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Whats up my dudes,

Long time reader, first time post:


I got some cheddar to spend on my first complete setup, and as I do like good quality products and don't like going half way only to find out I should have spend ‎€100 extra to get a whole lot more bangs for bucks, I'm looking for a setup somewhere around ‎€1000 - ‎€1300. I know this is an absolute fraction of some some consider a 'good' setup in the vinyl world, but it's what I got. 
So here is what I'm planning to get so far:

  • Turntable: Yes as many; Project carbon debut dc / Esprit; it's decently priced and very well reviewed. However, in regards to the Debut Carbon DC (€350) versus the Debut Carbon DC Esprit SB (€450), I don't necessarily (yet?) see the value of the button-speedbox, but as it also comes with an acrylic platter, something I might upgrade to at some point anyway, I'm not really sure which to get. I'm also eyeballing Rega Planar 1/2 in the same price category, but I haven't looked into it too much yet. 
  • Pre-amp wise; I'm planning to for for either the Schiit Mani Phono Preamp  (€130) or the Rega Fono Mini A2D MKII (€150). I've read these are great, but I have no idea whether these might be vastly under/overpowered or just not in sync with the other elements in the setup. 
  • Amp/receiver;  I've been reading about everything in a price range between €100 and €500 but still completely in the blanc. I've heard good things about Marantz 6006 and 6007. Especially now the 6006 is on sale for around €350. I know these have integrated amps, which I'd rather avoid though.
  • Speakers: First I was thinking something like the Audioengine HDP6, but I am very open to recommendations as these are just outside my budget.. The room size is fairly medium, let's say 24'ish square meter with low ceilings. It has a hardwood floor, two 1 squire meter windows and plastered walls in an old building (fyi it's Europe, so old means 16th century, not the 60's). IF I'd get a fancy receiver I might want to upgrade it to a 4/5;1 system, but that's future thought. 


I'd like to get the big parts right first, and leave space for future upgrades such as a cartridge, some crazy wiring, sub woofer (I do love those deep lows, so the receiver should fit this), etc. In general I'm looking for parts that can theoretically last for many years quality wise. I listen to many types fo music; but mostly everything in between hiphop, techno (Afterlife, Diynamic, etc), and some real good music like Pink Floyd. I know there are threads which discuss different parts and devices, but it's a f**king battle ground out there, so I guess personal advices will keep being requested.
Like, is there a general rule of thumb that e.g. says; spend 30% of your budget on the table, 25 on speakers, 25 on Amp/receiver and 20 on pre-amp? 

Hit me up if you got some (general)advice, would love to hear it!


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