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  1. Because we should all believe everything we read on the internet. I haven’t seen one ounce of credible journalism when it comes to pointing the finger at Vicky for Chris’s death. Alternative Nation is a joke, I’ve never seen so many misleading headlines from a music site before. If anyone has milked Chris’s death it’s Alternative Nation. Anyways, back on topic from here on out from me, sorry.
  2. I’ve done my research and my wife and I have met and had a conversation with her. I don’t believe this theory.
  3. Pretty sure Kim Thayil has been the one going through the archives and working on the Soundgarden catalog. I guess the wife is an easy target though.
  4. Awesome, will wait for US press though. First single is pretty meh, love Lanegan though he never disappoints with his solo work.
  5. How’s the LP? Was thinking about picking up the RSD edition on blue.
  6. Still looking for Industrial Accident on blue and Green River live, any leads?
  7. Snagged the Mark Lanegan single, now just need the Green River live LP. Hopefully Jackpot has leftovers.
  8. I ordered 4 tests yesterday and got an email saying 1 was out of stock. I asked about the high shipping costs and they refunded me for the test that was out of stock and $40 worth of shipping. In the end I’m getting 3 tests shipped for $14.
  9. Wondered how he could sell at the prices he was selling and still make money.
  10. These are now shipping along with the An Open Door reissues. Tour variant also went up last night but is now sold out online. All I saw available were the oxblood editons. Limited to 50 copies, 25 glow in the dark / 25 oxblood. Part of the proceeds go to helping J. Trejo with medical bills thanks to some redneck from R.I.P. City. Hand numbered, rest available only on tour while supplies last. US only, sorry Sebastian.