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  1. What is the record player? You mention inputs on the record player but no OUTPUTS. The external speakers would have to connect to OUTPUT on your record player for them to work (again assuming the record player has a built in preamp that is working).
  2. My turntable arrives today and my Audio Engine A 5+ speakers arrive tomorrow or Sunday! I can't wait to get spinning!
  3. Thanks. I'll always keep my eyes opened for them. I got the 9LP Box set that came out this year and I can't wait to play the vinyl on my new table when it comes!
  4. I've read nothing but good things about those speakers (which is why I plan to get them as well). I think any turntable you get would go well with them.
  5. Take the Apollo interface out of the equation first. Try hooking the turntable up to the speakers directly. If it works, then your issue is how you are running it through your interface. Also, running it through the Apollo converts the analog sound to digital. Why do you want to convert the analog sound to digital? That pretty much goes against the reason you would play records to begin with.
  6. I'm new to this world as well, but my research has led me to believe that the preamp is more important than the power amp. As a musician and music producer, I tend to agree with that assessment overall. Power amps don't really have an effect on the sound, they just make sure you have enough power and volume to the speakers. PREAMPS influence your sound. Personally I decided to go with the Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 because I wanted a valve preamp for my starter setup. This one is highly rated and reviewed and allows for "tube rolling" which is essentially the ability to try out different tubes
  7. This thread is how I found U-Turn AND one of the reasons I ordered the Orbit Special. Thank you.
  8. I'd imagine if you can UPGRADE your whole table and almost break even, I think you've answered your own question. That said, what are you thinking about getting?
  9. Thanks. So...better than a Crosley? 😉 I didn't need the BEST out of the gate, but I wanted pretty darn good to start off.
  10. Wildflowers from 1994 Original Pressing is the one I want most, and in very good or better condition. Signed would be best, but...unicorn. Any other original Petty pressings I'd be interested in as well. THANKS!
  11. I just bought my first turntable. I used this forum, a few others and a lot of web searches and ended up buying a U-Turn Orbit Special (no internal preamp). I bought a Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 for the preamp and for NOW, it's going to be run through my Marantz home theater receiver to be played on a Bose Acoustimass system. In the new year I plan to buy Audio Engine A5 + powered speaker for the turntable setup to be completely stand alone. I'm a musician, a songwriter, my band manager and a music student studying production at Berklee. I LOVE my music and I don't see me buying CD's any
  12. Real name: Shawn Favorite Bands: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Foo Fighters, Rival Sons, ACDC, The Black Crowes What's your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc.?: MOST of that stuff is linked from my band website below. Hobbies (outside of record collecting): Writing and playing music, skiing, motorcycling, producing music, school Play in a band? Run a record label? Link us!: The Sons of Liberty Random things you want us to know about you: I'm pursuing my 1st bachelors degree at Berklee Colle

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