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Schiit Mani & 8MZ stylus configuration?

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I'm new to the actual hardware/setup of turntables. I recently purchased some upgrades for an inherited turntable/setup and I'm not 100% on how to make sure I'm setting it all up correctly. I upgraded the stylus and preamp from what I owned previously.

Current setup: Thorens TD-126 MKII, Grado Prestige Gold cartridge, Grado 8MZ Stylus, and Schiit Mani preamp

I've noticed since replacing the preamp that the audio is very quiet. It sounds great but I'm turning the volume on my receiver up 50 to 75% higher than I had to before to achieve the same volume. I know there are toggles on the bottom of the Mani but I have no clue what to set to those to (I'm currently using the Schiit recommended default).

I used a protractor to verify the alignment of the cartridge and a special scale to verify the weight after replacing the stylus. Are there any other things I need to do to make sure my setup/config are optimal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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On 3/1/2019 at 9:31 PM, Smellman said:

Make sure the load switches on the bottom of the Mani are set to 47k, not 47.

You might also want to try upping the gain settings to 48 db:

Gain 1 - H

Gain 2 - L

Good luck


Thanks! i was nervous to adjust anything incorrectly. It was already set at 47k but adjusting the gain helped quite a bit. I appreciate it.

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