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  1. Some good stuff for sure, in for - Mark Lanegan TAD Gun Club Roky Erickson tribute Maybe - Opeth (have it but if it’s the best pressing yet I’ll buy it) Gruntruck
  2. Received my copy on Coke Bottle Clear the other day, sounds great.
  3. Lol, what a mess. I’m gonna sit this one out for now and let the dust settle.
  4. I picked up that orange variant of the new Chris Cornell and it sounds great (although the album itself is just decent). I'd imagine these will start disappearing soon.
  5. What a fun record, totally exceeded my expectations. May have to purchase a vinyl copy after all.
  6. Sky EP up on bandcamp. No sign of a physical release, good tune though.
  7. A message from Soft Kill’s Bandcamp page - ALL first press variants (including the crack cloud) as well as the lemon-lime splatter from the second press are in hand Monday and will begin shipping out. The second edition of the board game, the blood simple and the black tar will be in shortly once Cascade receives a shipment of clear compound they're waiting for. We appreciate everyone's patience and are happy to finally get the bulk of these orders out. Also, new music dropping February 5th. Love yall.
  8. The record release version didn’t come with a download code.
  9. The buyer in my case wasn't expecting to get the record before Christmas, he was upset I didn't SHIP IT before Christmas and waited until the following Monday to do so (he didn't ask me to but messaged me Sunday night asking why his record hadn't been shipped yet with a bunch of exclamation points). I've also been shipping records for over 10 years and judging by my 100% feedback on both Discogs and eBay, I'd say I'm doing just fine on the customer service front. My main issue with some buyers is the exceedingly high expectations thinking every order should be shipped within 1-2 days and arriv
  10. You got me. The last person that did it was someone on eBay and the item still had 1 day left on eBay's shipping window. The buyer didn't even bother messaging me about it, just filed the claim. The item did end up being delivered and the dispute was dropped.
  11. I've had some slow orders this holiday season but everything arrived in a decent enough time frame. My only issues were people who ordered something from me knowing it was shipped media mail, during the holiday season and still filed a paypal dispute after 7-8 days 😒 I also had a guy who ordered something the night before Christmas Eve and was upset I didn't get it shipped out before Christmas. 🙄
  12. This and Premium Drifter and two of my favorite releases this year. There's just something about Premium Drifter that reminds me of Slowdive's Pygmalion demos and that's a huge compliment. Received the New Age 7" in the mail yesterday, still waiting on the board game (ordered the 2nd edition).
  13. Same, I watched the livestream though and to be honest I got a little bored. The music is great but it’s basically the band playing in a basement with some clips of Portland thrown in between songs. The video is kinda dark so you can barely see the band and they don’t have the most exciting stage presence. I ended up ordering the board game version today though since I love the album so much.
  14. Newbury Comics just posted leftovers, just bought the Chris Cornell 7" from there.
  15. Did you get yours yet? Mine wasn't packed well so it arrived with a crushed corner and for some reason a crease all the way across the cover like it was folded or something. The whole thing also reeks of paint but the record itself sounds great. This is such a good album, probably their best.

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