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Found 24 results

  1. **THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. ALL ORDERS WILL SHIP THE WEEK OF APRIL 1, 2021.** ORDER HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM CD - Limited to 300 copies with deluxe gatefold digipak with 12-page full color retrospective booklet and lyrics. Foreword written by Greg Bennick (Trial). 27 tracks in total. CS - Limited to 100 copies with translucent red cassette and full color packaging. 27 tracks in total. **All bundle orders (with shirt) come with a full color poster.** BURDEN "True Until the End" - The Discography: 1997-2004. Blackhouse Ltd. is proud to present the complete discography from the late 90’s/early 2000’s NWHC, Vancouver, Canada Straight Edge Hardcore band that spawned future members of Change, Go It Alone, Blue Monday, Carry On, Keep It Clear, Bishops Green and more. This release includes their 2001 “If you don’t stand for something…You’ll fall for anything” full length LP, the 2003 ‘With Every Step Forward” 7”/EP, the 1999 “Strength Of Conviction” 7”/EP, the “Chosen Path Demo 1997”, as well as a Misfits comp cover and bonus tracks, all re-mastered. CD comes in a slick digipack with a 12-page booklet with lyrics, flyers, never before seen pictures and a foreword by Greg Bennick. For fans of Judge, Strife, Trial, Strain, Undertow, Floorpunch, Ensign. ORDER HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM
  2. http://smarturl.it/inclination 200 – PN Exclusive – White and Red(ish) w/ Heavy Black and Silver Splatter 300 – Various – Half White / Half Blood Red
  3. Hey friends! It's been a while since we've been around these parts but our brand spanking new full length "UNREST" is now available for preorder through a number of places! Here's a gif of the killer artwork and the 4 colors of vinyl! Read more below for where to order, the pressing info, a blurb about the record and the artwork, and where to listen! Pressing Info: Black Vinyl [Pre-order version] - (/65) SOLD OUT Clear with Gold Splatter Vinyl - (/100) SOLD OUT Silver Vinyl - (/200) - https://goo.gl/k864Pw Clear Purple - (200) - https://goo.gl/4kXzwg Black Vinyl - (/450) - https://goo.gl/sHFRPt [USA] - https://goo.gl/4kXzwg [EUROPE] CD Version - https://goo.gl/ndSpei [USA - State of Mind] - https://goo.gl/bZkivi [EUROPE - Useless Pride/Here and Now] CASSETTE Version Black (/50) or Red (/50) Shell [Europe - Ride & Hun] - https://goo.gl/AQKYVF Blue (/25) or Yellow (/25) [USA - Press Gang Records] - https://goo.gl/2QF3Kg ************************************************ It's been a long 12 months of preparation here in our little corner of the world but the time has finally come for our sophomore record, UNREST, to be sent out into the airwaves for all to hear. We spent two weeks in the late spring of 2016 holed up in our practice space in Boston tracking the record ourselves before sending it up to God City Studio in Salem, MA to be mixed by Kurt Ballou. Mastering was handled by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Artwork layout/design was handled by Doug Dean from Pittsburgh, PA. UNREST is comprised of 12 songs that collectively push the sonic boundaries of the band outwards in numerous directions while still maintaining a strong foothold on our melodic punk-hardcore roots. The production on the record is a massive leap forward compared to previous releases and it is widely apparent that we took our time trying to get this release right after you give it a listen. UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds listening time and is packed with everything you'd expect from a follow up to Discontent... hard hitting, no-nonsense, lean punk/hardcore songs that take you on a roller coaster ride of tempos, emotions, and lyrical themes. It's political. It's personal. It's both introspective and a commentary on the surroundings we're submerged into on a daily basis. Overall, it's a collective document for how we view the world we're living in, our designated place in it, and, despite how grim and dismal the outlook may be at this moment, UNREST is a declaration of how we can all work together to make this life better in the present moment and to leave a better world for those yet to come after we're gone. As with all of our previous releases, the packaging for the vinyl