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  1. Satan

    Help on how to trade

    Alright boys and gals, time to amp this motherfucker back up. No. Fuck YOU YOU PIECE OF BODYSLAMMING, SKIN TIGHT PANTS WEARIN, COCKBAG. I EAT TURDS LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST.
  2. Satan

    Help on how to trade

    Some of that shit goes for crazy ass amounts of cash.
  3. 6 left of the /100 blue. Be quick!
  4. New song is a ripper! http://www.jadedinchicago.com/2019/02/dan-vapid-and-the-cheats-the-time-we-get/
  5. As of now, there seems to be only 3 left of the blue/orange.
  6. Over at your good friends at Eccentric Pop! There are not one, but THREE variants! Get em while they're hot!!
  7. Satan

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    You can still make a new acct with a new email in under 2 minutes...
  8. Dont fuck with me on TLA. My taxes came in already. (Seriously, please be nice- my refund wasnt what it used to be)
  9. False. In the winter, I grow my beard out to save my face. I shave it when it begins to feel exactly like pubes. You know thick. Greasy. Crawling with infestations. Beards are chin pubes.
  10. Edited for my *whoopsie*
  11. Other than with NOFX, I can only remember the other one that was direct hit. But then again, I am no expert on this and am probably wrong.
  12. Didnt see the bundle? But thanks @Shitty Rambo for the heads up
  13. I mean, in regards to the single... ...they're kinda right!