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  1. No. This will probably be the same as the 2021 repress. Which could be worse, I guess.
  2. 😭 Same Gotta say though, Betty looks good and the litho of original art is quite helpful because I'm not a fan of the new cover as much.
  3. Also, now that I have time, I knew these would go in a hurry, and I'm surprised they haven't already announced a new, 2nd round variant. I get why it's annoying, but it's a pita to make a new thread, while on lunch, on my phone. I only bumped the thread to notify the 6 people who would care enough to even be on the boards midday. Between the way IG and FB have just become giant commercials for anything for sale, Reddit, Spotify, email, texts, and all the other shit bigger bands do to promote us giving them money, if you find out here there's too much disconnect from the artist for you to actually have fomo about it. (You= all you internet folks in general- myself included)
  4. No thanks. Too much work. But it gave an hours heads up ahead of that dedicated thread.
  5. Black sails reissue with bonus tracks now up at Rev/ Brook Veg /500 and different repress at AFI site /1000.
  6. Smart punk exclusive /300. Pink/ baby blue half and half. At the smart punk webstore.
  7. Do we know if the cover is actually foil? That'd look cool. Might make it worth picking up a new copy (also the bonus songs).
  8. Wow. This has been out there a while, and I had no fuckin clue. Crazy stuff. I read all the comments, and a few are saying he was just trying to be edgy, but *ewww*.
  9. Mine is roughly the same, but the destroyed FedEx facility is NOT the one my package left a few days ago. It hung out in Ohio longer than anyone should be forced to. Hopefully it doesn't hit Jersey too, the poor package!
  10. I don't have it in hand yet, but it says it's remastered, so that's a plus (maybe). I also have an old 10", but I haven't listened to it in a while. May have to side by side them in July when this one shows up
  11. I Against I (color or black punk note, color, and standard) is available for preorder. I also caught up on Omega Sessions and Youth Are Getting restless (which are still available).
  12. I haven't, but in my mind I've imagined building from scratch and running wires behind drywall, noise insulation, dedicated headphone listening station, and on and on.
  13. I fully support this endeavor 😂 Detective Sad Heart!

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