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  1. Yeah. This is some low level stuff. They "sold out" TOOL in CT doing this.
  2. Last time I went to Forest Hills, it was kinda pricey too. Plus they have 2 nights in LA, only one 15000 person venue in NY. It'll hopefully be super worth it regardless. Fingers crossed for no rain.
  3. Yeah, they're not available anymore, just checked. It was section 501, row E (5th) and seats 6&7. "Club" seats. I'm in the emo club, I guess. *Tosses bangs*
  4. Lower bowl was $85 before fees. I need seats because I'm old.
  5. Got an email today. More irrelevant (to me) tour dates. No vinyl.
  6. NY AREA FANS: Just a heads up, my wife will be like 90 months pregnant at the time of the show (plus she basically loathes Conor's voice) and I don't know any friends who like BEs. So: if anyone else wants to be my date, I got pretty decent seats. We can just meet at the show, or I can transfer the ticket to you. Forewarning: the ticket is $100+. This does not apply to random newbies. Weirdos okay.
  7. Yeah. I'm pretty sober now, but I'll liven up after a drink so I actually talk.
  8. Same. My 2nd spawn is due July 3. I might literally miss his birth lolol.
  9. I've only seen Desa and Conor solo, though one show was basically BE for a few songs. Where are you located? So far we have LA, NY, England, and Scotland OR Japan all but confirmed.
  10. Digging on Reddit and I uncovered some "confirmed" info by Redditors (insanely reliable, I know): 1. Bagpipes will be featured on album. (based on IG photo tagging BEs) 2. Seems kinda unlikely, but the explanation made it a bit more likely: Flea plays bass on new album (which is, reportedly, done). Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  11. New story post on IG. I think they may be playing Forest Hills F R S T H L L S and A P D O C F Z whatever that means. Long story short, there are two posters that are identical except for that line DEDOCNZ- Dead Oceans :-0 New one: ENDOTRD (end of the road?) Festival Still stuck on APDOCFDZ LIQDRM (Liquid Room) Scotland/ Japan PLLDM (Palladium) MA and/ or Hollywood Also, the space between their IG story posts I getting shorter. Expect another this evening.