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  1. Such a great underrated album. I bought the OG used for $9.99 years ago but this reissue is tempting.
  2. May grab Monster Movie and that Gun Club LP if I can find them online.
  3. I already have 2-3 copies of Unplugged but they got me with the bonus tracks and the color is pretty cool too.
  4. Looks like the band is struggling financially to get through the tour as Toby has asked fans for help. I hope the rest of the tour doesn’t get canceled due to lack of support like Ulver’s west coast tour did 6 months ago.
  5. This is a really good record. I was gonna pick up a copy on black but the more I listen to it the more I want the box set. They play Seattle next month so I’m hoping to talk one of my musical eclectic friends into going.
  6. They have a festival going on right now so I’m sure they’re quite busy. I’ve ordered from them lots of times with no problems.
  7. I tried for LA tickets since they’re not playing Seattle and all that was available were reseller tickets at $300+ each. Oh well, if they come around the northwest I’ll try again. I’ve at least been able to see them 3 times since 2001, the best being with King Crimson opening during the Lateralus tour.
  8. I wasn’t planning on buying it either but I love the album and I keep reading about how cool this deluxe set is. I caved and I’ll get the vinyl as well. The limit of 4 could be for those hoping to get each variant cover?
  9. It’s not sold out, this is a US preorder today. International is tomorrow so read the Facebook post carefully.
  10. I like your list a lot. Everything but 10,000 Days is gold to me so I have a really hard time ranking them. I’d probably flip flop Undertow for Fear Inoculum but over time I could easily see FE sneaking into my top 3, it’s that good. Undertow although raw sounding just has so many great tracks that I’ve loved for so many years now that I gotta have it in my top 3. Opiate is last only because of length. I wish I liked 10,000 Days more but besides a handful of tracks it just doesn’t grab my attention like the other albums.
  11. The new record is brilliant and my expectations were a little low since I was fairly disappointed with 10,000 Days (to be fair it was because Lateralus was so good and so hard to top). Tracks 2-5 especially just hit on every level for me and I avoided any live spoilers so they were all new to me. The production is awesome, it sounds like you’re in the room with the band. Looks like they’re not coming to Seattle or Portland so hopefully another leg is on the horizon.
  12. Once the hype dies down I don't see this being very hard to track down, especially once the vinyl copies come out. Btw, you can currently get the 10,000 Days special edition CD for under $10 on discogs (near-mint at least) if that means anything lol.
  13. At least on facebook the last update was December of 2017. I did a little searching a couple of months ago on google etc but never found anything else.
  14. The new song sounds really good. I thought Kodama was good but haven't revisited it in a while. Kind of off topic but does anybody know what happened to Lantlos? I think Herbst said on social media a new album was supposed to come out a couple of years ago but never did.