release of UNREST is unique and will definitely catch your eye if you have a liking for packaging design and an intricate layout. The LP Jacket is diecut so that the front of the record acts as an empty picture frame, allowing for the lyric insert (a 12x24" double sided full color insert) to be placed into the jacket as one of four 'portraits' on the lyric sheet. Each portrait has a twist on the misrepresentation of the American dream and the things we're taught from a young age to aspire to and value simply because society has dictated as such. For the pre-order version of the LP, the jacket will have a pop up cardboard easel attached so that the album can legitimately be stood up to display as if it was a picture frame. It will also be hand stamped and numbered, out of 65 total copies. ************************************************ Thanks for taking the time to check this out and for supporting us if you decide to pick up a copy. All orders will ship at the end of August before the album's street date of Sept 8th. We will be playing 5 shows on the East Coast (Boston, CT, Philly, DC, RVA) at the end of September so keep an eye out for details about that. You can stream 4 songs off the record now on our bandcamp: https://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/unrest as well as pre-order the album digitally for only $5! To stay fully up to date with what's going on in our world, follow us on your preferred platform: http://www.facebook.com/spiritsxboston http://www.twitter.com/spiritsxboston http://www.instagram.com/spiritsxboston http://spiritsxboston.tumblr.com/ You can pick up our previous releases from http://www.spiritsxxx.limitedrun.com and download our previous records for FREE from http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com Phew, that's a lot! If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post you are truly a champion. Last but not least, if you're into the music or anything we're doing please share, repost, retweet, and disseminate at will to help spread the word. We're still doing this in the true DIY fashion and can use all the help we can get. Word! And if you want some close up shots of the records, give this album on imgur a look: http://imgur.com/a/D65ph SPIRITS | XXX http://www.spiritshc.com
  4. Preorders for the Bonjour Tristesse Par Un Sourire LP and the Wind In His Hair Earthwrecker LP have been posted on our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com RR22 Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire Formed in Germany in the winter of 2008, Bonjour Tristesse is a vegan straight edge band from Munich that plays a style of black metal that is considered to be of the depressive ilk. Focusing on the oppressing everyday life in capitalist societies, the neverending struggle for freedom, and the crisis between civilization and the environment, the artist weaves a symphony of sadness, alienation, and inner emptiness with a sense of strength that arises from unabashed resilience and standing alone in the face of adversity. Par Un Sourire is now available for preorder through Replenish Records on clear wax with black and white splatter (limited to 100 copies), black wax (limited to 150 copies), and white wax (limited to 250 copies). Please note that preorders will ship in four to six weeks. For more information about the band, please visit http://www.facebook.com/bonjourtristesseofficial and be sure to download the split for free in its entirety from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com RR23 Wind In His Hair - Earthwrecker Formed in Germany in the spring of 2015, Wind In His Hair is a vegan band from Berlin that combines elements of crust punk, hardcore, and black metal to create a soundtrack for anarcho-primitivism and the rewilding of nature. The lyrics promote love and respect for the environment and the indigenous cultures around the world, and the band dedicates their music to those who work to save our planet from being destroyed by the greedy claws of civilization. Earthwrecker is now available for preorder through Replenish Records on gray wax with black and white splatter (limited to 100 copies), black wax (limited to 150 copies), and white wax with gray splatter (limited to 250 copies). Please note that preorders will ship in four to six weeks and the first 50 preorders come with a free tote bag. For more information about the band, please visit http://www.facebook.com/windinhishairpunk and be sure to download the split for free in its entirety from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com DONATE - 100% of the proceeds from all digital downloads of the Bonjour Tristesse Par Un Sourire LP will be donated to Earth First! Journal in order to raise awareness and publish news from the eco-wars, direct action resources, informant tracking, and prisoners. 