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Need help for new budget turntable setup!!

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I received a couple of vinyl records this Christmas but still I don’t have any turntable system. All my music is streamed in HQ from Tidal. After receiving those records a couple of days ago I had to read some info about building a new turntable system (turntable with phone stage vs turntable with preamp, passive speakers + amp vs active speakers, etc., etc.). I starting digging on the internet in all hi-fi main sites, read loads of reviews of speakers, amps, turntables, etc.
My budget is short although I want my records spinning as soon as possible so I had to take some sort of shortcut because there is too much information on the internet about any subject and i could spend days and nights reading and still without finding the equipment that fits my needs. It all came to this: the very best sound for less than 600€. So, I ordered a Denon DM-41DAB based on a couple of great reviews, and soon i’ll have speakers, cables and amp. I don’t know if it was the best shot, but still I take my chances. Now I need a turntable + preamp or turntable with phono stage. Again based on a couple of reviews i’m thinking about ordering a Pro-Ject Primary and a Pro-Ject Phone Box E. Is it the best choice?
I already spent 340€ so I only have left 260€.
I’d like so feedback.
Thank you in advance.

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