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Found 13 results

  1. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/super-unison/products/super-unison-stella New song is incredible.
  2. shipping is from UK benisthebastard at gmail dot com AGRIPON / STUCKOMETER Split LP (galerie pache / les potagers natures) VG+/VG+ £3 AVFALL Now! 7" (hardcore survives) EX/EX £2 BABE Volery Flighty LP (moshi moshi) NM/NM £5 BATS & MICE Believe It Mammals LP (lovitt) VG+/VG+ £8 CALL BACK THE GIANTS The Rising LP (kye) EX/EX £40 CHORA Slates LP (sergent massacre) EX/VG+ £3 COCTEAU TWINS Treasure LP (4ad) EX/VG+ 180g gatefold remastered reissue £30 DEFIANCE OHIO Share What Ya Got LP (friends & relatives) 1st press grey marble vinyl #179/625 £10 DESPERDICIO Impulso De Destruccion! (overthrow) EX/EX £5 DOWNTOWN BOYS S/T 7" (drunken sailor) NEW £5 DRUNKDRIVER / MATTIN List Of Profound Insecurities 12" (badmaster / suicide tax) EX/EX £3 GALBRAITH / NEILSON / YOUNGS Belsayer Time LP (time lag) VG+/VG+ £8 GNARWOLVES CRU 7" (day by day / tangled talk) NM/NM mailorder exclusive blue/black mix vinyl /200 £25 GODFLESH / LOOP Loopflesh / Fleshloop 7" (clawfist singles club) VG+/VG £12 GRIEVED Ageing 7" (anchors aweigh) NM/NM half red/half clear splatter vinyl £6 GROUPER Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill LP (self-released) VG+/VG+ repress £15 HANG THE BASTARD S/T 12" (thirty days of night) EX/EX gatefold orange splatter vinyl £20 PIERRE HENRY Le Microphone Bien Tempere LP (doxy music) NM/NM £7 HOBO SONN Wary The Mind LP (amen absen) EX/EX £4 JAZZFINGER Mole & The Morning Dew LP (spirit of orr) VG+/VG+ purple vinyl £4 PEKKO KAPPI Vuonna '86 LP (singing knives) EX/EX £5 KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT / SUNROOF! Split 12" (fatcat) EX/EX £3 LAST OF THE JUANITAS Time's Up 12" (wantage usa) EX/VG+ white vinyl £3 LIMP WRIST S/T LP (la vida es un mus) VG+/VG+ £6 NOMEANSNO Leave The Seaside 7" (fear and loathing) VG+/VG+ £10 DYLAN NYOUKIS Carrion Hut LP (singing knives) EX/EX £5 ORCHID Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! 10" (ebullition) EX/EX £7 PARAMORE Hallelujah 7" (atlantic / fueled by ramen) EX/EX etched vinyl in poster sleeve £20 PENTANGLE Solomon's Seal LP (reprise) VG+/VG 1972 UK OG £18 PUNCH S/T LP (assault) EX/EX white vinyl £10 QUEST FOR QUINTANA ROO / UPHILL BATTLE Split 7" (lo pan) VG+/VG+ £3 THE SCARE / BLACKHOLE Split 7" (below par / black envelope) NM/NM purple vinyl £3 THE SHADOW RING I'm Some Songs LP (swill radio) VG+/EX £75 SHIRLEY COLLINS Adieu To Old England LP (6 spices) EX/EX 180g reissue £10 SHOCK TREATMENT / TOTEX Split 7" (a-wat) VG+/EX £2 SOUNDGARDEN Motorvision VHS (polygram / a&m) VG+/VG £4 STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT S/T LP (world domination) VG+/VG £15 STARS OF THE LID And Their Refinement Of The Decline 3xLP (kranky) VG+/VG 1st press £30 TERRIBLE FEELINGS Tied Up / No Meaning 7" (timmeheihehumme) EX/EX £4 THISCLOSE Burnin' Anger 7" (antisociety) EX/EX £2 THRONES Day Late Dollar Short 2xLP (southern lord) EX/EX £12 TITLE FIGHT Flood Of '72 7" (sideonedummy) NM/NM £12 YOUNG PIONEERS Free The Young Pioneers Now! LP (lookout!) EX/VG £6 VARIOUS Ishilan N-Tenere: Guitar Music From The Western Sahel LP (mississippi / sahel sounds) EX/EX £25
  3. Want to buy quite a few records and if you have multiple of these please let me buy them of you (don't care about pressing except Prawn and You Blew It) The Hotelier- Home Like No Place Is There Incendiary- Cost Of Living Incendiary- Crusade Incendiary/Xibalba Split Into It Over It/ Koji Split Joie De Vivre- We're All Better Than This Pet Symmetry- Two Songs Pet Symmetry/Dikembe Split Prawn- Kingfisher (Splatter or Blue) Punch- They Don't Need To Believe We We Skeletons- Self Titled Whirr- Distressor Xibalba- Hasta La Muerte You Blew It- Grow Up Dude (Splatter) You Blew It- You Blue It (Splatter) If you have these and want to sell please message me!