100% of the proceeds from all digital downloads of the Wind In His Hair Earthwrecker LP will be donated to Stand With Standing Rock in order to support the Oceti Sakowin Camp standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. With your help, Replenish Records has raised thousands of dollars in support of nonprofit organizations all over the world who specialize in direct action, so we could not be more thankful for your profound sense of generosity and willingness to embrace our rather nontraditional approach to being an independent record label. For more information and to learn how you can make a difference, please visit http://www.replenishrecords.tumblr.com/replenish-establishes-donate-what-you-want DISTRO - All of the items in our distro are currently 25% OFF for a limited time. The distro is overflowing with new titles from artists and labels all over the world including Absolutionist, Alaskan, Amber, Anchor, Arse Moreira, Autarch, Batillus, Beau Navire, Black Everest, Black Table, Burning Ghats, Centuries, Cohol, Fell Voices, Finisterre, Fister, Geranium, Heartless, Heaven In Her Arms, Hexis, Holy, Human Bodies, In The Hearts Of Emperors, Jungbluth, Landbridge, Leather Chalice, Lich, Pray For Teeth, Primitive Man, Ramlord, Recreant, Reka, Republic Of Dreams, Resurrectionists, Sea Of Bones, Teeth, Titan, and many more! Check it out and be sure to get your hands on these distributed titles at a discount directly from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com/distro Thank you so much for the continued support, we seriously cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it! Daniel
  5. I've got some records for sale, if you need pictures, any extra info, or are interested in purchasing them, PM me. The Ghost Inside - Get What You Give | Translucent Blue /500 signed by all members including Aaron Brooks before he left, jacket is a tiny bit worn | Current highest offer $70 shipped Have Heart - What Counts | Sealed unknown pressing, got it from a random record deal, but brand new, I'll also throw in a used The Things We Carry poster someone sent me | $12 shipped Out Cold. - Goodbye Cruel World | Black first pressing, jacket is decently worn with a sticker on it from a record store | $8 shipped
  6. I've got a bunch of shirts that I am looking to get rid of. Most of them are 10 years old or older. Not looking for much, thought someone on here might want them. Looking for $5 + shipping for a shirt. Brand New- M sold Dashboard Confessional- M sold Boys Night Out- M Dashboard Confessional 3/4 sleeve- M Juliana Theory- M Further Seems Forever- M Night of the Living Dead -M Girl is front, text is back H2O 3/4 sleeve- L
  7. Young Blood Records is putting up a stream and the preorders for the new Disengage 7" (Members of Title Fight and Stick Together) today at 4PM EST. "Available for Stream, Download and Vinyl Pre-Order today at 4:00 PM EST!" http://shop.youngblood-records.com/ http://youngbloodrecords.bandcamp.com/
  8. "3 years in the making, we are VERY excited to announce pre-orders for the debut LP from Wilkes-Barre's, STICK TOGETHER. Following up their 2012 "Surviving the Times" 7" release on BBB, this LP brings 12 new songs of the classic Stick Together you know and love. 3 colors are available for purchase and, as always, are available at a first come, first serve basis. These will include digital download slips and are expected to ship in around 4 weeks. " Full Stream: https://bbbrecords.bandcamp.com/album/stick-together Pre-Order: http://www.triplebrecords.bigcartel.com/product/stick-together-lp-pre-orders 200 on Clear, 500 on Blue and 800 on Black. Clear is almost gone (28% left as of this post).
  9. hey guys im looking to complete my mongoloids collection. I only need the Frankenstein, Dracula and jersey devil cover of this split. anyone have it?
