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    Tricked out* Crosley
    *just a regular Crosley with extra stickers
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    a tricked out guitar amp (aka so many friggin stickers)
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    What's an amplifier?
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    Is that the cable that goes from the Crosley to the amp? I think it's black. I put stickers on it.
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    I once found a milk cartridge and I put all 8 of my records in it.
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    Sometimes I spin my records faster to see how fast I can make them go.
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    Wire is so overrated. I prefer Mission of Burma.

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  1. Damn I entered that too...congrats on winning! That’s a super cool haul!
  2. I've found Paypal to be a bit of a pain in the ass even if you have to use their resolution centre - had to do this earlier in the year when I bought something not from a proper vendor, as it was a well disguised scam. In case you ever buy something properly, I learned the hard way that when you get sent the wrong product, let's say from China, Paypal wants you to pay to send it back to China with tracking, which is obviously ridiculous because the cost of tracked shipping is usually 10X the cost of the product - the sellers are banking on you not bothering to ship it back. Paypal will pay up to $30USD toward the cost of return shipping, but it's usually much more. Still, Paypal will want you to send it. The way around this is to let Paypal know that you were delivered an empty envelope/package. They won't force you to return nothing, and likely will be faster in resolving the case without you paying out of pocket.
  3. Fair warning to those who are parents, especially of daughters, prepare the tissues for that last song...
  4. Please keep that poor resolution. It will look so....resolute at 12x12. Mostly I'm thinking this is a mediocre-at-best long-term troll job, kind of like our forum friends like @tug. I think I'll be kind of disappointed if this ends up existing in reality.
  5. Amazon UK shipped all three. PAL and Walk came together in great condition. Hats came separate, arrived the day before Christmas in the world's softest box and the jacket was completely bent and misshapen. So disappointing considering there's definitely a scarcity of these out there. I know folks who ordered from Amazon Canada never had them fulfilled. The only thing I wonder is that originally these were supposed to be limited /1000, and then on facebook they announced they were no longer limited. I wonder if another batch is being pressed?
  6. Go buy $1 records in rough shape. That way you won't have to feel bad about destroying them further. You'll soon be a huge James Last and Lawrence Welk fan!
  7. I know people seem to love or hate this album, and I unusually find myself in the middle. I love their sound - it's equal parts obnoxious and addictive, and they are halfway between parody and tribute to the sounds they reference. Any time I listen I really can't tell if I'm enjoying or loathing it, as I'm likely doing both, which I think is entirely to the point. I think I mostly love that about them - this is likely going to be everyone's favourite album of the year, or the worst thing they heard this year.
  8. If anyone is in the Toronto area, they still had at least a dozen copies of the gold in stock as of about 3pm. Speaking of which, I picked up a gold copy in case someone on the board really wanted it. First person to message me gets dibs, and I’ll update this post once I’ve received payment. edit: claimed.
  9. Albums: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen Fontaines DC - Dogrel Joan Shelley - Like The River Loves The Sea The Highwomen - The Highwomen Red River Dialect - Abundance Welcoming Ghosts
  10. I think there are many of us who are or who have been big fans of him for a very long time. I believe everything from the article, and was disappointed to hear about all of the allegations against him. I haven't listened to his music since. But that doesn't mean he is absolutely beyond redemption. I don't think I will be able to consider him in the same way again, but my hope is he can start an actual journey of self-discovery and understand that he hurt these women, and why that is a problem. I think about the singer of Pinegrove - he admitted and acknowledged everything he was accused of without laying any guilt or blame on the person accusing, and through a mediator, developed a way in which they could move forward. Was it perfect? No, but it is still far more than DRA has done, which is nothing. I am still a big fan of his music, but I don't know that I will be listening to it until he at least owns up to his actions, and has honest discussions about them. Because otherwise this cycle is just going to repeat itself.
  11. Streaming is just as easy from physical audio files as it is from services like Apple music or Spotify. In fact, if you're ready to get more ambitious, you can start to turn your external hard drive into a server, and have access to all files on it without them physically being on any phones or laptops. I'm not great at that kind of thing but take a look online for things around making your own NAS storage for streaming. Even if iTunes died, you could still Airplay music to anything that receives it (including Airport Express). There are also a lot of other devices that will receive Airplay as well. I use an integrated amplifier from NAD that I have a BluOS module - this is the same more or less as the Bluesound Node 2i, which allows for streaming services to be connected, but also receives Airplay 2 and bluetooth. So let's say iTunes stops existing, and you purchase a third party music management tool (Foobar2000, Vox, JRiver, etc.), you could still stream to Airplay 2 directly via the laptop or phone. The good news is you actually have a ton of options regardless of whether Apple shutters iTunes, you can still send your music to any device that accepts Airplay 2.
  12. If you're playing from iTunes (are you playing from a Mac or PC?) you can do your streaming to an Airport Express, which costs under $100, and will basically allow you to use Airplay from your phone. It will be by far the easiest thing you can use (Google Chromecast Audio is even cheaper, but now no longer for sale, but you may be able to find one for cheap - will be ideal if you run a PC). The Airport Express can go direct into an amplifier, or even direct into a DAC. There are also tons of great streamers out there, but seems like you have a lot of files on your computer. Focus on sweet speakers and a turntable, and you can always upgrade the streaming device in time.
  13. New level of fuckery? http://5gishere.co All 200 of Discogs' most wanted of the 2010s on vinyl for $5000. $25/record at that price. Except that among the 200 records are some that have never been pressed like Channel Orange and Yeezus, and others like Blond which go for $500+. So curious to see how this goes down in flames.... https://blog.discogs.com/en/the-200-best-albums-of-the-2010s/?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=discogs&utm_campaign=Best_200_Decade_2019_10_25

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