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  1. Still need to pick this up.......That Ultra clear is looking good but shipping to Australia will not hahhahah
  2. Allegedly there will be an Aus distro as well......at the moment its waaaaay to much for me but maybe a cheaper alternative will come along with the Aus distro
  3. Just always seemed sketch. The Poison The Well release wasnt the best hahaha i guess im allowed to like and dislike a label if i want......but as i said.....they have won me over somewhat with the last release so hopefully this one continues that
  4. are you backbite? can you Unblock me from facebook?
  5. thought people might want to buy them........i could vent more about how i think Backbite are shit but i got around to spinning Daybreaker and its actually pretty good. Winning me over one release at a time.
  6. Magenta/100 - Sold Out Test Press/25 - Sold Out Smokey Sun/400 - Still Available Test Presses and Magenta were more expensive. Id imagine they didnt sell all the Magenta and are staggering the drop like previous releases
  7. Backbite thought it would be good to repress this after it was pressed not too long ago.......and is still generally pretty easy to find. Limited Edition /100 Regular /400 Test Presses /25 ........for 500 records.....25? anyway....it goes on sale in an hour or so.
  8. piky0032

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    didnt know if this was the best spot.....Didnt think it needed a new thread Fallout 76 Free JB Hifi Promo - Friend made custom sleeve for it
  9. piky0032

    Does Anyone Here Lift Weights?

    Large bump Ive gotten heavy into lifting ovet the past 6 months or so and posted some massive gains with my numbers. Ive been going to the gym for a solid 6-10 years but only recently had i dialled everything in and started really focusing on improving my overall performance. My New PBs are Squat 200kgs - 440lbs Bench 120kgs - 265lbs Deads 160kgs - 352lbs Hex Deads 217.5kgs - 480lbs Ive been running a 4/5 day split around a 4 on 4 off Night Shift schedule so its been a challenge but im getting to the gym almost everyday. I usually rotate a Chest/Shoulders Arms/Back/Leg split but also sometimes split out Arms and Shoulders into Seperate days. My next step and focus will be Diet and Cardio and i think if i dial them in and focus on improving those my Numbers will get a bit better/Biggers. Hows everyone else doing? i know this is a hell long bump but thought it would be cool to get it going again
  10. Backbite just indicated they would be pressing Hollow Crown they shouldnt
  11. Watch Out is probably the coolest of the lot......Blue Dogs Blood and Copps are great as well
  12. 1LP OG Press ........Why they chose red again is odd
  13. I had to trade out quite a bit for the Live at Copps, OCYCs and Watch Out. Was lucky to get The Red 2Lp Crisis and Blue Dogs blood a long time back
  14. As is becoming the norm it cheaper to buy it from the states + shipping than any Aus retailer