  10. Dying “Broken” cassette EP, available March 29, 2015. Stream their song "Rites" now here: http://listen.hydrogenmanrecords.com/album/broken Dying formed in Philadelphia in the winter of 2011. Over the course of three years and three releases, a handful of short tours and canceled shows, traumatic van repair crises and a few lineup changes, they have slowly transformed into a completely different animal than their early configuration. The band has become rawer and more aggressive over time, pulling more directly from hardcore staples from the early 2000’s like Cursed and Converge. Their newest recordings find them toeing the line between memorable hardcore songwriting and unhinged anxiety wracked noise. This new EP represents another leap forward both in production value, and in depth of songwriting and execution. Four songs showcasing an impatient, anxiety ravaged band with nothing positive to contribute to your life. This is bleak and unwelcoming metallic hardcore. FFO Cursed, Catharsis, Converge. Engineered by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage and mastered by Carl Saff. Track listing: 1. Rites 2. Exchange 3. Police / Work 4. Chewing More info at http://www.hydrogenmanrecords.com
  11. New Noise Magazine is exclusive streaming a song(Kill This Sound) off of the upcoming Spirits 7" coming out Feb 10th. Check out the song here-http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-stream-spirits-kill-sound/. You can pre order the record here-www.cointossrecords.com, Spirits next show is January 23 at Cuisine en Locale.
  12. Speedowax Records from the UK is releasing this fantastic split 7" between Vermont's GET A GRIP ( http://getagripvt.bandcamp.com/) and Boston's SPIRITS ( http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/get-a-grip-split ) and you can pre-order it now: http://constantrotation.bigcartel.com/product/get-a-grip-spirits-split-7-color-vinyl-e-p-preorder Presented in a Laminated thick pocket sleeve with a separate full color lyric insert and on two vinyl color choices of "skittles" and "honey", each limited to 125 records each! This is Speedowax's 100th release so it marks a milestone for Rich and his financially ruining hobby. Check it out, download the tunes for free, and please help spread the word! Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone here at VC! You can now pre-order SPIRITS debut 7" from Coin Toss Records and hear the second track from it over at GlueHC.com! We're really amped on finally having this come out so hopefully if you dig the first song you'll feel so inclined to snag a copy here: http://cointossrecords.storenvy.com/ Much like we did with Test of Time, we strive to have interesting and unique artwork to compliment the music on our releases and this 7" is no different. It comes with a 6 panel layout where each panel is a cool/iconic picture from in and around Boston, including old pictures of some family members and such. The whole thing is grey-scaled but the different record editions will each have their own 7"x7" color transparency that will act as the 'front cover' of the artwork. So essentially, for the pre-order version, you'll receive a black vinyl record and the panel will be folded to have the above image (the old Boston Braves stadium after the team left town!) as the front cover. It will then have a transparency with just color ink printed onto it that will colorize the one image. Pretty neat, right? There are three vinyl colors... Black, Clear, and Clear with smoke and at the above link you'll find a link to pick up all three if you're interested as well as just the single pre-order copy. Thanks for checking out the music and feel free to help spread the word if you're into it. We really appreciate it! XXX FREE FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD: http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t
  14. THE SWARM a/k/a Knee Deep In The Dead "old blue eyes is dead" --7" — 160 made (pink or blue vinyl) www.noidearecords.com
  15. Hello, this is the last record I am missing from a full collection, so if anyone could hook me up I would be grateful! Pretty please, and a big thank you!
