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Greetings VC! I’ve just recently started collecting music and thought I would see if any of these were available. Pat’s older music got me through some tough times, and just recently I started listening to the newer stuff and have been enjoying it just as much if not more. I know this may be a long shot but I’ll remain hopeful there are some copies of these laying around and ready to be sent to a new home. I’m looking for these to listen to, as well as collect, so as long as they’re in decent shape I’ll be interested.

I am willing to pay well for these..up to $80 depending on what you have.


Ramshackle Glory - Live the Dream LP (either pressing)

Ramshackle Glory - One Last Big Job (cassette)

Ceschi / Pat the Bunny - Split LP (either pressing)

Pat the Bunny - Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything LP

Pat the Bunny - Cocoon Music / Departures  10”

Wingnut Disheashers Union - Smash the Plate! (Cassette or Cdr)

Big Swamp Gospel - CDr


Let me know what you have and what you’d like to get and hopefully we can work something out :) Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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