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Ricky Hell & The Void Boys - 75 copies Wax Mage Hand Pours (Greenway Records)

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Ricky Hell & The Voidboys Debut LP! 75 Copies Available via Greenway, Wax Mage Hand Poured Vinyl!


Ricky Hell & The Voidboys formed in 2017 on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio and if you follow along you already are well aware of the excellent noise rock frontman Ricky Hamilton creates as we have released his bands Fascinating and Shagg. Their new self-titled record is released digitally and physically, co-released by Quality Time Records, Greenway Records, Dirty Water Records & Wax Mage.

This trio brings a unique twist to Ricky’s garage guitar and drum machine rock that includes clarinet from Adam Spektor and Carter Luckfield cranking bass and Microbrute synthesizer which all enhance the party. 




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53 minutes ago, hsp88 said:

lol the music is what matters right ;)

Right. But I have certain hangups on things like that, or an ugly album cover. Like any record collector, I have my own hangups. That said, love the pressing images and this post informed me of this band, so maybe I can get over my hangups ;) 

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