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  1. Used to love these guys 20 years ago. I went and saw them with some friends 4-5 years ago just for nostalgia and was bored out of my mind. Good for Robb for keeping the band going for so long though, they've had a good run.
  2. One of the greatest, a true legend. This is a tough day. Mark Arm and Tad are about all we have left from that era.
  3. Lol yeah but they could at least respond to emails. I also ordered from the first batch and am waiting patiently but if I had reached out and they just ignored me I’d be irritated too, that’s not how you run a business.
  4. So, he hasn't listened to it yet but says it's probably not as good as the Grundman pressings. Good unboxing though.
  5. I gave in and ordered a copy since I wanted the 7”. Disappointed that the the only local shop I could find that had it was “in store only”, which is dumb since it’s not some limited RSD release or something.
  6. I think the whole record has no filler. It did take a couple of listens to appreciate the 2nd half though but now I love it, the last 3 tracks are pretty epic, they may grow on the patient listener.
  7. I agree that the production could be better, it sounds a little flat to my ears, not enough to really bug me though. I like the whole album, which surprises me since it's nearly 90 minutes but I don't skip any tracks. I don't know if any of the songs are "classics" just yet but I keep coming back for more listens, which I hadn't done very often with the previous 3 albums.

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