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shipping is from UK


benisthebastard at gmail dot com


AGRIPON / STUCKOMETER Split LP (galerie pache / les potagers natures) VG+/VG+  £3
AVFALL Now! 7" (hardcore survives) EX/EX  £2
BABE Volery Flighty LP (moshi moshi) NM/NM  £5
BATS & MICE Believe It Mammals LP (lovitt) VG+/VG+  £8
CALL BACK THE GIANTS The Rising LP (kye) EX/EX  £40
CHORA Slates LP (sergent massacre) EX/VG+  £3
COCTEAU TWINS Treasure LP (4ad) EX/VG+ 180g gatefold remastered reissue  £30
DEFIANCE OHIO Share What Ya Got LP (friends & relatives) 1st press grey marble vinyl #179/625  £10
DESPERDICIO Impulso De Destruccion! (overthrow) EX/EX  £5
DOWNTOWN BOYS S/T 7" (drunken sailor) NEW  £5
DRUNKDRIVER / MATTIN List Of Profound Insecurities 12" (badmaster / suicide tax) EX/EX  £3
GALBRAITH / NEILSON / YOUNGS Belsayer Time LP (time lag) VG+/VG+  £8
GNARWOLVES CRU 7" (day by day / tangled talk) NM/NM mailorder exclusive blue/black mix vinyl /200  £25
GODFLESH / LOOP Loopflesh / Fleshloop 7" (clawfist singles club) VG+/VG  £12
GRIEVED Ageing 7" (anchors aweigh) NM/NM half red/half clear splatter vinyl  £6
GROUPER Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill LP (self-released) VG+/VG+ repress  £15
HANG THE BASTARD S/T 12" (thirty days of night) EX/EX gatefold orange splatter vinyl  £20
PIERRE HENRY Le Microphone Bien Tempere LP (doxy music) NM/NM  £7
HOBO SONN Wary The Mind LP (amen absen) EX/EX  £4
JAZZFINGER Mole & The Morning Dew LP (spirit of orr) VG+/VG+ purple vinyl  £4
PEKKO KAPPI Vuonna '86 LP (singing knives) EX/EX  £5
LAST OF THE JUANITAS Time's Up 12" (wantage usa) EX/VG+ white vinyl  £3
LIMP WRIST S/T LP (la vida es un mus) VG+/VG+  £6
NOMEANSNO Leave The Seaside 7" (fear and loathing) VG+/VG+  £10
DYLAN NYOUKIS Carrion Hut LP (singing knives) EX/EX  £5
ORCHID Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! 10" (ebullition) EX/EX  £7
PARAMORE Hallelujah 7" (atlantic / fueled by ramen) EX/EX etched vinyl in poster sleeve  £20
PENTANGLE Solomon's Seal LP (reprise) VG+/VG 1972 UK OG  £18
PUNCH S/T LP (assault) EX/EX white vinyl  £10
THE SCARE / BLACKHOLE Split 7" (below par / black envelope) NM/NM purple vinyl  £3
THE SHADOW RING I'm Some Songs LP (swill radio) VG+/EX  £75
SHIRLEY COLLINS Adieu To Old England LP (6 spices) EX/EX 180g reissue  £10
SHOCK TREATMENT / TOTEX Split 7" (a-wat) VG+/EX  £2
SOUNDGARDEN Motorvision VHS (polygram / a&m) VG+/VG  £4
STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT S/T LP (world domination) VG+/VG  £15
STARS OF THE LID And Their Refinement Of The Decline 3xLP (kranky) VG+/VG 1st press  £30
TERRIBLE FEELINGS Tied Up / No Meaning 7" (timmeheihehumme) EX/EX  £4
THISCLOSE Burnin' Anger 7" (antisociety) EX/EX  £2
THRONES Day Late Dollar Short 2xLP (southern lord) EX/EX  £12
TITLE FIGHT Flood Of '72 7" (sideonedummy) NM/NM  £12
YOUNG PIONEERS Free The Young Pioneers Now! LP (lookout!) EX/VG  £6
VARIOUS Ishilan N-Tenere: Guitar Music From The Western Sahel LP (mississippi / sahel sounds) EX/EX  £25

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