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Found 1 result

  1. -Last Rights Records- New arrivals - Emperor - As Shadows Rise (MLP + CD) only 666 Type O Negative - The Least Worst of (black vinyl) Type O Negative - October Rust (black vinyl) Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials (black or sealed vinyl) Unida - Coping With The Urban Coyote (black vinyl) Ulver - Shadows of the Sun (picture vinyl) only 500 Ulver - Blood Inside (picture vinyl) only 500 The Wounded Kings - Consolamentum (black vinyl) only 1000 Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics (black vinyl) King Diamond - Them (black vinyl) Mercyful Fate - Melissa (black vinyl) Other recent additions to the shop available here - http://lastrightsrecords.storenvy.com Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Black Sheep 7" (black vinyl) Coil / Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled (black vinyl) Cynic - Kindly Bent Free To Us (clear vinyl) only 400 Ulver - Shadows of the Sun (picture vinyl) only 500 Ulver - Blood Inside (picture vinyl) only 500 Bathory - Blood Fire Death (picture vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds (picture vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Bathory - Hammerheart (picture vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Bathory - Return of Darkness (picture vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Bathory - s/t (picture vinyl *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Bathory - Twilight of the Gods (picture vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Bathory - Under The Sign (picture vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Emperor - IX Equilibrium (clear vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Motorhead - Motorhead (red vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Motorhead - What's Wordsworth (red vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Rainbow - Rockplast 1995 Black Masquarade *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Testament - Live in London (red vinyl) *Record Store Day 2014* *PRE-ORDER* Lantlôs - Melting Sun (black vinyl) *PRE-ORDER* Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em (colored vinyl) *PRE-ORDER* Reverend Bizarre - So Long Suckers 4LP Box Set (moss green vinyl) Lantlôs - .neon (clear vinyl) Lifelover - Sjukdom (red/white splatter vinyl) Sol Invictus - In The Rain (black vinyl) Sol Invictus - Trees in Water (black vinyl) Mastodon - Call of the Mastodon (splatter vinyl) Pentagram - First Daze Here Too (black vinyl) Slayer - Reign in Blood (green vinyl) only 1000 (hand-numbered) Slayer - South of Heaven (green vinyl) only 1000 (hand-numbered) Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss (green vinyl) only 1000 (hand-numbered) Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - Bloodlust (red/clear vinyl) Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - Mind Control (blue vinyl) BEHEMOTH - AND THE FORESTS DREAM ETERNALLY (black vinyl) DISMEMBER - COMPLETE DEMOS (red vinyl) DISMEMBER - DEATH METAL (grey vinyl) IHSAHN - DAS SEELENBRECHEN (clear vinyl) SHINING - WITHIN DEEP DARK CHAMBERS (black vinyl) TESTAMENT - LIVE AT EINDHOVEN 87 (black vinyl) DISSECTION - LIVE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 (black vinyl) ENSLAVED - MARDRAUM (black vinyl) PESTILENCE - OBSIDEO (grey vinyl) Alcest - Les Voyages... (clear green vinyl) Alcest - Souvenirs d'un autre monde (blue vinyl) Alcest - Écailles De Lune (white/blue marbled vinyl) out of stock Alcest - BBC Session (white vinyl) Dissection - Reinkaos (picture vinyl) Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... (white vinyl) Carcass - Swansong (pink,marble,split or blue vinyl) LowCityRain - s/t (black vinyl) Alcest - Opal 7" single (white or black vinyl) Alcest - Shelter (white or black vinyl) out of stock Alcest - Shelter (Complete Shelter Box) Faith No More - King for a Day/Fool for a Lifetime (red marble or black vinyl) Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog (black vinyl) Agalloch - Pale Folklore (picture vinyl) Alcest - Faustian Echoes (black vinyl) Camel - Moonmadness (black vinyl) Camel - The Snow Goose (black vinyl) Sanctuary - Refuge Denied (black vinyl) Ulver - Messe I.X - IV.X (black vinyl) Ulver - Messe I.X - IV.X (limited edition first press CD) only 1000 Ulver - Svidd Neger (black vinyl) only 500 Ulver - Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (black vinyl) Arcturus - La Masquerade Infernale (grey vinyl) Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia/My Angel (blue vinyl) Carnivore - Carnivore (black vinyl) Carnivore - Retaliation (black vinyl) Death - Symbolic (black vinyl) out of stock Vista Chino (formerly Kyuss Lives) - Peace (black vinyl) Opeth - Ghost Reveries (black vinyl) In The Woods - Strange in Stereo (red vinyl) Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Mindcrawler 7" (red, green or orange vinyl) Age of Taurus - Desperate Souls of Tortured Times (blue vinyl) Napalm Death - Ememy of the Music Business (black vinyl) Tiamat - Amanethes (black vinyl) Tiamat - Sumerian Cry (white vinyl) Pilgrim - Misery Wizard (rust colored vinyl) only 300 Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony (sealed vinyl) Earthless - Sonic Prayer (red vinyl) Earthless - Sonic Prayer Jam (green vinyl) Faith No More - The Real Thing (black vinyl) Cult of Luna - Vertikal II (black vinyl) The Gathering - Mandylion (deluxe black vinyl edition) only 500 The Gathering - Nighttime Birds (deluxe black vinyl) only 500 Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus: Live at Roadburn (white vinyl) Jess and the Ancient Ones - s/t (black vinyl) Jess and the Ancient Ones - Astral Sabbat (green vinyl) only 300 Carcass - Captive Bolt 7" (grey vinyl) Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (red vinyl) Faith No More - Album of the Year (black vinyl) Church of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum (blue or brown vinyl) Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue (blue vinyl) Bathory - Blood on Ice (red vinyl) Borknagar - Borknagar (black vinyl) Borknagar - Universal (black vinyl) Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don't Hear it... Fear it!! (violet vinyl) Hidden Masters - Of This And Other Worlds (red/black splatter) Carcass - Surgical Steel (white vinyl) Morbid Angel - Abominations Of Desolation (black vinyl) Blood Ceremony - The Eldritch Dark (opaque gold in red vinyl) The Gathering - Accessories: Rarities & B-sides (yellow or black vinyl) Moonspell - Under the Moonspell (yellow or black vinyl) Slayer - Live in Montreux 2002 Slowdive - Pygmalion (white/green marble vinyl) out of stock Ghost - Opus Enonymous (picture vinyl & black vinyl) Ministry - Psalm 69 Primordial - Imrama (purple/white vinyl) Immortal - All Shall Fall (10" white vinyl box) Vidunder - Vidunder (black vinyl) Emperor - Prometheus (grey vinyl) Motorhead - Bomber (splatter vinyl) *RSD 2013* Ulver - The Norwegian National Opera (black vinyl) Amorphis - Circle (bone-colored vinyl) *RSD 2013* Moss - Horrible Night (black vinyl) Kvelertak - Meir (black vinyl) Kadavar - Abra Kadavar (blue vinyl) Kadavar - Kadavar (Red/Clear Marbled Vinyl) Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance (black vinyl) Burzum - Sol Austan, Mani Vestan (clear vinyl) only 1500 Purson - Leaning on a Bear 7" (orange vinyl) import from UK Overkill - Live from Oz (blue vinyl) *RSD 2013* Anathema - Falling Deeper (black vinyl) Anathema - Pentecost III Anathema - The Silent Enigma Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger Katatonia - For Funerals to Come Katatonia - Viva Emptiness Opeth - Still Life out of stock Pentagram - Relentless Porcupine Tree - Recordings Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways Testament - Animal magnetism/Powerslave 7" (blue vinyl) *RSD 2013* Witchfinder General - Death Penalty (solid red with black and white speckles) *RSD 2013* Burzum - Det Som Engang Var (half solid white/half solid grey or black vinyl) *RSD 2013* Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (solid white with black & grey speckles or black vinyl *RSD 2013* Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (transparent purple with white & black speckles) *RSD 2013* Mayhem - Deathcrush (solid red with black & white speckles or clear vinyl) *RSD 2013* Megadeth - Killing Is My Business (transparent blue with yellow & red speckles or black vinyl) *RSD 2013* Opeth - Morningrise (half solid white/ half solid grey or black vinyl) *RSD 2013* Slayer - Hell Awaits (half orange/half red) *RSD 2013* Slayer - Live Undead/Haunting The... (clear or metallic silver/red splatter vinyl) *RSD 2013* Slayer - Show No Mercy (half red /half grey or grey or red/black splatter vinyl) *RSD 2013* Enslaved - Blodhemn (black vinyl) only 100 Immortal - Pure Holocaust (white vinyl) only 500 Mournful Congregation - The Monad Of Creation (grey marble vinyl) Cathedral - The Last Spire (trans blue or purple vinyl) Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay (smoke grey vinyl) only 1000 Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (black vinyl) Moonspell - Alpha Noir/Omega White (black/white vinyl) Amorphis - Am Universum (green vinyl) only 200 import from Greece Moonspell - Sin/Pecado (transparent yellow vinyl) import from Greece Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Fans (vinyl color unknown) import from the UK Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Poison Apple 7" (colored or black vinyl) Enslaved - Riitiir (copper vinyl) Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning Steven Wilson - Insurgentes They're all available for purchase here along with a bunch of other imported vinyl - http://lastrightsrecords.storenvy.com/ Check out my blog for more information on what's in stock and what's coming in - http://lastrightsrec....wordpress.com/ You can also find me on facebook if you do a search for Last Rights Records. Thanks for taking the time to check out my shop.