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  1. Bump for finally receiving this, anyone trying to trade or sell me the blue/white? got rare coma cinema merch or Ricky Eat Acid records or anything else orchid tapes related for trade
  2. Hey I missed the presale for the new Coma Cinema Album "Loss Memory" Im looking for the blue/white variant, willing to buy or trade i have a lot of cool/rare tapes and records of that similar style, check out my collection thanks, https://www.discogs.com/user/claybuysrecords/collection
  3. i have a spare post humous release on vinyl DM me
  4. https://dnj.to/2016/08/19/frank-ocean-endless-album-stream/
  5. https://dnj.to/2016/08/19/frank-ocean-endless-album-stream/
  6. https://dnj.to/2016/08/19/frank-ocean-endless-album-stream/
  7. hey i dont really know anything about this subscription or anything but i know my cousins band Mohican was a part of it and im incredibly bummed that i missed owning a physical version of their album "The abuse is character" i was there when they recorded it and did an entire photo series for a year documenting the writing of that album. so if anyone is looking to sell their copy I would love to buy it as i have a deep sentimental attachment to the songs, PM me please!!
  8. it is already released digitally, I'm not sure if it's free on bandcamp though. I did not receive a digital download upon purchase but Ghost ramp has great customer service (at least what I've experienced) and I'm sure they could send a download over.
  9. you can still order the tape here too: http://asmart.storenvy.com/products/14021298-fraternal-twin-skin-gets-hot-cs its very nice, i have it
  10. previously on tape from apollonian sound Fraternal Twin's Skin Gets Hot white vinyl limited to 100 http://shop.thehyv.net/collections/ghost-ramp/products/fraternal-twin-skin-gets-hot-lp-pre-order https://fraternaltwin.bandcamp.com/album/skin-gets-hot very great album
  11. hey you guys might be into this, fraternal twin's skin gets hot- http://shop.thehyv.net/collections/ghost-ramp/products/fraternal-twin-skin-gets-hot-lp-pre-order
  12. i still dont understand what this is, its just the scrolling part at the top? is something not loading?

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