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  1. No love for The Origin Of The Feces with Pete’s butthole on the cover? Seriously though, it’s one of my favorite “live” albums. I have the box set but this new BK reissue sure is tempting.
  2. I went to sleep after ISIS, how was Cave-In?
  3. Yup, Isis sounds great and I’m really impressed with how this stream is holding up too.
  4. So, I noticed amazon was selling the Salt box set for $46.69, which was the cheapest price I’d seen online. According to Amazon’s product listing they had 16 copies in stock, 15 once I purchased my copy. Today after I received my box set (which is beautiful btw) I checked the listing again and they bumped up the price to $58.01 even though they still had 15 copies. Anyway, I know Amazon has really strange pricing algorithms but I just found this interesting that they hiked up the price so much after selling just 1 copy.
  5. I dunno, after a couple of listens this record sounds a little bland to me. When I first heard Blood Lust and Mind Control I was instantly hooked, this one just doesn't have any standout tracks that made me take notice. I'm not saying the record is bad, it's fine, I just wish the band would've expanded on their sound a bit and taken some chances. This sounds like the other Uncle Acid records, just not as good.
  6. morfiend

    Low - "Double Negative"

    I ended up ordering the Loser edition and it’s been hard to take it off my turntable since it arrived. Really good record.
  7. morfiend

    PO Mudhoney “digital garbage”

    Yup, this is definitely a grower. They played a few of these songs live at Sub Pop Fest and I was impressed but some of the other tracks I'm just now starting to come around to.
  8. morfiend

    KMFDM NIHIL Remaster

    Would be interested to hear how this sounds, I've heard mixed reviews. I thought about grabbing a copy but the price just seemed a little high to me. Nihil is definitely my favorite KMFDM record though, love Raymond Watts.
  9. morfiend

    PO Mudhoney “digital garbage”

    Received this today! I dig the fold out cover and color of vinyl. FYI, Download code isn’t active until the actual release date of 9/28.
  10. Yes, I know she was in Red Sparowes, I was wondering if any of the guys from the band were also in her solo band.
  11. morfiend

    PO: Brant Bjork - Mankind Woman

    This is a good record, lots of groove and definitely has a 70’s vibe all around. I wasn’t really into Black Flower Power but this one I’m into. Gonna have to pick up a copy soon.
  12. Been listening to this album along with Low's new record this morning. This track in particular is the one I'm most impressed with.
  13. morfiend

    Low - "Double Negative"

    Giving this a listen this morning, pretty interesting record. I saw Low open for Slowdive earlier this year and wasn't overly impressed (I was also kinda drunk and anxiously awaiting seeing Slowdive again). This seems like the type of band that needs all of your attention while listening.
  14. I've been listening to Rainier Fog a lot, I really like it and the vinyl sound great. The only song I can't get into is "Drone", which is odd because when I read a description of it I figured it'd be right up my alley. I think I like this album more than TDPDH but not sure on BGWTB, gotta give that one another listen soon.