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  1. Selling a bunch of stuff on Discogs. Shipped from Canada, but using a freight forwarder so no striking Canada Post. Prices here are lower than my Discogs prices, and include PP fees, but not shipping. Shipping is around $6-7USD to US, $9USD or so to Canada, rest of world starting around $9-10 for first record (talk to me about prices). All prices in USD. Afghan Whigs - Gentleman at 21 (3LP) 20 Baroness - Blue Record (2LP 180 gm) 25 Baroness - Yellow and Green (2LP deluxe with book) 50 Cursed - One (Grey) 25 Hella - Devil Isn't Red (Ltd grey swirl) 30 Jesu -Heart Ache and Dethroned (2LP White) 15 Jesu - Lifeline EP - 2 copies, Black, Black&Gold - 10 each Jesu/Eluvium - Jesu/Eluvium (red) 8 Mogwai - Hawk Is Howling 20 Mono - Memorio Dal Futuro (promo grey 10 inch) 6 Mono - One Step More and You Die 15 Mono - You Are There (2LP ltd green) 25 North of America - Brothers, Sisters (pink) 16 Ocean - Here Where Nothing Grows (2LP) 16 Ocean - Pantheon of the Lesser (orange 2LP) 16 Sex Positions - S/T (tour edition) 25 Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes 30 Lots more on Discogs here - happy to make deals on anything I'm selling there: https://www.discogs.com/seller/raindogtrombone/profile
  2. Semi-related. This album is so fucking good.
  3. Sidney Crosley

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog Jeremy Dutcher -Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa Pinegrove - Skylight Dirty Nil - Master Volume US Girls - In A Poem Unlimited Robyn - Honey
  4. Sidney Crosley

    various download codes

    Thanks. Claimed.
  5. Irwin Chusid, who compiled the Songs in the Key of Z compilations also wrote a book about outsider music. Might be worth seeking out the book for more information about her.
  6. Probably some value there - her LP on Discogs is going for a pretty penny. There's definitely an interest in outsider music and private press. Where did they come from? Might be worth recording some samples and checking in with some blogs focusing on weird/outsider music like Weirdest Band in the World, Weird Canada, etc.
  7. The HD6XX also have a relatively high impedance - I think around 250-300 ohm, so they'd likely need/benefit from a headphone amp. That being said, you can run a 1/8 inch to RCA cable to the Magni if you want to listen to digital, or even a Chromecast Audio out to RCA for digital listening. Also, semi-related to all of this, with high impedance headphones you'll hear a lot of details, but also a lot more of the surface noise, crackles, etc. You need to make sure more than usual that your records are clean. As you mention, you want to listen to headphones so that it doesn't bother your girlfriend. The Beyers you listed, as well as the HD6XX leak a lot of sound (the 880s far less so as they are only semi-open). So if you have a relatively small place, she'll hear everything if, for example, you're both sitting on the couch. My main rig headphones are Audeze LCD 3 and they are completely open and leak a lot of sound, so if my wife is across the table from me it's like she's listening to a tinny version of whatever I'm listening to. If she's more than 10-15 feet away, she doesn't hear anything. Just something to think about as you look for headphones. Some quality open backed headphones in the 100-200 used range: Beyerdynamic 770, 880 or 990 Sennheiser HD 6XX (or HD 600) Hifiman HE400i (these are very decent planar magnetic headphones that originally listed for $599, then dropped to around $250 or so, used around 125-150) AKG K702 Grado SR125/225/325 Closed back in the same range: Audio Technica ATH-M50X PSB M4U 1/ NAD Viso HP50 (I think they're basically the same) AKG K551, K550, or K545 Audeze Sine (on-ear) There are lots of options, and it's actually a great pricepoint to buy used if you're willing, as the prices are beyond Best Buy-styled consumer headphones, but cheaper than the really serious audiophile stuff, and what happens (which absolutely happened to me) is that this is where most people get their start with headphones, and then work their way up to more expensive pairs.
  8. Beyerdynamic makes very good headphones. Keep in mind though that there are 3 models, 600 ohm, 250 ohm, and 32 ohm. The 600 ohm will need a headphone amplifier (the Magni would be sufficient, but you’d be cranking it a bit high). They would be barely audible direct from a phone. However, they have the potential to have the clearest detail. 32 ohm are designed for mobile phones - the headphone amp wouldn’t be as important to make them loud enough. The 250 ohm would be somewhere in the middle. Keep in mind too the 880s are semi open so you wouldn’t really be able to wear them in public. The 770 series are closed back. If you are looking in the $150-200 range, see if you can get the Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX on the used market. They go new for $200 but easy enough to find used for less. They are basically a new colour version of the HD650 headphones which used to sell for about $400 and still are the top in that price range. There are lots of other great headphones in the 100-200 range, especially if you’re willing to buy used.
  9. Sidney Crosley

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Make a new account and send it to your neighbour’s house.
  10. Sidney Crosley

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    So what also had happened was I had checked the website and saw that some of the stuff was on sale so I bought the two AiB exclusives plus Dirty Nil exclusive. On RSD this spring I did the same and they had to cancel my order. When I got to the store they had the AiB exclusives but not the Dirty Nil. I perused and got a couple of other things, including a signed Wintersleep (2nd album) that I would have picked up unsigned, and Pkew x3’s album. I went to the cash and said I had made an order in the morning and they got me the Nil exclusive from my order, which was rad. The store was also completely empty at 3:00. They mentioned they were saving some exclusives for today, so if anyone is looking for any of the Dine Alone exclusives, seems like there will be some in store today.
  11. Sidney Crosley

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    You got good taste my man. I’m likely heading to the Dine Alone Store later today to get more or less all of those records. I don’t really care about which version so hopefully that will mean there will be some copies left.
  12. Congrats on the Magni purchase. Quick question for you: do you have powered speakers or ones that require an amp. Which Magni did you get? If you got a Magni 2 Uber (old model) or the most recent Magni 3, you should be able to plug in powered speakers through the Magni's preamp out. When you plug in headphones, you'll hear your headphones. When you unplug headphones, music will go to powered speakers, therefore you wouldn't need any kind of switch.
  13. Sidney Crosley

    What books are you reading?

    Let me know if it's any good. I generally enjoy Murakami but didn't love Colorless Tsuzuru that much...
  14. Bump - some sold, lots for sale. Happy to make some dealzz.
  15. Isbell has a phenomenal back catalogue. His songs during his time in DBT were among the best DBT songs there are (I used to think I loved DBT but really only ever listened to the Isbell songs without realizing it). Southeastern is one of his biggest, but I really believe he still has his 'best' album yet to come. He's becoming a more impressive songwriter and bandleader, and each of his albums is filled with some great tracks. The Live at the Ryman is great because it compliments his previous live Album Live From Alabama, with zero overlap. Also fun: following Isbell on FB or Twitter, where he writes socially progressive things that upset his more conservative fans who never really listened to his lyrics...