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  1. Had 2 versions at 2 different times but couldn’t get through checkout. All I wanted was 1 copy of any variant. Oh well 🤷‍♂️
  2. Received my copy on black vinyl that I ordered a week ago, looks like Toby is indeed on top of the mail orders these days.
  3. Toby said he’s finally all caught up on mail order. I just ordered a copy of Choirs on vinyl.
  4. Outer Battery started shipping their variant a few days ago too.
  5. I loved In Flames up through this album but they lost me after that. If this was a little cheaper I’d consider it. The re-recorded tracks don’t interest me at all.
  6. Any record stores or labels doing sales today? I just got this in my email if anyone is interested - Hello there from The Flenser, Today is Memorial Day and we are having a flash sale on nowflensing.com with 25% off excluding new releases. You can access the discount with code TALKINGDOG at check out.
  7. Sorry to dig up an old thread but has anybody ordered this LP recently and got the goods? I ordered some merch from him last month and it arrived quickly.
  8. My wife and I had our first child in March and we're on paid family medical leave until the middle of next month (so 12 weeks off). This new program started in Washington State in January and although my wife still hasn't received her first check (applications were delayed for some by 12 weeks) we're very thankful to have this time off to bond with our child and it's kinda perfect since we're stuck inside anyway during this quarantine. As an essential worker, I'm also glad I haven't had to deal with all of this COVID stuff for the past 9 weeks. I did work in February and half of March but I'm thankful I didn't get sick. I've heard of other co-workers getting COVID and now all workers within the company have to wear masks and gloves (I'm a Produce Manager at a local grocery store) while working. My wife works as a marketer at a senior living facility, so her job has also been greatly affected. Our county in WA slowly started opening up some closed businesses a couple of weeks ago but it looks like restaurants , bars, barbershops etc still won't be fully opened even at half capacity until possibly July. It's a strange time for sure, my wife is having a hard time since we aren't able to see friends and family or have them give us a break with our newborn. I'm still thankful we both have jobs and our family so far hasn't been affected by the many deaths related to COVID.
  9. Did Sascha ever say why Apart never was released? I know it ended up being re-worked into Money but I'd much rather hear this than any new material they plan on releasing.
  10. More stuff sold, added a few things.
  11. I have to admit, since March I've been selling a lot of LP's and everybody's been super cool with no complaints. Some people have even messaged me to thank me for selling and getting the records shipped quick with everything that's going on. I checked my history on stamps.com and looks like several are still in transit but only 1 person has even messaged me about a late record since 3/18. I've also had very little trouble on eBay. I think I got screwed on a chargeback or 2 a few years ago but seems like that scam has been cleaned up. Just recently someone said they never received an item I sold to them on eBay (no message or anything just filed a complaint with paypal) but I uploaded the tracking information and the case was ruled in my favor.
  12. The second half of this new record has been growing on me a lot but I'm having a hard time with the first half, especially track 1. I'm all for Mark experimenting as well but his records have been really hit and since the fantastic Blues Funeral.