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  1. Wondered how he could sell at the prices he was selling and still make money.
  2. These are now shipping along with the An Open Door reissues. Tour variant also went up last night but is now sold out online. All I saw available were the oxblood editons. Limited to 50 copies, 25 glow in the dark / 25 oxblood. Part of the proceeds go to helping J. Trejo with medical bills thanks to some redneck from R.I.P. City. Hand numbered, rest available only on tour while supplies last. US only, sorry Sebastian.
  3. Yeah it was more the impression I was getting via the band’s social media presence when they announced the hiatus. Whenever a band says they’re “re-evaluating things” it makes me worry. At any rate, I’m hoping they announce some North American dates soon for this tour, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them.
  4. It just seems like such a missed opportunity not to do some sort of Brave Murder Day celebration while the band is still active but yeah, I’m certainly not holding my breathe. I agree that Katatonia have never released a bad album, they’re one of the most consistent bands of their genre. I hope the time off from the band did them some good, it seemed like they were close to breaking up.
  5. I love Katatonia but they sure milk their album anniversaries lol. I’ve been listening to Fall Of Hearts a lot this week, it’s grown on me quite a bit since it was originally released. I wish someday they’d do a Brave Murder Day anniversary tour and get Mikael from Opeth involved.
  6. No shipping confirmation but mine just arrived on my doorstep a few minutes ago. It was shipped FED EX Express Overnight from LA. Good pack job but no corner protection, arrived undamaged. Number 95/200.
  7. For those waiting on the APC record to ship - "Thanks so much for purchasing our “in store” version of ‘Eat The Elephant’. I wanted to send an update to let you know that the records will ship no later than Wednesday this week. You will receive a tracking number once they hit the mail system. As a record collector myself I know you are excited to receive your vinyl, so I apologize these have not already gone out. It was busier than usual last week with the Grammys!!! Have a great day and thanks for the support."
  8. Phil Western passed away yesterday from an apparent accidental overdose. RIP Phil Phil and Cevin Key recently finished the latest Download album “Unknown Room”, which is still available for pre-order and is coming out next month. https://brap.bandcamp.com/album/unknown-room
  9. This company is still around? They must’ve done a good job hiding all the hate they got after ripping so many people off.
  10. I hated this album at first but it’s really grown on me the past few months. Thanks for the link, I ordered one.
  11. I’m really interested in the documentary, I bet some unreal stories are told.
  12. I pledged the new Ohgr album last year and thankfully got everything I ordered. Pledge has been holding Ohgr’s funds, which has stalled some of the projects from being released to fans.
  13. So, the day I got back from LA after travelling to the Chris Cornell tribute show these arrived at my door step. The Melvins played “Leech” at the show, which reminded me these were gonna be out soon and made me even more excited to give them a listen. I don’t have the original pressings of Rehab Doll or Dry As A Bone but much like Jack Endino’s other remixes from the likes of TAD, Soundgarden and U-Men, they sound great. You can tell a lot of love were put into these with the awesome linear notes, photos of the band etc. I’m digging the bonus tracks too, especially the ones included with Dry As A Bone. Sub Pop did an excellent job with these.