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  1. Anybody know wtf happened to the Power of Love video on YouTube? It is suddenly gone.
  2. Love these guys. Saw them at The Rave when hardly anyone knew who they were. That said, fuck them and fueled by ramen, and the attempted normalization of the $30 2LP. It was bad enough that Blurryface was $24.
  3. I, and most others, don't need a ridiculously overpriced box set.
  4. Exactly. At what point do we acknowledge that the title of this thread is wrong?
  5. Can't imagine how many of these were purchased by flippers thinking they are going to make a profit on it.
  6. Boo-fucking-hoo. I've been at my company (a multi-million dollar intl manufacturer) forever. I get 2 weeks vacation and 4...4 personal/sick days. I hope you have to pay $80 a record at some point.