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  1. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Hey Travis, we'll still be able to use free ship to store for vinyl we buy online even when stores stop selling vinyl, right?
  2. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I'm a little disappointed but I understand why they wouldn't and it's not that big of a deal. My store always took good care of vinyl, but I honestly mostly used the free ship to store for things I really wanted to make sure they didn't sell out, but I would definitely impulse buy things I would see in store and sometimes I would find things in store that were sold out online, so I'll miss that.
  3. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    If Hot Topic really does ever stop selling vinyl I hope this happens. Would totally shop here.
  4. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    There are still Hot Topics with listening stations? The one at mine has been gone for like five years at least, ha.
  5. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Isn't this the 10 year anniversary version? I thought it was, but the website doesn't seem to specify. Also, excuse me if I missed something, but wasn't Death of a Bachelor supposed to be up today as well? Thirdly, I was wondering if there was any news on Box Car Racer.
  6. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I'm also looking for Lowborn if someone finds a second copy
  7. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I would also love to see this. Been jamming NFG a lot lately since they're playing here (Gainesville, FL) next month, and I noticed my collection is lacking.
  8. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    If someone could grab one for me also, I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I would also be interested in a list / copy of this if anyone finds one.
  10. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Random, but is anyone else dying for Anberlin represses? The band said at one point they would release a box set, but it never happened.
  11. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    In that case, I'd love to see a repress of Every Time I Die's "New Junk Aesthetic" and "Gutter Phenomenon".
  12. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    My store (Gainesville, FL) has had the same decent-sized vinyl rack since they started carrying vinyl a few years ago and I've never had a problem with in-store vinyl or ship to store being damaged. I guess it has a lot to do with the employees and management in each store.
  13. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    It is a 2xLP if that makes any difference. Had to bite because it's one of my favorite albums.
  14. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    As Cities Burn is up for sale