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  1. Have this in hand and it's epic. Best in the series so far. Have only had time to spin the Wembley 12" and its cool. Gig intro from the guys from Queen and straight into the 3 songs. Also threw the DVD (why not bluray?) on and its got some wicked footage.
  2. Got mine in Australia yesterday. Grabbed both Box Sets and the Blue/Black Solitued. All were shipped insanely well without any damage. I was fretting hard because its getting hot down here and the shipping estimate was January which is crazy hot. Gave Fade, Subsume' and Let Yourself be Huge a spin out of the splatter box yesterday and it was awesome.....stoked
  3. Grabbed em. Metallica hasn't really dipped into the colour vinyl game with the older era albums. 2008 saw the Warner repress series that got some similar colours but they run a huge price now. Keen to see how these turn out
  4. And 5 years on im stoked again. The 24h press was actually pretty good. I ordered the lot so im keen as to see how this press turns out
  5. Ive done a couple through small run in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia - They have been really good to deal with and the results have been rad. Really good for Lathes and can sort out covers and such as well
  6. Hoping for a white. $AUD crashed so not really in the game of chasing variants at the moment. Killer track though and excited to spin it
  7. Hadnt been around sorry. Found them both on Facebook market place i think. Real good price and both were mint. One was unopened
  8. Cheap ones are out there.....i managed to get both the pink and the blue for $650aud (250+400) within the last 12-24 months
  9. If anyone snagged a spare IM - Converting Vegetarians LP shoot me a message......shattered i missed it
  10. Amity variant collector no more.....fuck 10 pressings as a first press.....bin that shit
  11. Email sent said 12 left? Maybe the sell out was a glitch. Either way its selling pretty good
  12. Australia as well......Snagged the splatter I gave on variant collecting Cloudkicker a while back but it was a bit of fun. Stoked this is getting a press. I found the EPs recently out in the wild which is a fuckin rare site down here in Australia, Not just for that release but any CC
  13. Got my lot in today. They definitely have some differences to the first release. - Matt Finish Covers - Themate and Asymmetry have different Cat No.s - Different Legals on Labels and Back Cover Same Matrix deets and inner groove Pirate Press etching. Someone mentioned the possibility of there being a US press and an EU press but ive seen no US version so far. Pirate Press seem to press and then dunk everything in dust so prepare to clean them when they arrive

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