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  1. Either way, I'm glad they're making an abundance of it.
  2. I'm thinking this is a standard black lp, but if it's also remastered, it kinda has to be 2LP, right? Unless they made two new sets of plates (seems unlikely).
  3. Fowty Dollaz

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    I used to find more than I do now (I also go a lot less, now), but for instance, one day I got Twisted Sister, Nena, Tracy Chapman, and Elton John. I always check for electronics though. I recently purchased a Polk Audio sub ($15) in great shape, that would be about $4-500 new and a set Acoustic Research tower speakers ($20) that would run about $3-400 new. I still have to try the speakers out, but the sub is a beast. That said, I always check the records, and the glass cases. I used to go to Savers, but a bunch of old guys seemed to hang out and cherry pick everything. Never had any luck. I think estate sales are my next endeavor into buying used, but with how mainstream this has become, I'd be lucky to score anything worthwhile.
  4. So not "very" limited, just "limited" Interpunk, lying ain't too punk. I bet you do karate at hardcore shows. #poseurs
  5. Fowty Dollaz

    PO: Misfits- Famous Monsters repress

    Especially since it's not Amoeba or Bullmoose.
  6. Fowty Dollaz

    PO: Misfits- Famous Monsters repress

    It'd be pretty weird if he was a liquid or gaseous dude. I guess he's part all three?
  7. What kind of asshat listens to Alkaline Trio and also voted for Trump. That's not a question. Just an observation. Take you're shitty perspective and go listen to FFDP or something. Back to more fun Alk3 jokes about dubs bad knee...only lost crimes caught it. Yes I can bitch until my eyes turn blue, and you're fucked by Trump, too And I guess you deeeeeserrrrrrve him, wish I could waste my time without wasting all of your time. And you say I'm LIBERAL, snooowflake...millenial I say I don't wanna try, I'd rather sleep now, all night <Interesting guitar riff> Good Night VC <3
  8. When you're only twenty-three It's not attractive to complain about your Soooooooore kneeeeeeeeeee
  9. Yeah, it's not REALLY a slim fit shirt, but where a large is usually a 23 across the chest, it might be a 22??
  10. I bought one. I'm sure there were several other fans who bought 1 and the other variants too. I just need the one copy. I'm currently only lacking remains and TA if anyone wants to help a brother round out his ALK3 studio recording collection.
  11. Yeah. Only 2 copies of any vinyl in the whole store. I kinda miss digging through the clearance records there. But it was an easy NM/ VG+ sleeve. Couldn't pass it up.
  12. I have a large tee that fits ALMOST like a slim fit tee. It's thinner cut than some other larges I own.
  13. Hey it's TRAVIS! Thought of you when I picked up a green Propaghandi record on clearance at the Topic yesterday.
  14. Hahahaha, fucking Derek. Always on point.