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  1. and signed to Pure Noise Songs pretty heavy given what Misery was
  2. some people got sent this instead of the red/black press haha win for them
  3. not to mention its a pain to get in and out hahaha Good tunes though
  4. i really want to but ill leave it for the VCers and Flippers hahaha i have the 24hundred one on pre order
  5. I feel like the Better looking pressings are the higher numbered......so the "rarer" ones arnt going as quick. UNFD.....while they can do some questionable things....would not lie about pressing numbers Also here is the Release Show Variant that i grabbed off my mate today
  6. Managed to have a mate pick me up the Release show black press /110 which is cool. All other variants are delayed. Felt vultures could have been left off the record but otherwise its much better than Mesmer
  7. I wish i could justify dropping cash on one of these Alts but the shipping to Aus would be devastating hahaha
  8. $200 on amazon......been meaning to pick up lots of these so its not bad.
  9. itll be 100% online and on streaming services with the rest of the catalogue being made available also. my thought/tip