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PO: last days for Parasitic Skies / Losing Skin - split 7"

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top left: regular cover top right: top secret cover (2 left) bottom: losing skin tour covers

pre-order here:


we have a split 7" that begins shipping this weekend, between two raging metallic hardcore bands hailing from the NW part of the states.

Parasitic Skies was a vegan straight-edge band from the Seattle area and play a fast, heavy crust ladden blend of hardcore -its dark gritty and fast with a good bit of crunch. this is their final release as a band and is a nice step up from their past full length. shame these guys are done for now having recently called it quits - I think this serves as a great final marker for their sound and showcases them at the peak of their intensity. glad to have finally got to work with them after all this time. two great tracks.

Losing Skin - are from the Spokane area, and I really didn't know a lot about them prior to starting to put this together with Parasitic Skies - I knew they were heavy as fuck and their singer Alex had previously been in the band Behold - from the same area. these guys stick more to the heavier side of things and focus more on the faster aggressive metal - FFO: integrity, slayer, black breath, rot in hell, etc etc

I suck at describing music - so apologies if anything is off but you can stream the full release for free here:


we will also have the free downloads posted on our website shortly.

you can pick these up at http://www.page63.com

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