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  1. I got it the day of, and everywhere was sold out so I just signed up for alerts and got one a few hours later from walmart. Then the email came yesterday of the price drop due to "Preorder competitive price match" "Adjustment of $89.56"
  2. Satan

    High Thoughts

    And stoned.
  3. I just got a gnarly price drop on the power armor edition from walmart. Now its 125.43 shipped! That email was pleasant!
  4. I always said this. It's a great game, just a horrible FO game.
  5. JP popped up today. Sounds pretty damn nice.
  6. Last year, during a short run of Choking Victim reunion shows, singer Stza stated that the band was recording some of their performances for a live album. it appears that release is now in the works. Stza has stated that he is currently in the studio, working on the release now. He stated, via Twitter, "I’m locked into a studio, working on the Choking Victim “Live in a Dive” 4 Fat...P.S. Hos do I write “dive” with a line thru it?" We'll keep you updated. this was june 5th.
  7. What are you excited for? Unravel 2. Battlefield 5. Steampunk 2077 ...and obviously Fallout 76.
  8. Itll be on YouTube. Just search. https://youtu.be/gi8PTAJ2Hjs
  9. I thought they were on the way to the warehouse! ! LULZ
  10. if anyone missed that documentary/ Q&A on E3 that i posted about... Goddamn. My excite level just skyrocketed.
  11. No doubt in my mind that this will be the store edition in August. It will be mine.
  12. Satan

    E3. Who's watching?

    It's so true though. But. Todd Howard is doing a Q&A about 76 at 7pm EST. Stream on a twitch/mixer/etc.
  13. Todd is doing a Q&A about the game tonight. Watch on twitch/mixer/YT https://www.gamespot.com/articles/e3-coliseum-2018-schedule-fallout-76-event-will-ex/1100-6459478/
  14. Best Buy fucked me. Hard.
  15. Yeah, I remember reading in an (I think) IGN article that because of multiplayer, there wouldn't be VATS. But, maybe itll come in a patch of enough people bitch? Who knows.
  16. Nail on the head, I fucking hated that. But, we'll know more as time goes on. I'm excited, but nowhere near as excited as I was for 4, and then only to be let down. BUT A WEARABLE POWER ARMOR HELMET WITH VOICE MODULATOR
  17. Satan

    E3. Who's watching?

    Holy shit. A.W.K.