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Found 3 results

  1. So last year i started a new job and the owner had a turntable and played records daily. After less then a week I was hooked and wanted to start a vinyl collection and have a nice setup. Now I'm far from being able to afford a $1000 setup or even a $500 setup. Im all about being patient and looking for the best deals which is what I did. My boss bought 2 vintage receivers and gave me one for free a Kenwood KR-3600 I was excited I love the vintage look. So I wanted to get a vintage turntable. Craigslist everything was $100+ and I didnt really have it. Well one day I was talking to a guy at an auction and told him i was looking for vinyl he tells me he will sell a collection a guy gave him along with a turntable for $60 I bought it right away. It was a Toshiba SR-255 Love the look. Also at the auction I managed to pick up an Polk Audio Monitor 60 for only $20. The Toshiba had no headshell so had to order it and the stylus off amazon Audio-Technica Universal Headshell (AT-HS1) and Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge (AT95E). Im just wondering how decent my set up is. and what to improve first and with what. List again Kenwood KR-3600 Toshiba SR-255 Polk Audio Monitor 60 (only have 1 at the moment) Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge (AT95E) Audio-Technica Universal Headshell (AT-HS1) I do get some humming when i have both left and right plugged into the receiver from the turntable. I do have the ground plugged in. I've tried reading the forums but I get confused pretty easy when I cant ask the questions from the beginning. Here are a couple pics as well
  2. Hello, I just bought 6 boxes of records for $20. After looking through them and listening, I am hooked. I want to get into collecting, investing, and selling records. However, I have no idea what to look for. I go to yard sales/ auctions and I am lost. I want to buy records that will build value. I want to keep them for a while so I can hand them down to my kids when they get older. What suggestions do you have for me to be a successful collector?
  3. Hey guys, so I'm new here and i am hoping for your help. A bit of background: So i was never really into vinyl until recently when my grandfather passed away and left me his collection (without a turntable...idk what happened to it ) Anyway i bought a shitty crosely from target just to kind of listen to his records and try to understand his obsession. Long story short, the crosely is not working out, at all. Now i'm really into listening to vinyl and was wondering what you'd suggest as an upgrade. I'm really into the minimalist setup. I was wondering what you guys thought about the Pro-ject Debut Carbon paired with Audioengine A2 powered speakers. I read on Turntable Lab that the carbon has built in preamp and that the Audioengine A2 has an amplifier built in (whatever that means) . So am I missing anything, or will this do for a beginner looking for a simple setup?