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  1. Hey there, I am looking for a few odds and ends. Any help would be wonderful. Please, have prices in mind. Anti-Flag - The Terror State (Grey) Los Campesinos! - Hold On Now, Youngster... (Orange) Los Campesinos! - A Los Campesinos! Christmas (White) Remembering Never - God Save Us (Any Press) Rozwell Kid - Unmacho (Any press) Strike Anywhere - Exist English (Orange) Strike Anywhere - Dead FM (Yellow) Strike Anywhere - Iron Front (Clear) Strike Anywhere - In Defiance of Empty Times (Orange) Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield (Clear) Tokyo Police Club - Champ (White) Trust - TRST (2XLP) Xiu Xiu - Always (Translucent Pink)
  2. Limited to 100 copies. https://likeyoungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/broken-spectre 50 Light Pink 50 Green
  3. Shipping included in price for U.S! Will make deals on multiples! Starfucker - Vault Vol. 1 (Red) $14 Rozwell Kid - Precious Art (Blue w/ Pink Haze) SOLD Roladex ‎– Anthems For The Micro-Age (Translucent Blue) $11 Cold Cave - Full Cold Moon (Grey) $11 Antioch Arrow ‎– Gems Of Masochism (Black) $8 Bob's Burgers - Deluxe Boxset $50
  4. Hey there! Anyone have this record and looking to get rid of it?! If so, let me know what you're looking to get for it! Thanks!
  5. Hey there! Figured someone would enjoy this record more than myself! Maybe someone wants it? Thanks!
  6. 50 Clear w/ Gold Liner 50 Translucent Blue/Grey on CHROME PLUS tape Only $5.00 https://likeyoungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/personal-record
  7. A Static Lullaby - ...And Don't Forget to Breathe It will never happen. But I'd enjoy it.
  8. Hey there! Looking to make some room. Help me, help you. Prices include shipping. 12" ----------- The Garden - U Want The Scoop? (Black) $8 Hey Mother Death - Highway (Black) $8 Touche Amore - Is Survived By... (Deluxe Book Version) $20 Bobs Burgers Deluxe Box Set $55 Perfume Genius - No Shape (2XLP Clear) $18 My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (Black) $11 Pet Symmetry - Visions (Clear w/ Oxblood) $18 Tapes --------- Kite Party - Baseball Season (Black) $3 Razorxfade - S/T (Red) $3 Meanest Man Contest - Everything Worth Mentioning (Yellow) $3 So Stressed - Attracted to Open Mouths (Light Blue) $3 Deer Leap - Wind & Words (TEST CASSETTE /1) $10 Ghost Animal - Summertime in Heaven (Clear w/ Black Liner) $3 Harsh Vibes - Dead Collective Soul (White) $3 Seizures - The Sanity Universal (Green w/ Black) $3 Ivadell - The Young Design (White) $3
  9. Limited to 50 copies on silver tape. Chrome quality. $6.00 Intense and atmospheric black metal from Louisville, KY. http://store.likeyoungrecords.com/product/anagnorisis-peripeteia-cs
  10. This release has all of this + black metal. Don't know if your thing, but it's incredible. http://store.likeyoungrecords.com/product/anagnorisis-peripeteia-cs
  11. Up! Lets make some deals!
  12. Like Young Records is doing a $3 Mystery Tape sale right now. Order as many as you'd like and there will not be duplicates. Sale is for the next 3 days. If you order 10, you will get all 10 tapes in stock! http://store.likeyoungrecords.com/product/mystery-tape
  13. $3 Mystery Tape!

    One just sold out! But there are nine now! I assure you...9!
  14. $3 Mystery Tape!

    There's 10! 1. Deer Leap 2. Sad Jock 3. Via Luna 4. Typhoid Beach 5. Elna Rae 6. Trying Science 7. Mannequin 8. Last Letters / Hakanai 9. Green Gerry 10. Yowzah Either way. If you order 11, I'll send ya some random tapes from my collection or something.
  15. $3 Mystery Tape!

    You'd get all 10 tapes.
  16. https://likeyoungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wind-words
  17. All prices include shipping (duh)! Happy to work out bundle deals! Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Half Yellow / Half Blue) SOLD Adult Mom - Soft Spots (Half Clear / Half Pink) $15 Antioch Arrow ‎– Gems Of Masochism (Black) $10 Erik Blood - Lost In Slow Motion (Translucent Red) $15 The Garden - U Want the Scoop? (Black) $10 Wojciech Golczewski - The Signal (Purple w/ Red & Black Mix) $25