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  1. The /100 edition last week sold out in less then a minute. They definitely seem to be getting pricier and pricier though.
  2. Yes, I wasn’t into that album when it came out but rediscovered it after her release with Thou. Great album.
  3. Yeah, Crack the Skye was brilliant but they've been pretty hit and miss since. I'll give the album a listen first before considering a purchase.
  4. I tried earlier to grab one but missed out. My wallet is happy at least.
  5. I snagged the revolver, I’ve enjoyed the purchases I’ve had with them and they pack well.
  6. Here it is! The 25th Anniversary Re-issue of October Rust! 3 different versions and new merch too! The standard Green one, the Colored vinyl and the exclusive Revolver version. This will be released on Oct 29th and pre-orders are live now! store.typeonegative.net https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/october-rust-25th-anniversary-edition-standard-green-and-black-edition.html https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/october-rust-25th-anniversary-edition-d2c-voodoo-edition.html https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/type-o-negative-october-rust-clear-with-orange-mix-2lp-only-1000-made SOLD OUT
  7. Wow, awesome increase. I was promoted back in January and I thought my 25K raise was good! I don't even look at my record budget, as long as I continue to pay my bills and stash money away in my 401K, I'm good. With that said, I'm putting my foot down on this Nothing record since the Don't Look For Light... release was already crazy expensive.
  8. I’m actually quite the opposite. Bergtatt is the only black metal release I revisit a lot. I love a lot of the stuff from William Blake - Shadows of the Sun, especially the releases that are vocal heavy. With Messe I lost a little interest but I’m a big fan of the new synth pop direction on Assassination and Flowers of Evil. Whatever Ulver does though is usually at the very least interesting.
  9. This just came out today and I gave it a listen on Amazon Music. It's an interesting jam for sure but some of the tracks just dragged on too long to hold my attention. I do think this is better than Drone Activities though but similar vibes.
  10. Still up, apparently fans aren’t as into acoustic Melvins.
  11. Crystal Ballroom live vinyl now available along with some other tapes - https://softkillsoftkill.bigcartel.com
  12. I missed the Seattle show, it was in the middle of the week and I just couldn’t swing it. I did buy a long sleeve tour shirt and a Coffins shirt from Toby off Bandcamp,

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