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  1. Thanks for that. I'll have to check the front office tomorrow. They're bad at giving me updates if a package comes in. Informed delivery is my go to, so I rely on that. You've eased my mind.
  2. I talked with travis, if all else fails "you know who" will have 25 for sale and have them just send me one.
  3. I was given permission to post about this publicly. Shinobi & Double Dragon 2. https://nighttremors.bigcartel.com
  4. DDDDAAAAAYYYYYYYUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM. Gonna build me some quad eric claptons and head right on down!
  5. What's the latest and greatest mod in your shop?!
  6. Thays my thought. Yeah, I get the allure but if you havent been in business for 20 years already - you're essentially fucked. People have their loyalties. Edit : Or if you dont have a niche genre that the others around you dont (assuming you're in a big city) youre gonna be out of business so fucking fast instead of slightly fast.
  7. If anyone needs the test, a buddy of mine is looking to move it.
  8. A repress with new stampers is up. https://www.terror-vision.com/store/unsolved-mysteries-ghosts-hauntings-the-unexplained-lp
  9. I've failed. Missed the first round and then forgot about the 2nd round. But good for Badtime/Asian Man.
  10. Some pokemon stuff up at Red Alert if you know where to go. It's the last release of the label
  11. Has anyone gotten their live Decline yet? A photo is up on discogs, so just wanted to check.