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Foreign Press Cassettes (US) - Market Or Community?

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Hello Cassette Collective, I've recently come into a mixed bag cassette lot with many US artist cassettes from various countries, including Japan, Korea, Australia, Malaysia and other Asian countries. Some include O-cards and paper outer sleeves or at least an extra flap that sits outside the jewel case, but many are simply regular foreign pressings of US artists, Air Supply, Willie Nelson, The Art Of Noise, Dokken, Billy Joel, Madonna, Pat Benatar, Duke Ellington and other jazz,  not completely hot garbage - but I don't need every one. Many do not have entries on Discogs for that country's pressing, and I balk at entering each one - there are dozens.


My question is, are there communities or groups existing that could help me contact those who might be interested in some of these? I realize some may only be salable to the completist variant collectors of 80's pop stars (that is to say, almost nobody) and I've had a tiny bit of success with this on Discogs, but are these simply worthless oddities and collectibles, or do people seek them out?


I still have a fascination with foreign cassette presses of 2000-2010 albums (or thereabouts) that never saw an official cassette press otherwise, since many countries still used cassettes as cheap music consumables when USA had moved on to strictly CDs and mp3s, so I guess I'm wondering if a similar niche market exists for this sort of thing.

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