  16. A good friday evening to my fellow VC'ers, My band, Test of Time ( https://www.facebook.com/testoftimehc ), have a new 7" called 'A Place Beyond' that comes out officially on Tuesday (5/20). Last Friday night we played Bane's record release show for 'Don't Wait Up' and subsequentially also had a record release version of our 7" with us at the show. We have a small handful of copies left so figured I'd post here to let anyone know who's interested in picking one up. http://www.testoftime.bigcartel.com/ The package contains -A hand stamped and spray painted envelope -Clear Vinyl with no labels or silkscreen out of 50 -Color tour photo (each one is different) -Bridge 9 and Test of Time stickers -Color print of the show flyer We've really been striving to do things a bit different than the average run of the mill packaging for all of our releases so hopefully you dig what we've come up with. As for the regular versions of the 7", you can snag them here: http://www.b9store.com/testoftime Each record has a unique 4x6 picture print attached to it and there are three different silk screen colors to choose from. Here's a snippet of the artwork that comes with the regular version: In addition to all this, you can register your copy by finding and tagging your picture at this site so we can see where across the globe all of the records end up: http://www.aplacebeyond.bridge9.com And last but not least... you can stream the entire ep currently on Scene Point Blank: http://www.scenepointblank.com/news/site-news/2014/05/05/spb-exclusive-stream-test-time/ Thanks for reading and listening. New LP drops in July. European Tour this July/August. Dates to follow. XXX
  17. Hey guys. There was a thread about this already, graciously made by another poster, but I just wanted to throw up a new thread that goes a little deeper into this release, for anyone interested. Let me also say thank you so much to anyone who has picked up a pre-order for this record and has been supporting the band. We really appreciate it. We have a new 7" coming out with Bridge 9 Records called "A Place Beyond". It is a three song 7" that has three exclusive songs that will not be on the LP. One song, "Timeline", is on the LP, but in a different version. This 7" only version includes guest vocalists Pat Flynn (Have Heart), Brian Connors (Caught in a Crowd), and Sweet Pete (In My Eyes). Lyrically, the song deals with the feelings associated with getting into the hardcore scene, how you feel once you've been involved for a while, and finally dealing with how it feels to be in the hardcore scene as an adult. The 7" is limited to only 500 copies with a screen printed logo on one side in three different colors. Each layout includes a hand adhered 4x6 unique b/w photo. I put all of these together myself with photo corners to make it look more like a photo album. It is pictures of our trip to Mexico and Central America at the end of 2013. It is pictures of things we saw, friends we made, bands we played with and just us hanging out. It is not live pictures of our band. Actually, there isn't even one of those. We are really excited about this 7" as a pre-cursor to our first LP with Bridge 9. The 7" is up for pre-order now and officially out on May 20. The LP will be out in July, just before our European tour (July 24 - August 10). We also have a new shirt that you can pick up with the pre-order. Again, we appreciate the support, and we hope you guys dig the new song! Thank you for reading all of this. Please follow our Facebook for updates! www.facebook.com/testoftimehc http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/test-of-time-boston/ http://www.b9store.com/testoftime
  18. Looking to pick up a couple variants of these! PM me if you're willing to sell!
  19. ~Overtime i will be adding more to this~ Obviously i cant buy all these instantly together but i'll be bumping this overtime when i wanna get more. I'm down to buy multiples at once though, PM me a price and lets make something happen! Cruel Hand - Lock And Key - 1st Press - White (/300) Cruel Hand - Lock And Key - 1st Press - Grey (/1000) Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes - 1st Press - Purple (/500) Have Heart - 10.17.09 - 1st Press - Black (/20) (Test Press) Have Heart - 10.17.09 - 1st Press - White (/1000) Have Heart - 10.17.09 - 1st Press - Solid Green (/100) Have Heart - 10.17.09 - 1st Press - Clear (/300) Have Heart - 10.17.09 - 2nd Press - Solid Yellow (/1000) (These have heart demos I'm looking for literally any of that i dont already have but these are the ones i'm willing