same/ worse than the original press (which I've listened to dozens of times). Everything I've seen so far indicates it sound *good/ just fine." Hope so! Update: Miseria Cantare sounds incredible (albeit I need to CLEAN the records). 2nd update: I'm on "Bleed Black." If the whole album sounds like this, I'm happy as hell with it. I'm sure I'll finish it tonight, but so far, so good.
  5. Bonus double post: Dischord has the S/T, regular cover, yellow vinyl available for $22 https://www.dischord.com/release/ORGM2179/roir-sessions Hate me later.
  6. Early morning shipping notification for punk note and sliver PTC! Radical.
  7. You're right, but that's only the CD. I believe Adeline had exclusive vinyl rights
  8. Didn't know they were so pissy over those. And you're right, Adeline held the vinyl rights to StS. Either way, somebody has to "possess" the rights and are flat out stupid for not pressing the fuck out of it.
  9. That's rad! Nothing for me yet, but at least it's through MerchNow who are 60% reliable every time.
  10. Could be wrong, but I don't remember any hoopla from them over the more recent "Nitro" represses like the Atom Age ones. Though, I do recall they were not too happy about the Greatest Hits record back in like 03/ 04

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