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  1. So I'm really into Stikky and currently looking to buy any Stikky demo tapes. I think there are 3 or 4 demo tapes pressed. If anyone wants to sell one to me that would be rad. Thanks.
  2. Gavins

    Shit on bands here

    Never liked the dwarves, there I said it
  3. Gavins

    WTB: Less Than Jake

    LTJ toured at Criminal Records in Atlanta ( where I live ) when they released the conviction notice and they were selling it there. I'm sure they have some copies there. I'll check when I go back there soon!
  4. Gavins

    Sell Me Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes

    I agree with both of you, they are rad!
  5. Gavins

    Sell Me Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes

    One sold on ebay for $90 but one guy is selling them both for $200 to me.
  6. Gavins

    ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    Hot Water Music/The Bouncing Souls Split White Cassette /50 ever pressed!!! Starting at $20 and a buy it now at $32. Link:http://m.ebay.com/itm/121416540533?nav=SEARCH
  7. Gavins

    Sell Me Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes

    there is actually a guy who I am currently talking to who is selling me the two demos.
  8. So I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to collect their stuff, So I can start up a collection like David's. All the wants here are Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes. Also, I know that some of the stuff that I'm listing is at discogs but most of the people selling it are in Europe and/or overpriced. Thanks!! My 7" Wants: - Use Your Nose - Skauch - Story Of My Life ( both pressings ) - Da Strike - Move Your Car - Kemp ( Black Vinyl, AND Clear Vinyl ) My 12"/LP Wants: - Any Test Press - Same Old Tunes ( I REALLY WANT THIS ) - For Monkeys ( Green Vinyl ) - Life On A Plate ( Burning Heart Records Press ) - For Monkeys ( Burning Heart Records Press ) - Life On A Plate ( Yellow Vinyl ) - Life On A Plate ( Green Vinyl ) - Pennybridge Pioneers ( Brown Vinyl ) - Kingwood ( Cargo Records Pressing ) - Home From Home (Burning Heart Record Press) - The Melancholy Connection 12" Cassettes/Tapes: - Goofy Demo - Melack Demo - For Monkeys - Pennybridge Pioneers - Life On A Plate Anything that I have bought from someone or have bought somewhere else will be removed from the list. Please offer fair prices dudes. Thanks For Looking!!!!
  9. Gavins

    My Punch Wants

    That sucks dude, hopefully you'll get your collection complete soon dude!!