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  1. Yes, I know she was in Red Sparowes, I was wondering if any of the guys from the band were also in her solo band.
  2. morfiend

    PO: Brant Bjork - Mankind Woman

    This is a good record, lots of groove and definitely has a 70’s vibe all around. I wasn’t really into Black Flower Power but this one I’m into. Gonna have to pick up a copy soon.
  3. Been listening to this album along with Low's new record this morning. This track in particular is the one I'm most impressed with.
  4. morfiend

    Low - "Double Negative"

    Giving this a listen this morning, pretty interesting record. I saw Low open for Slowdive earlier this year and wasn't overly impressed (I was also kinda drunk and anxiously awaiting seeing Slowdive again). This seems like the type of band that needs all of your attention while listening.
  5. I've been listening to Rainier Fog a lot, I really like it and the vinyl sound great. The only song I can't get into is "Drone", which is odd because when I read a description of it I figured it'd be right up my alley. I think I like this album more than TDPDH but not sure on BGWTB, gotta give that one another listen soon.
  6. Yeah, that's what he's touring in support of right now. I've listened to a few tracks so far, definitely has a similar vibe to that old Wax Trax era. I'm not a big fan of the vocals but I can probably get over that as long as the songs are good.
  7. Ohgr's solo stuff is just fun and catchy, especially live. His new album Tricks has grown me a lot and is similar to WELT in a lot of ways. I listen to Ohgr's solo stuff quite a bit more than Puppy's post-Dwayne material (with the exception of Weapon). I didn't get to see Lead Into Gold, had no idea it was Paul Barker's band until the next day. The venue Ohgr was playing is basically 2 venues in one building and a local band whose singer I chatted with before the show was playing at the same time so we went over there and watched them instead since the guy was so nice and the description of his band intrigued us.
  8. Less than half remaining, all the tests are gone too.
  9. Hopefully The Process gets a vinyl release eventually but it isn't owned by Nettwerk and I haven't heard any buzz about that happening any time soon. Weapon is really good, definitely the best from the post-Dwayne era, the rest are hit and miss. Live at Doomsday and Live: Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas are both really good if you like live albums. Ohgr just released a new solo album called Tricks that I highly recommend and his live show this tour has been awesome, it's the best I've seen him and that includes the Skinny Puppy shows I've been to.
  10. I like how the originals sound, kind of adds to the atmosphere the band was trying to create. I’d be open to hearing them remixed though but I have a feeling these are just represses.
  11. This was just released today, did anybody get the vinyl? I’m listening to the digital tracks right now, will grab a vinyl copy soon.
  12. Same here, just thought I’d mention it for those curious. So far the record sounds really good but I’m no audiophile with a crazy expensive setup or anything.
  13. I’m listening to it now, if I have time I’ll post a pic later if someone hasn’t already. Btw it is NOT a gatefold.
  14. My splatter just arrived! Pretty excited to get this on release day, especially since I couldn't get tickets to the secret show in Seattle at The Crocodile tonight because of work. The record was shipped UPS next day air and arrived with no damage (no shipping confirmation beforehand btw). Pretty impressed.