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  1. So far it sounds pretty good. Side A still spinning.
  2. This showed up today. Very nice gatefold, printed insert, basic paper inners, and nice heavy vinyl. Mine had a slight corner ding, but nbd. I'll let you know how it sounds when I get a chance. Gotta scrub a dub it first, probably paper all over it.
  3. Yes. That's when I ordered mine and got the same. It actually looks pretty good for splatter.
  4. https://coffincurserecords.bigcartel.com https://asafriend.bandcamp.com/album/swore-id-never-go-back-again Quick story: this is a band of dudes from East of Knoxville, TN. One member is my late little brother's best friend/ cousin. They are good dudes, having fun, and touring. Give em a listen, and if you like em, smash that pre-order so they can press a run of 10" records to get their foot in the door of vinyl.
  5. As long as the records play. Wouldn't a record store use mailers?
  6. Anyone on Eastern U.S. Coast have any experience on a record shipping standard from UK. It's been a minute since I've ordered from overseas. Am I looking at a couple of weeks? A month?
  7. Pretty sure most of us think that, but without pure certainty, I'll get this one and call it a day. Honestly I want the Crow OST for the same reason I own A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, every AFI album, and the Used s/t. Nostalgia.
  8. So glad this got pressed. Always wanted a copy. Was/ am a big HoL fan.
  9. Probably my last gleam of hope. Seriously a tiny thread of it
  10. New to me too, but the single on YouTube is pretty chill. I can get into it.
  11. VNYL got a new location/ face/ owner: https://blackboxrecordclub.com/subscription-plans BLCKBX
  12. People are seriously doing this aren't they? It's like they've never ordered anything online.
  13. Amazon- the world's largest independent record store (they even consign!)