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  1. Good to see you my dude. It’s been a minute.
  2. Because it’s been a while and it’s still an awesome comp.
  3. Due to guidelines, I’m going to suggest PM only for this discussion. But yes. Odyssey is in there.
  4. FYI. im gonna have a huge sale on some shit this week. Get some funds ready, you’ll likely need it.
  5. Probably the worst thread I've seen here. And I've seen alot.
  6. Yep. There is no fix. We are who we are.
  7. Hey guys and gals. It's been a while since I've been here! Recently-ish, I've been diagnosed as neurodivergent so this release really hits home. Figured I'd share. https://punksforautism.bandcamp.com/album/you-cant-define-me?fbclid=PAAaYkShVw85wXzmGLg2YsZKdaj3u-YgwOTXQHfqF1GQPGaJkx2Ayc9BQMquk Grab a copy. Limited to 100.
  8. Not a band I'm wanting to let go of. But good luck.
  9. I'm unsure if I'm allowed to give info but uhm. Iykyk. Stay away.

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