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  1. It's ugh, really "cringe" (as the kids say 👴🏻) even though I do both of those things. I also listen to major label music and drink Miller High Life 😄. I wouldn't advertise either one 🙃.
  2. Hell yeah! Just nabbed 2 Gwar records for $10 each. Thank you.
  3. Well at least AFI had the wherewithal to include records inside their stupid candle/ watch box. I wish TOOL would.
  4. I bought it. I'm sucker for that stupid record and all the prior ones too. Could give a damn about the knick knack shit I paid for, but the 7" collection is pretty dope.
  5. Somehow I never saw this before, but I just ordered now. I'm not autistic or diagnosed neurodivergent, but all the kids I work with who have diagnosed circumstances are some of the most punk kids I've ever met. They don't know it yet, mostly, but in 20 years they probably will.
  6. I agree, but also $10 LPs/ $2 7"s is pretty cheap nowadays. Hoping to get something I don't already own and have to unload for store credit somewhere. I haven't bought everything this year, so it's possible. I'd also take a black repress of Cool to Be You or a couple of NUFAN releases I don't have. 🤷‍♂️ It's a gamble always.
  7. Vinyl grab bags are up. $50 for 5 LPs. $10 for 5 7"s. Best of luck!
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the ETR press has the original version on it. Glad to hear it sounds good!
  9. Epitaph has a "marked down" section and free shipping of you spend +$40. Definitely some good titles in the mix. All are around $20 price point with mark down, so not a huge "deal."
  10. You know, I'm really not sure. Seeing SO advertised as "restocked" at several brick and mortar stores, but hearing nothing about this makes me think so.

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