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  1. Orchid Tapes Club

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  4. Orchid Tapes Club

    where can i listen to this blithe field song?
  5. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    hey i dont really know anything about this subscription or anything but i know my cousins band Mohican was a part of it and im incredibly bummed that i missed owning a physical version of their album "The abuse is character" i was there when they recorded it and did an entire photo series for a year documenting the writing of that album. so if anyone is looking to sell their copy I would love to buy it as i have a deep sentimental attachment to the songs, PM me please!!
  6. PO: Fraternal Twin- Skin Gets Hot

    it is already released digitally, I'm not sure if it's free on bandcamp though. I did not receive a digital download upon purchase but Ghost ramp has great customer service (at least what I've experienced) and I'm sure they could send a download over.
  7. PO: Fraternal Twin- Skin Gets Hot

    you can still order the tape here too: http://asmart.storenvy.com/products/14021298-fraternal-twin-skin-gets-hot-cs its very nice, i have it
  8. previously on tape from apollonian sound Fraternal Twin's Skin Gets Hot white vinyl limited to 100 http://shop.thehyv.net/collections/ghost-ramp/products/fraternal-twin-skin-gets-hot-lp-pre-order https://fraternaltwin.bandcamp.com/album/skin-gets-hot very great album
  9. Orchid Tapes Club

    hey you guys might be into this, fraternal twin's skin gets hot- http://shop.thehyv.net/collections/ghost-ramp/products/fraternal-twin-skin-gets-hot-lp-pre-order
  10. Vinyl Marketwatch

    i still dont understand what this is, its just the scrolling part at the top? is something not loading?
  11. Orchid Tapes Club

    http://www.joyvoid.limitedrun.com/products/561499-joy-void-002-julia-brown-an-abundance-of-strawberries its up!
  12. PO: Porches. Pool

    special edition sold out on bandcamp, domino link still works for now. maybe there will be a tour press or something cool. he's been playing these songs for a while and I think they're his best.
  13. PO: Porches. Pool

    yep, amazing amazing live show if you ever get the chance to see them definitely worth it.
  14. PO: Porches. Pool

    http://porchesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/pool 750 coke bottle limited edition variants February 2016 marks the much-anticipated release of Pool, Porches’ debut full-length for Domino and a major step forward for frontman Aaron Maine—as an evolving singer / songwriter, and as a nascent producer. Written and recorded almost entirely in the Manhattan apartment he shares with his partner and frequent collaborator, Greta Kline a.k.a Frankie Cosmos, Pool is an elegantly drawn set of gorgeous synth-driven pop songs, and an expansive re-articulation of the melancholy we’ve come to expect from him; from the pristine harmonies of “Hour” to the undulating R&B of “Underwater” to the Auto-tuned majesty of the title track. “I feel like I naturally gravitate towards the more melancholic experiences in life,” he says, “but this time around I tried to dissect those moments and somehow extract what was so beautiful about them.” The result—recorded twice, and eventually mixed by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Tobias Jesso Jr.) in his Los Angeles studio—is a sophisticated and fully immersive listening experience, with Maine’s voice at its center. “I want people to feel dark, beautiful and strong when they hear this new record,” he adds, “I want them to fall in love.”