  4. Selling a few 7"s and one 12" 7": Basement- Further Sky Empire Empire/Joie De Vivre Split Incendiary/Xibalba- Split Punch- Nothing Last Seahaven- Silhouette (Latin Skin) True Love- Floral Note Turnstile- Step 2 Rhythm Whirr- Part Time Punks 12": Cold World- How The Gods Chill (still sealed)
  5. Giving up on my Punch variant collection as it'll never be complete, I don't have the time and I need money ASAP. Prices are in £ before postage (I will ship internationally, no problem), I don't have many 7" mailers at all so ideally buy an LP + 7". If you buy more than one thing I will cut you a deal (I'll try to make it as reasonable as possible for you USA folk without screwing myself). ALSO, I have two tests for Celeste - Nihilste(s), so I'll sell one for £40 ppd (UK, will ship elsewhere for a bit more), you can choose either a pic disk test or a standard black test. Punch - Eyeless (1st Press, Black, /500, Discos Huelga) 10 Punch - Eyeless (3rd Press, Canary Yellow, /300, Discos Huelga) 8 Punch - Eyeless (4th Press, Purple, /300, Discos Huelga) 8 Punch - Eyeless (5th press, Army Green, /250 (Photocopied Cover 3/10), Discos Huelga) 12 HELD Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, Blue, /2000, Discos Huelga) 5 Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, Blue/Black mix, /300, Discos Huelga) 10 Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, Coke Bottle Clear, /100, Discos Huelga) OFFERS! (This is rare as hell, tour variant) HELD Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, White, /700, Discos Huelga) 7 Punch - Nothing Lasts (2nd Press, Black, /2000, Deathwish) 4 Punch - Push/Pull (1st Euro Press, Black, 53/103, Assault Records) 15 Punch - Push/Pull (1st Euro Press, Clear w/ Black Splatter, /704, Assault Records) 12 Punch - Push/Pull (1st Euro Press, White w/ Black Swirl, /210, Assault Records) 12 Punch - S/T (1st Euro Press, White, /420, Assault) 15 Punch - S/T (2nd Euro Press, Clear Red w/ White Streaks (Stamped Sleeve), /157, Assault) 12 Punch - They Don't Have to Believe (Clear Yellow, /3311, Deathwish) 12
  6. Howdy! Used to post on a different account with others, but decided to make my own. My Deadformat can speak for me, as well as my eBay account for all those scared! Entire Tradelist is up, minus Harms Way materials. Also selling a little merch. I made a list of priority ones I would enjoy selling. https://deadformat.net/collection/HumanFurnace 7" Breaking Point/Final Rage Split | Trans Red w/ Blue Splatter Gallows | 'Chains/Wristslitter' | Clear w/Smoke Incendiary/Xibalba Split | Blue/Black Marble Tigers Jaw | Hum | Aqua/Electric Blue Touche Amore/Title Fight Split | Marbled Gray Weekend Nachos | Black Earth Tour Press | #67/100 12" Balance and Composure | The Things We Think We're Missing | Opaque Yellow/Black Haze Hundredth | Resist | Black w/Heavy Gold Splatter | Etched B-Side La Dispute | Somewhere at the Bottom... | Gray/Gray Etched D-Side Punch | They Don't Have to Believe | Gold/Blue mix See You Next Tuesday | Intervals | Rainbow Splatter See You Next Tuesday | Parasite | Black w/Rainbow Splatter The Story So Far | What You Don't See | Cotton Candy Splatter Tigers Jaw | Charmer | Maroon/White Merch: Punch logo Crewneck XL (Never Worn, Never Washed) Criminal Instinct Logo Crew M (Never Worn, Never Washed) Gideon Longsleeve M (From latest tour. Big G on front with a sort of camo. Little print on back.)
