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  1. Mine arrived today. The label says hot pink with yellow splatter. It's more like off-red with whitish-yellow splatter.
  2. Amazon is also pink w yellow splatter.
  3. ChasHawk

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I saw NOFX at the rave in Milwaukee last year and Mike was great!
  4. I'll wait till it's $20 like Skacoustic and CCF.
  5. $11.80 for priority mail. $41.80 for a 2LP Complete assholes.
  6. One of my favorite bands of all time, but $30 fucking dollars for a 2LP plus the assinine shipping makes this an easy pass.
  7. This has been available on Amazon for a couple weeks now. Cheaper than bullmoose, and release day prime delivery.
  8. I got one of these inside a bigger prime box last week, and it was just and bent, and the goldfinger record I bought was just as broken. It was as if they bent it before they put it in the damn box.
  9. ChasHawk

    Official LTJ Thread

    I meant $30, sorry. I have every variant of this EP. I'm just not that much of a sucker to pay $30 for a screenprint and slipmat.
  10. ChasHawk

    Official LTJ Thread

    Got the email from purenoise, but I already have the clear variant. I was unwilling to pay $60 for an alternate cover and a slipmat.
  11. This is a 2004 reissue by src vinyl. That said, I still ordered one, since I didn't have it yet.
  12. ChasHawk

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    New Travis sucks out loud. #sorrynotsorry
  13. I thought we all agreed to move this shit to it's own thread?
  14. To quote Eddie Murphy..."what a bargain".