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  1. The fuck you talkin about? Get the fuck outta here.
  2. I do this to the slappin of da bass of the Seinfeld intro.
  3. Except his name is Fieldy, not the bassist. Your statement is useless.
  4. What exactly is it slapping? This phrase is the fucking worst.
  5. you not rrrh rot dot n dot n dot per rot dot n not n dot per n dot chi cot n dot rrr ah dot dot ki o ma gri a dot dot ers a pa ta ko
  6. So, what ya'll missed was this. (Dont worry, I just got the OKAY to post this) "Hey now! Some of you were confused by my Unsolved Mysteries instagram post the other day. This is NOT an announcement of Volume 2 (expect that announcement and pre-order in 2 months). Instead, this is letting you know we are finally releasing the final 100 copies of the 3XLP from last year. This is strictly for the mailing list. It will not be made public nor will it go to distro. Why are we putting out an additional 100? Because that's how much packaging we had left over from last year, that's why. To make this next 100 though we had to get new stampers made (so these should sound ace) and since we were doing that we decided to make a new color variant (pictured). So yeah! That's what's up. If you haven't noticed, there's not a copy available on Discogs for less than $199 so probably a sound investment, haha. If you'd like to scoop one up, head to this link and type in password TALLMAN when you add to your cart. I'd love for you to NOT share this in FB groups/messageboards because if someone was that interested, they would've signed up for the mailing list like I requested. Would really like this to be for people that give a shit about my little label. THANKYOU for that. xo"
  7. The flexi showed up UNSCATHED. ...its mailed in an envelope.
  8. Anyone have any ideas for the next package? I thought I did but he blew that outta the water with the last email.
  9. Fart on them. The hot steam exiting your anal cavity mixed with the stench of rotten eggs will bring them right out.
  10. I've looked into it and only find 2.5 star reviews. And the stories are pretty much - you owe us money and fuck you
  11. I just hear way too much shit about how it has fucked people in the end and that's why I just stay clear.