to pay HUGE amounts for): Have Heart - Demo 2003 - 1st Press - Black (/13) (Test Press) Have Heart - Demo 2003 - 6th Pressing - Orange w/ Streaks (/20) (Halloween Cover Color) Have Heart - Demo 2003 - 6th Pressing - Clear Orange w/ Black Specs (Halloween Cover b/w) Have Heart - Demo 2003 - 6th Pressing - Creamsickle (Halloween Cover Color) Have Heart - Demo 2003 - Black/45 - Summer Tour 2004 GB ripoff cover Have Heart - Demo 2003 - Black/100 - Sink With Cali Mortal Kombat cover Have Heart - Live At Sound & Fury 2007 - 1st Press - Black (/500) Have Heart - Live At Sound & Fury 2007 - 1st Press - Black (/15) (Test Press) Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun - 1st Press - Black (/18) (Test Press) Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun - 1st Press - Clear (/112) Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun - 1st Press - Solid Blue (/1395) Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun - 2nd Press - Green (/1000) Have Heart - 'Straight Edge' 7 Inch RULER - 1st Press - Red (/400) Have Heart - 'Straight Edge' 7 Inch RULER - 1st Press - Blue (/100) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 1st Press - Black (/20) (Test Press) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 1st Press - Blue/Green Swirl (/260) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 1st Press - Blue/Green Swirl (/40) (Record Release) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 1st Press - Brown/Orange Swirl (/640) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 1st Press - Brown/Orange Swirl (/60) (Record Release) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 2nd Press - Yellow w/ Green Splatter (/1000) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 3rd Press - White/Green/Yellow thirds (/1000) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 4th Press - Black (/100) Have Heart - The Things We Carry - 7th Press - Purple (/1000) Have Heart - You Cant Go Home Again - 1st Press - Black (/25) (Test Press) Have Heart - You Cant Go Home Again - 1st Press - Yellow (/1000) Have Heart - You Cant Go Home Again - 1st Press - Black (/500) Have Heart - You Cant Go Home Again - 1st Press - Yellow (/95) (Warehouse Edition) Terror - Keepers of The Faith - 1st Press - Black (/25) (Test Press) Terror - Keepers of The Faith - 1st Press - Black (/200) Terror - Keepers of The Faith - 1st Press - Red (/300) Terror - Keepers of The Faith - 1st Press - Gold (/500) Terror - Keepers of The Faith - 1st Press - Blue (/1000) Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold - Black - 1st Press (/15) (Test Press) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Clear Blue – 4th Press (/50) (This Is Hardcore 2012) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Black – 4th Press (/19) (S&F 2010 Jared Cover) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Black – 4th Press (/19) (S&F 2010 Justice Cover) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Black – 4th press (/19) (S&F 2010 Sam Cover) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Black – 4th Press (/19) (S&F 2010 Brad Cover) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Black – 4th Press (/19) (S&F 2012 Brandon Cover) Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold – Light Blue – 4th press (/20) (United Blood 2011 Stamped Cover)
  20. Looking to snag some of these so if you have any let me know which ones you got and lets make a deal, im looking to pay for them not willing to trade. I'll be willing to pay a good amount if you have an extremely rare copy of this demo! Thanks for your time.
  21. Hey everyone, The new two song cassette from DYING is now available for mail order. Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy from Andreas at one of the Catharsis tour dates this past weekend. All cassettes are numbered out of 100 and come with hand screen printed j-cards and outer sleeves. Split release between HYDROGEN MAN RECORDS and ENDLESS DISASTER. You can listen and download the songs at www.dyingxvx.com. Listen to one of the songs here: https://soundcloud.com/ironxteeth/lonely-parallax For mail order you can grab a copy here: HYDROGEN MAN RECORDS - http://hydrogenman.storenvy.com/products/978027-dying-quitter-lonely-parallax-cs You can also pick up a copy of the tape from the band at one of their shows this upcoming week in the North East. February 6th - New York, NY @ ABC No Rio w/ Geronimo February 7th - Mendon, MA @ Rad Skate Park w/ Gatlin, Pariah, Death Dealer February 8th - Portland, ME @ 188 Dartmouth St w/ Heavy Breathing, Mouth Washington February 9th - TBA (HELP NEEDED) February 10th - New Brunswick, NJ @ Paradise Lost w/ Manalive, Capacities, Insurrection Thanks! _ Website: http://www.hydrogenmanrecords.com Listen: http://listen.hydrogenmanrecords.com Blog: http://www.hydrogenman.tumblr.com
