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    Tricked out* Crosley
    *just a regular Crosley with extra stickers
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    a tricked out guitar amp (aka so many friggin stickers)
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    What's an amplifier?
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    Is that the cable that goes from the Crosley to the amp? I think it's black. I put stickers on it.
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    I once found a milk cartridge and I put all 8 of my records in it.
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    Sometimes I spin my records faster to see how fast I can make them go.
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    Wire is so overrated. I prefer Mission of Burma.

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  1. Sidney Crosley

    PO: Fucked Up - "Dose Your Dreams" 2XLP

    Super easy to do and they have reasonable hours. Well worth saving $12.
  2. Sidney Crosley

    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Amazon Canada actually has some legit good deals - about 2000 records at 50% off, but only if you are a Canadian Prime member (and possibly only until midnight tonight). You can sign up for a free trial of Canadian prime to access the deals if necessary. Vinyl deals here: https://amzn.to/2mliL2r
  3. Sidney Crosley

    What books are you reading?

    I really liked Universal Harvester. I also loved Wolf in White Van. Both books hook you in and then get nice and weird.
  4. Sidney Crosley

    PO: Joe Strummer -001

    Looks really interesting. I love most of Strummer's solo stuff. Not sure how I feel about the pick-and-choose-from-each-album approach, but maybe it actually works better in that some of his 101ers and early solo stuff wasn't all that great (I love the Mescaleros stuff though). 4 LP box not too pricey, which I definitely appreciate.
  5. Sidney Crosley

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    For me: Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (just discovered this - kind of a post-rock/operatic reinterpretation of old cylinders from the 1910s of Wolastoqiyik first nations songs - kind of somewhere between Bon Iver and Sam Amidon) US Girls - In A Poem Unlimited
  6. What are your faves so far?
  7. Sidney Crosley

    NHL Discussion

    Yeah I saw the trade - Galchenyuk is a far superior player, even if he has shortcomings. And now Bergevin will overpay for Domi’s contract. He shouldn’t get more than $10 mil for 3 years but somehow he’ll make $30 for 6. Coyotes are gonna be surprisingly good. If Raanta is healthy, they have more than enough talented guys and with OEL signed, I see them making the playoffs.
  8. Sidney Crosley

    General Headphones Thread

    Definitely helps. I would suggest going with open-back - really opens up the soundstage and in my opinion you get better quality sound for lower costs. The best headphones in this bracket, at least to me: Sennheiser HD 6XX ($200 - may need a dedicated headphone amp on top of your Dragonfly - Schiit Magni 3 for $100 would more than work) Hifiman HE400i ($150 or so used - used to sell for $599 new and price kept dropping. Great deal for planar magnetic headphones and sound nice with no extra amping) AKG K702/K7XX (new around $200, used around $150. Would probably pair okay with the Dragonfly, but would benefit from a powerful amp) Grado SR125/225/325 (amazing and price between $120-200; unique fit and very leaky) if you go closed back, I don’t have as much experience. I have the PSB M4U 2 (same sound but with noise cancelling) and have had the AKG K545 and Shure SRH840, but I haven’t heard too much else. I had a pair of Audeze EL-8 closed back at work for a while, but they’re still in the $350 range used. If you go used, especially on a site like Head-fi.org’s classifieds, there are a ton of good deals to be had. Especially since lots of folks (myself included) tend to work their way up the headphone chain and sell off cans at good prices.
  9. Sidney Crosley

    General Headphones Thread

    I can probably make some recommendations, but we need more details: do you want open back? Closed/portable? Over the ear? On the ear? In ear? Wired? Wireless? If you can think about where you are going to be doing most listening, and from what source, that would change my recommendations. Lots of amazing options under $300, but in so many different categories.
  10. Love me some Isbell, and a fantastic live performer to boot, but not sure how totally essential this will be. I loved Live from Alabama in part because it merged some of his best Drive By Truckers songs with some old album classics and covers. It's kind of nice that there won't be any repeated songs, but also I would have loved a couple of different tracks (though I have to say, when he plays Cover Me Up live, it is one of the most powerful songs I've ever seen performed). Wonder how limited Gold will be?
  11. Amazon.ca listing - $33.71 CDN
  12. Sidney Crosley

    various download codes

    Sam Amidon - Bright Sunny South warnermusic.com/samamidon SAAR7Q9OQY Andy Shauf - The Bearer of Bad News arts-crafts.ca/digitalvinyl SHCE4627617957205279 Nicolas Jaar - Sirens www.sirensss.com SND102624295 If anyone happens to have a code for the new Father John Misty album, I would greatly appreciate it!
  13. Try this: https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/*/The-Public-Image-Is-Rotten-Songs-From-The-Heart-6LP/5VJH0000000 may be free shipping to US - from Canada. Try code WELCOME for 10 or 15% off. Doesn't always work though.
  14. Sidney Crosley


    So I 'disbaled' adblock (which was your request) and now 1 in 3 pages get blocked by my work's firewall - not even sure what kind of ads are showing up that would be flagged, but the site is basically unusable at work, which is mostly where I use the site. @dannyLike others said, you could offer folks to whitelist, or honestly even request small donations in lieu of looking at ads. There are enough regular users here that would pay a small amount per month in order to optimize a smooth ad-free existence rather than suffer through obnoxious ad-filled pages.
  15. Considering selling my recent Dine Alone reissues of Wintersleep's S/T, Untitled, and Welcome to the Night Sky, all coloured vinyl /150 with corresponding coloured 7 inch. Still sealed. Preordered months ago and haven't had any time to listen to any records, so might consider letting these go. Message with reasonable offers. Shipping from Canada.