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  1. Amazon Pre Orders up Misery (LP w/Digital Download) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FGCX8F6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_kV3lBbPS9YEGX
  2. yeh stoked to see a change.....its a good track also if you head to www.jbhifi.com.au there is a Pink JB exclusive.....which will be a US Indie exclusive usually
  3. heres the 24Hundred link if you want to pay $65 and/or variant collect https://24hundred.net/collections/tash-sultana/products/flow-state-deluxe-vinyl-digital-download
  4. Had a quick look around and could only find the 24H pre orders. For some reason it says $55aud for black vinyl and $65 for coloured vinyl.......must be a typo surely....should be $35? anyway....even though im in Australia, this will 100% be cheaper to grab from overseas so keen to see some links Limited edition, yellow/orange, double gatefold LP vinyl. Includes 2 x discs in a stunning double gatefold cover, 16 page lyrics booklet, fold out double sided poster and donwload card. This is Tash's debut album 'FLOW STATE' Tash Sultana // Flow State Deluxe Vinyl + Digital Download TRACKLISTING Seed (Intro) Big Smoke Cigarettes Murder To The Mind Seven Salvation Pink Moon Mellow Marmalade Harvest Love (Live Bedroom Recording) Mystik Free Mind Blackbird Outro
  5. http://shop.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/uk/artists/the-amity-affliction.html for UK Peeps......all the same as the Aus store maaaaaybe only 3 variants for this album......would be rad
  6. Pre orders go live in 60 minutes
  7. Shaping up to be some sort of Live DVD and new album......Have seen some dates from people cluey with websites stating Single 22/6 which for the yanks is June 22nd Here's the latest Pic i was able to find on Facey..... People have also been recieving letters in the mail.....no doubt they have recently purchased merch from 24H or TAA.net asking them to follow a link to record a message for them www.theamityaffliction.net/mm If history is anything to go off it will have 6-8 Variants across Aus 24H and TAA.net for US
  8. this is fucking cool
  9. piky0032

    Camp Punk in Drublic

    it was a joke then it was legit piss then it was a joke again...... according to Fat Mike
  10. piky0032

    Camp Punk in Drublic

    turned out it wasnt in the end
  11. So keen to get mine.....but shipped to a US address and then to me is going to take some time
  12. Picked up the White in Red with Black Splatter from 24Hundred /500 - Looks cool I dont mind the new tune......Hurt was cool.....Chemical Miracle was fantastic
  13. Got 28/33 Of the Salty Dog Woodstock Press....intense colour going on piky[/img]
  14. piky0032

    PO: HIGH TENSION - Purge

    So keen to get this.....pre ordered when they dropped em