  7. All prices PPD. 2xLP DJ Shadow- Endtroducing... $14 Jay-Z- The Blueprint $12 Blue Sky Black Death- The Holocaust Instrumentals $10 7" Cap'n Jazz/Friction- Nothing Dies With Blue Skies $14 Lorde- Tennis Court $8 10" Funeral Diner- The Wicked EP $15 This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb- Dance Party With... $10 Orchid- Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! $11 Joyce Manor- Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (UK pressing/pink /150) $30 12" A Day In Black And White- My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys (white /300) $8 Avail- Satiate $7 Circle Takes The Square- As The Roots Undo (tour press) $30 Dads- Brush Your Teeth Again (white /200) $15 Daniel Johnston- Hi, How Are You $12 Embrace- s/t $9 Ghost Mice- Collection One Or The Fairy War $12 Hop Along- Get Disowned $10 Minus The Bear- They Make Beer Commercials Like This (fruity pebbles /500) $28 Motorhead- s/t (/gray vinyl/hand-numbered /500) $20 Nakatomi Plaza- Unsettled $8 Of Montreal- The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower $11 Orchid- Chaos Is Me $12 Pageninetynine- Document #8 (foam /204) $12 The Pine- Lead Blocks For Feet (black w/ brown ink cover /470) $13 You Blew It!- Grow Up, Dude (clear /269) $20 BUNDLES Of Montreal- False Priest 2xLP and 3 different 7"s $13 Rocky Votalato- A Brief History 10" and Matt Pond PA split $12 Cloud Nothings- self titled LP and Didn't You 7" $12 Punch- self titled LP and Nothing Lasts 7" $11 Also: Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance Singles 5x7" box set (Cute Is What We Aim For/Paramore/The Academy Is/Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship) $12
  8. PUNCH - "They Don't Have To Believe" PRE ORDER INFORMATION: - The estimated ship date is 8/12/14 - An instant download of “Worth More Than Your Opinion” will be available with purchase. The entire album will be available for download on 8/19/14. We are proud to announce the release of “They Don’t Have To Believe” from Punch. Recorded by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, etc.) “They Don’t Have To Believe is a monster of an album. Fifteen songs that blue the lines of hardcore and grind. All of them personal, political, and uniquely unapologetic. Buzzing with an electricity that is rare to experience in today’s world of heavy music. No polish, just pure rage. TRACK LISTING: 01. Worth More Than Your Opinion 02. Making Room 03. Not Sorry 04. Waiting Game 05. Displacement 06. Unconditional 07. They Don’t Have To Believe… 08. Personal Space 09. Denial 10. Shame 11. Promises Kept 12. Missing Piece 13. What’s In A Name 14. Anxiety 15. Self Help Vinyl: -Transparent Coke Bottle Green (1 per customer) -Gold / Blue -Transparent Yellow Buy @ Deathwish Inc E-Store
  9. I have a double of the Eyeless Rec Release (/50), so if anyone's down for trades (or just wants to buy it), that'd be sweet. S/T: Pink (1st US Press, /600) Ginger Beer (5th US Press, /500) Camo (1st Euro Press, /105) - Ideally record release version. Camo (4th US Press, /300) White (1st Euro Press, /420) Coke Bottle Clear (? Press, /?) White w/ Pink Haze (3rd US press, /300) Black (1st US Press, /100) White/Grey Mix (5th US Press, /?) If anyone can fill the gaps in press info for this, that'd be sweet. Push/Pull Grey (1st US Press, /250) Coke Bottle Clear (1st US Press, /400) SF-Fog (2nd US Press, /500) Rice-Milk Clear (3rd US Press, /300) SF-Foggy Blue Haze (3rd US Press, /700) Eyeless Yellow (2nd Press, /300) Black w/ Tour Cover (1st Press, /50) I know some of these are up on Discogs, but I'd prefer UK sellers if possible! Otherwise if you have these and are willing to sell (trades would be appreciated too!), drop me a line.
