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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.1234gorecords.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=84 We're slashing prices on some records we put out for the month of June in an attempt to tidy up our back room. Every order containing one of these items will get another record of our choosing for FREE! Check out the link and order away. They're all good we promise. We just got too many around the house!
  2. PRE-ORDER: THIS WILL SHIP ON JUNE 4TH 2013 OR SHORTLY AFTER. Preview the album and digitally pre-order it on bandcamp here: http://1234gorecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-trashies-teenage-rattlesnake-lp Get the vinyl here: http://www.1234gorecords.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=6834 First press. Color vinyl edition. Limited to 500 copies. Comes with Download Code. WHAT 1-2-3-4 GO! SAYS: Gunk rock. Mangled Monks worship. Glue addled bug smokers. Members of Unnatural Helpers and Uzi Rash. Strange times. Fever dreams. Cretin Hop. Poor business decision. FROM THE DESK OF THE TRASHIES: The Trashies "proudly" present TEENAGE RATTLESNAKES with 1234GO! Records Smell that? Thats what it looks like. Hear tHat? thats what it smells like. Yes, thats fine, right there. Worm rhythms, rat trap claps, the unsheathing of a midnight knife fone Kall at 2am. Time, as we didn't know, cant, and actually, refuse to know it (ore anything), bends. Wolf-a-mania raps at the window trying to get in, it needs A BITE. knot rapping like a knock, but like a yearning in verse form for fungus and bug bowls. we have ALL been tar: the smoke signal pricks up your ears, pickles whats left of the rodent center of your brain and TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO: go out to the dumpster behind the SUPER DUPER market. look underneATH. the puddles lap greasy waves on an asphalt parking lot beach. thats where dreams are shattered and you awake talking to not much but some rat pals on the run. And that seems to be a proper reckoning of tHE TRASHIES material: two rocks(man made, anti rock) smashed together till they break or BOREDUMM occurs. same deal. Rat spew jerky barely recognized after the fact. Sure, they say, Lets MAKE IT a "song!". but they don't rightly remember: RIKKI TIKKI ROUTER TABLE on lead drill, KapTAIN RON WOLLPHMANN may know a person who has a guitar, J. C. TRASHINGTON tickles the black n wits, and BILLYGOAT eats a bass (the fish). they were once trapped in the same room huffing venom and this occurred: TEENAGE RATTLESNAKES. a declaration of …something. or not. not much at all? anything? UNnlikely. the swamp stain on the underside is all thats left and nothing but a batch of hit songs in bam bam cave man beat. and now? Trash Kore is the past and pain is the future. Gunk Rock is a gift, thats why it calls it the present. which is a worm. which is a raisin. which was a brain? -Mongo Jumanji Chillwigger IV, Seatlle, WA 2013 1. Future Pain 2. I'm A Worm 3. My Knife 4. Rat Trap Drawer 5. Don't Tell Me What To Do 6. Rock Basher 7. Shit Show in Shill Shoal 8. I Ate The Trash 9. I'm A Vessel 10. All Gunked Up