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  1. Cranked the VMP edition the other day and it sounds fantastic. I couldn't be happier with the sound and the packaging is really cool too. It was a long time coming but this release was well worth the wait.
  2. FINAL DAY - The Flenser Black Friday https://nowflensing.com/Sale Today is the last chance to get access to The Flenser’s biggest sale of the year. 1. Discount code for 25% off almost everything. Use PLANNINGFORNO at checkout. 2. Test pressings from many Flenser artists. We still have some good ones. 3. Mystery Packages - 5LP’s $49, 5CD’s $25. This is the best deal! You will discover something new. Thank you for for supporting The Flenser. Picked up some awesome test presses (code doesn’t work for those though)
  3. It’s his company dude, don’t give me that. I’m not a huge fan of Sawant but at least she’s carrying the flag to force companies like Amazon to pay liveable wages to employees.
  4. I hope they keep it vinyl only. VC just isn’t VC without the needless complaining about every little thing about every single release. Besides, Whirr need to troll fans somehow or they’re just total sellouts 😂
  5. Look, all of Nirvana’s albums are gonna be re-issued for years and years to come. Get over the “cash grab” bs. Nirvana is huge, the demand for represses will always be huge so just get used to it.
  6. Looking to buy Choirs and Coffins on vinyl. Shoot me a message if you’re selling or interested in trading.
  7. It’s a nuclear blast release although I did notice Prophecy are selling copies.
  8. Such a great underrated album. I bought the OG used for $9.99 years ago but this reissue is tempting.
  9. May grab Monster Movie and that Gun Club LP if I can find them online.
  10. I already have 2-3 copies of Unplugged but they got me with the bonus tracks and the color is pretty cool too.
  11. Looks like the band is struggling financially to get through the tour as Toby has asked fans for help. I hope the rest of the tour doesn’t get canceled due to lack of support like Ulver’s west coast tour did 6 months ago.