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  1. Got an email for a Mondo exclusive variant for DBZ "Gohan Purple" and it's 68 god damned dollars for a 2xlp. WTF
  2. Another new song on Wednesday. I’m really liking The Flow
  3. Very nice. I’ll hold off to preorder but excited for some new stuff!
  4. Nice! I’ll update the thread Snagged that yellow splatter
  5. She did the unfortunate "bonus track w/digital edition" thing. So people are double buying an album for a bonus track.
  6. New album "Head Void" out May 15th. You can preorder here https://shopjoevann.com/collections/from-indian-lakes Yellow/Orange Splatter - 300 Eco - 300 Ultra Clear - 300 White - 300 Black - 300 New song "The Flow"
  7. $250 is pretty damn pricey. Was bummed I missed it and then saw the price. I'm good lol
  8. I’m feeling the same way. Something feels not right. And some of it is just so cheesy and immature with the lyrical side of things. It doesn’t feel like album has a direction either, like not cohesive at all.
  9. Grabbed a split. Good looking out. I also finally grabbed both of Joes albums. I’ve been listening to them almost everyday for the past month.
  10. Damn that's almost 2 months early! Wonder if that was on purpose or someone messed it up.
  11. damnit, I fell behind on Cloudkicker. This album is so good.
  12. This is so strange. Her last album wasn’t my favorite but it did have some good songs on there. Golden Hour is one of my favorites though so I will always support what she’s doing.
  13. Bought a copy yesterday. Can’t be any worse than the No Sleep pressing of the original album. Everyone I’ve had is garbage.

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