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  1. Ritual 5 and the last one (6) are out. Haven’t really bothered much with the last one yet. #5 was a moon phase puzzle and it unlocked a new song and video on YT but it was all backwards. Diving into #6 soon. Edit: scratch that. #6 hasn’t been released but the “final test” has been. Not sure why but here it is. https://drawdownthemoon.org/moondrawn/
  2. My first thought was that it had a very Disambiguation sound to it. I loved that album too. Someone on YT said this song sounded like all of their albums combined into one and I would heavily agree with that. I think UO is best at their heaviest. Hoping they lean into that more with this album. Edit: I can’t wait for the “this is a Christian band” crowd to come out and be up in arms about how many times Spencer says fuck. Also, I think Tim is a brilliant guitar player.
  3. Damn the one day I forget to check my email and this goes up for preorder. Snagged a haze off their band camp. Stocked for this! edit: new song is a jam!
  4. MGS2 soundtrack on sale right now. When the heck did they raise their media mail shipping to $9???
  5. Wife and I both thought she was going for a strong Sheryl Crow vibe with the new song. It’s alright.
  6. I almost forgot about this. Snagged a colored deluxe this morning before work. I'm really regretting not gettig the Brother, Sister colored deluxe. Was strapped for funds at the time and didn't go for it. Now i need to track it down to get the whole set.
  7. Jesus, 14 variants?? Wonder what the other two are going to be. Maybe a tour variant? That is if they end up doing a tour anytime soon.
  8. Rough Trade is black/green swirl and Brooklyn Vegan is orange/purple/green swirl. Newbury and Smart Punk aren’t up yet. The new song was very “meh” at first but after a couple of listens it’s kind of grown on me. It’s got a very killers vibe to it.
  9. I guess once they make the link public I’ll update the original post with the preorder and what not. I’m wondering if they are going to have more variants elsewhere.
  10. Yeah you can use the notes to type in your “answers” to progress. everyone on patreon was saying how much easier this one was and it took me a bit last night to finish 😂
  11. Went ahead and just did the $5 a month patreon. Tried to get 3 variants and shipping was $19 with no other options. Guess I’m waiting until that gets sorted out.
  12. Just saw the announcement on FB. I’m a bit behind. LOL at those prices. Wouldn’t expect anything else from this band though. Remember when they were against people buying those MOV pressings a few years back and said they were doing their own thing? They wanted you all to wait and spend $60+ per album. And what’s funny is that silver MOV pressing of Deloused is probably a way better product then what they just put up.
  13. Good lord Jesse’s vocals gives me chills! https://youtu.be/cVlaI1BllpE
  14. I totally forgot about this band. I love this album! Reminds me a lot of As Cities Burn, Brand New, and Dear and the Headlights

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