  10. These records are hitting the chopping block, to make room for new ones. Most of them are doubles or color variants that I own. If you wanna offer me a trade, don't be shy to offer it. I'm not looking for ebay prices, but I'm definitely looking for the best offer. Most of the records are unplayed and new, so please no tire kickers. Thanks people, love you. You guys are a great community here. p.s. sorry they're not in alphabetical order. Wants: Real Estate - Days Joyce Manor - ST- on Yellow or Clear Camera Bag 35mm Film 120 Film Contax G Gear Ebay ID : surfmoredriveless ( for references ) and I've done trades with a few people on here. PM me or email me at [email protected], so I can send you pics. 7" Touché Amore - Live on the BBC/White Vinyl $10 Shipped La Quite / Phoenix Bodies - TEST PRESS - SOLD Touché Amore / Make Do and Men Split / Translucent Gray With Smoke Signals $18 Shipped Coke Bust - Degradation E.P. $8 Shipped Best Coast - Obsessive Compulsive RARE / 700 SEALED $20 Shipped Focused Minds - Stay Focused / Clear 6131 Subscription $15 Shipped Suburban Scum - Hanging By a Thread / Clear / 6131 Subscription $15 Shipped Ivy League - Summer Sessions / Clear / 6131 Subscription $15 Shipped Settle For Less - Contemporary / Clear / 6131 Subscription $15Shipped Gallows - Death is Birth / Black / 6131 $15 Shipped Punch - Nothing Lasts E.P / Blue Vinyl $ 8 Shipped The Blood Brothers - Ambulance vs. Ambulance / Green Vinyl $12 Shipped Praise - Two Songs / Grey Vinyl $7 Shipped Praise - Two Songs / White Vinyl $7 Shipped Peace - E.P / Black Vinyl $8 Shipped The Beautiful Ones - Birth of Desire / Purple Vinyl $8 Shipped Fell to Low - Sensible Sounds of Men / White Vinyl $7 Shipped Fell to Low - Sensible Sounds of Men / Clear Vinyl $7 Shipped Bent Life - 7” 6131 / Purple Pink $8 Shipped Saul Williams - List of Demands $9 Shipped Self Defense Family - Self Immolation Family / ICELAND / Blue Vinyl $9 Shipped 10" Wild Moth - ST 10" on Suitor Records / Black Vinyl $12 Shipped LP's Loma Prieta - I.V. / Black Vinyl $15 Shipped Skin Like Iron - Arrival / Red Vinyl $12 Shipped Damages - Indignation LP $11 Shipped Joyce Manor - ST / Coke Bottle Green - pending sold Converge - All We Leave Behind SEALED $15 shipped Sold to dapeebs Maker - Mirrors / Translucent Purple $15 Shipped Narrows - New Distances $15 Shipped Narrows - Painted SEALED / White Vinyl $15 Shipped Loma Prieta - Life / Less $15 Shipped Severed Head of State - Power Hazard E.P $10 Shipped
  11. I'm not kidding, I'm fucking sick of looking for this. If you have it or if you know someone has it, PM me and I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams... (Ok, maybe not that rich, but I'll still pay you a lot).
  12. Seriously, tired of looking for this. If someone out there has this... SELL IT TO ME. You shall be richly rewarded.
  13. Selling some music DVD's and some 7" records. Propagandhi, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Henry Rollins, Converge, Guttermouth, AFI, Against Me, Nerve Agents, Turnover, Betrayed, The Effort, Burning Love Touche Amore Energy Iron Chic Noose Punch Strife Sworn In http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/natexsavedxlatin/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686

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