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  1. 1LP OG Press ........Why they chose red again is odd
  2. I had to trade out quite a bit for the Live at Copps, OCYCs and Watch Out. Was lucky to get The Red 2Lp Crisis and Blue Dogs blood a long time back
  3. As is becoming the norm it cheaper to buy it from the states + shipping than any Aus retailer
  4. Available instore at Dine Alone for Record Store Day - 2Lp Red /100 i thought this had already been released as i have one.....but apparently not? and the one i own
  5. and ordered......$34 beats $200+
  6. Dont think they would have sold out.....i saw hardly anyone carrying them around at the Melbourne show but a mate said they had stacks for sale. That show was one of the greatest things ive ever seen. Parkway have really stepped up to be a massive force.....it was so good to see
  7. Landed Yesterday. EU Epitaph Green
  8. JB Hifi and UNFD sent out shipping notifications yesterday......Hopefully i get em today if not release day
  9. I managed to snag the /100 press......Hopefully no trouble with the company selling them. Pretty sure they have a shit house rep Also there was a delay.....got pushed 2 weeks i believe
  10. Various releases across 24 hundred - Merch Now and Sleeps Bros. https://whileshesleeps.tmstor.es/ - Red Press 2Lp *signed available* - Black Press 2Lp *signed available* https://24hundred.net/collections/while-she-sleeps - Half Red Half White http://whileshesleeps.merchnow.com/ - Red Press 2LP US - Black Press 2LP US - 7" Box Set
  11. Got this in a couple of days ago....while the 1st LP is obvisouly fantastic and sounds great its all about that 2nd LP for me.....Those live tracks are awesome Hopefully Odyssey #5 gets a similar treatment
  12. piky0032

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Surely CD covers were designed bigger than an actual Cd though? .....and then shrunk to CD size? or are people that stupid?
  13. yeh ill definitely have to revisit the second album