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  1. Wow. I suppose I should feel lucky to find my copy bouncing around a cardboard box. At least I was upgraded from zero packaging (sticker on poly).
  2. Kanye West - Dark Twisted Fantasy arrived that I ordered for $17 a while back. Really nice packaging and pressing, but it was shipped in a large box with zero inner packaging. The corners are banged up, there's a big crease across one, and that's what I get for buying a Kanye West album. This type of shipping with Amazon was frequent a couple years ago, but I've been spoiled lately with inner mailers, bubble wrap, and packing paper.
  3. I love MF Doom, but I don't love him enough to skip buying groceries. 12 inch single for a hundred bucks? Yeesh. You could pick up the complete herbs releases from VMP for less than that. You could pick up all three VMP Doom rereleases for less than that. You could buy some groceries with that.
  4. The Weezer MoFi Blue Album now has a $1.47 coupon attached to it for some reason. So it comes out to $21.03. I finally picked it up. https://www.amazon.com/Weezer-Album-Limited-Colored-Vinyl/dp/B01LWXBBBZ/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1530403588&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=weezer+mofi+blue
  5. I saw the mobile, rolling, TMR record store truck thingy last night at the Jack White show in Pittsburgh. Pretty underwhelming. A food truck with a menu of vinyl I've been able to purchase online forever and few pieces of merch that were also available within the show. To be fair, maybe they have some exclusive stuff at times. But they didn't at around 6pm last night. Free tote bag if you spend $100!
  6. I love the Main Source album. I'd never listened to them. If you're into ATCQ or De La Soul, you'll love them.
  7. Agreed. Bet Ain't Worth the Hand is alright. There are some horns, but the feel of the first album doesn't seem to be there.
  8. Any idea what makes the RSD Car Seat Headrest release different from the pressing available on Amazon and elsewhere? Edit: Ohhhh.... so the RSD release is the original from when he was 19, and the releases on Amazon and elsewhere are the updated reworked versions?
  9. "This video contains content which has been blocked in your country on copyright grounds." (Sigh)
  10. Agreed and disappointed. I'd really like them, but that's too much. Maybe they'll reissue them, the dealsonvinyl guy will post to the Amazon Deals thread, and I'll get them for like $11 each.
  11. From Rather Ripped Records in Brookline, PA: Led Zeppelin - IV Crosby, Stills, & Nash - CSN Wynton Marsalis - Trumpet Concertos Tina Turner - Private Dancer From Thrift Store: Jackson 5 - ABC/The Young Folks From Half Priced Books in Pittsburgh, PA: Animal House - Soundtrack Dave Brubeck Quartet - Countdown: Time in Outer Space Thanks to VC Amazon Deals Thread: Radiohead - The Bends - RE 180gram From Vinyl Me Please: Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume II (The New Reality)
  12. "This swap does not include a cocktail recipe are an art print." I only get a record? Sheesh.

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