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  1. I bought a stuffed animal of the mascot guy and brought it to camp.
  2. 100 record store should just be a gimme at this point. But I missed the color. Oh well. If anyone managed to snag a 2nd, I'll grab it.
  3. Contact Denise. She might be able to help.
  4. DROP OFF #2 HAS BEEN COMPLETED! Sorry guys, I forgot to take a photo - domt be mad! I think tomorrow or Monday she's flying to LA for the holidays, but she'll post a photo of everything when she gets back! So there ya go.
  5. As much as the description fucking rules...I've gotta do the same.
  6. Just a little update guys/gals! I THINK all the madness is over. I just got what I think to be the FINAL shipment. Dropoff #2 should be this week.
  7. The description alone made me grab this without hesitation.