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  1. Can confirm this is a good pressing. Sounded full and nice like the first press. Had a few pops but I’m sure those will go away with a good cleaning. I was looking back at the preorder comments in the thread and I got the bundle back then for less than $40. Pretty sure I just spent $45 on just this press alone. Sad.
  2. Listening to this again and I think my opinion has changed on it. It’s a pretty good album! Guitar work is spot on.
  3. Got my green with splatter in today. I’ll have to play it tomorrow and get back with how it sounds
  4. I probably won’t pick this up since I don’t even spin my op copy but I’m really keen to hear that Sweet Pill cover!
  5. Sorry to bump an older thread like this. I just got into Gleemer this year and I’m trying to decide which variants I like the most for each release. Does anyone have an actual pic of the green/grey swirl of Anymore? I can’t find anything
  6. I second the normal pressings. The recent ones are great too and the variation of the variants is really great. They all look nice.
  7. Haven’t liked any TBS since Louder Now, I’ll check it out but def ain’t spending money on it yet
  8. I cancelled my order yesterday with EV. I don’t think I’d play this very often, if at all. They charged me a $3 cancellation fee 🤣
  9. damn I miss TwT, used to watch that religiously as soon as it came out. Good for Alex. What a band to be touring with right now.
  10. That makes sense. Basement has a massive following. Does Alex from basement still work at RFC? I haven’t followed record labels as closely as I used to.
  11. Just got into the band literally this morning. New album is a banger. Sullenboy is great. Are they a pretty big band? 10k pressing seems huge for an RFC band
  12. Revisiting this album since they just released the Digital Ghost version. Watched some of those vids on YouTube and the visuals are great. I will say again, the heavy parts of this record are so good. The “pop” parts of these newer albums are what people aren’t enjoying I think. I just want another heavy/experimental album from them. Pneumonia is still my favorite track on this album.

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