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selling some records
empire! empire! - when the sea became a giant 10 inch black
touche amore - is survived by (transparent blue swirl ??)
tawny peaks - s/t (red splatter)
i wrote haikus - discography??? untitled 1-12 (black)
you'll live - above the weather (seafoam green)
dowsing - it's still pretty terrible (black)
reservoir - i heard you as i walked away (yellowish with black spots)
i can take pictures if you're interested, let me know. need da money.
some 7 inchez
lovechild - in heaven errything is fine - trans yellow
radiator hospital - can you feel my heart beating - black
cerce stresscase split - blue
jahbreaker - yellow
twiabp - josh is dead - dark green
annabel/e!e!/joie de vivre/ the reptillian split - purple
old gray - everything i let go - trans red
joie de vivre / the please & thank uz / emo side project split - dark red with black spots
cerce 7" - pink
punch - nothing lasts ep - black
sandy city - nice hat - black


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also, I have a copy of 10 songs by I hate myself. It works but it has a scratching noise throughout the entirety of the record. it's greyish purple. not sure if anyone is interested but I got refunded after I bought it and I don't know what to do with it.

Is it very noticeable if I were to crank the volume up? If it's playable I'll pay you for shipping possibly

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