  22. I got two tapes of MA Glory at the record release show back in October and I just need some cash. I really hate to let them go. Both colors are sold out online. Make me offers. Clear w/ Blue Liner out of 30 (Band Exclusive) Solid Green out of 50
  23. top left: regular cover top right: top secret cover (2 left) bottom: losing skin tour covers pre-order here: www.page63.com we have a split 7" that begins shipping this weekend, between two raging metallic hardcore bands hailing from the NW part of the states. Parasitic Skies was a vegan straight-edge band from the Seattle area and play a fast, heavy crust ladden blend of hardcore -its dark gritty and fast with a good bit of crunch. this is their final release as a band and is a nice step up from their past full length. shame these guys are done for now having recently called it quits - I think this serves as a great final marker for their sound and showcases them at the peak of their intensity. glad to have finally got to work with them after all this time. two great tracks. Losing Skin - are from the Spokane area, and I really didn't know a lot about them prior to starting to put this together with Parasitic Skies - I knew they were heavy as fuck and their singer Alex had previously been in the band Behold - from the same area. these guys stick more to the heavier side of things and focus more on the faster aggressive metal - FFO: integrity, slayer, black breath, rot in hell, etc etc I suck at describing music - so apologies if anything is off but you can stream the full release for free here: http://headfirstreco...kin-split-7in-2 we will also have the free downloads posted on our website shortly. you can pick these up at http://www.page63.com
  24. Preorders are up now at ASSAULT RECORDS for the ENOUGH "Common Visions" LP! "Common Visions" holds eleven new tracks of straight edge fury from these Nashville boys. More powerful old school hardcore in the proud tradition of bands like YOT and THE FIRST STEP. You'll be singing along and moshing through your room until your parents/roommates/neighbors freak out! Lyrics deal with the pressures of daily life, empowering yourself and address problems of consumption. This is the complete package, with hearts and minds in the right place. Positive and powerful, ENOUGH are poised to put their mark on the straight edge map. So stoked on this! Listen to two songs from the LP HERE Records will ship in about two weeks and we will be giving away a couple TEST PRESS copies to random orders of the record. Limited BABY BLUE vinyl is available exclusively from ASSAULT RECORDS for now and XsentientX.com later. There are still a few copies left of the ENOUGH "Something We Can Build" EP on red vinyl, make sure to get a copy of that before they're all gone! ENOUGH will be touring europe with EVOLVE this summer, make sure to catch a show near you to see them live and to pick up a tour press of their LP and/or EP: Thanks for reading and your support! Take care, XJanX. COMING SOON: ASR-034: OLD GHOSTS - Drowning 7" ASR-033: ENOUGH - Common Visions LP AVAILABLE FROM ASSAULT RECORDS: ASR-032: OLD GHOSTS - Caskets LP ASR-031: ENOUGH - Something We Can Build 7" ASR-030: ACCEPT THE CHANGE - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP ASR-029: JUST WENT BLACK - Dead Ends 12" ASR-028: MAN THE CHANGE - Forgiver LP ASR-027: PUNCH - Push Pull LP ASR-026: REMISSION - Accept LP ASR-025: PUNCH - s/t LP ASR-024: ANOTHER BREATH - God Complex LP ASR-023: JUST WENT BLACK - Crossroads 7" ASR-022: DAY OF THE DEAD - Perspectives LP ASR-021: AT HALF-MAST - Fathers & Sons LP ASR-020: TALL SHIPS - Voyages LP ASR-019: BROTHERS - Tragedy 7"/MCD ASR-018: BROTHERS – Black Friday LP ASR-017: COUNTING THE DAYS - Finding A Balance LP ASR-016: SHORT FUSE - Blight 7" ASR-015: JUST WENT BLACK - Embracing Emptiness 10" ASR-014: EMPTY VISION - The Rise LP ASR-013: SHORT FUSE - Fruitless Efforts 7" ASR-012: DAY OF THE DEAD - A New Healing Process LP ASR-011: SHORT FUSE - s/t LP/CD ASR-010: THE LEGACY - We Gave It Everything MCD ASR-003: R.A.M.B.O. - Wall Of Death The System CD ASR-002: THE DISASTER - Black And White And Red All Over LP ASR-001: THE SCARLET LETTER- Pure, Unadulterated-Adultery 7" ASSAULT RECORDS XsentientX Mailorder Assault Records Bandcamp Assault on Facebook

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