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  1. Not a band I'm wanting to let go of. But good luck.
  2. I'm unsure if I'm allowed to give info but uhm. Iykyk. Stay away.
  3. Yikes. Should probably cancel that order immediately.
  4. https://bsodrecords.com/products/super-thps Haven't seen this one posted yet.
  5. Go drink a lukewarm bottle of go fuck yourself?
  6. That shit right there is why I have a bad buyer rep from years and years ago and not knowing how it worked.
  7. ITS 2021!! QUARANTINE SHOWER FARTS! How did everyone do? I also, showed my lady this thread. She can confirm tickling of the lady bits.
  8. I'm waiting on my tests like a goddamn asshole. Thanks for amping me up
  9. We all get a participation trophy. Congrats everyone! YOURE SPECIAL!!
  10. Shipping notification has came via carrier pigeon! So excited!
  11. I went for the box because I've missed all the others. Might as well have ONE, right?
  12. https://www.crvwrecords.com/ I'm being told by the pressing plant that these records will all be completed at the end of September. I'll add pictures as they become available. This version (Metal Box) is presell only and will presell from 6-19 (12:00PM Central time zone) to 6-30 (11:59PM Central time zone). If you were lucky enough to get any of the previous metal box versions, you'll know this thing is made well enough to be mistaken as a murder weapon. 😉. Here we have kick ass live session. All the 7"s are colored vinyl but haven't yet decided on what color they'll end up being. There are at a minimum four different versions to this release. There will be the normal release pressed in colored vinyl. There's a version with an alternate cover limited to only 50 copies autographed by the band. There's another 50 of the same alternate cover not autographed. Then there's another version that's presell only that have a metal cover. The latter three versions come with a limited poster. The entire run of this 7" will be only 500. We'll see later if there will be any more after that.
  13. Those prices are laughable at best.

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