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  1. Interesting they didn't put it in a bundle with DUTD. Also had to refresh a million time to because it said splatter was out of stock. One of you weirdos trying to check the stock lol?
  2. That's really funny. I'd have to look at the pressing number but did they just sell more of a rarities compilation than past albums?
  3. Dude.... that Indie looks way better than 4xLP with instrumentals. Then again, different audience I guess. The instrumentals are probably going to all be used by DJs and need to sound fine.
  4. Yeah I thought the variant actually looked really nice so I decided to give this a try and did not like it.... might listen one more time but I need to ensure my mental health is ok or I might kill myself.
  5. This is very very true. Looks like it's the Demo Cass/7", some from the S/T, and a CD-r. I'll keep this for now but I might still chase down some of the originals.
  6. Interesting. Album is out digitally this Friday. First single is much like their older stuff. Saw the free shipping, but didn't want to risk it. Still need a copy of Cody.
  7. Same. I'll have to listen to it on vinyl, but listened on Bandcamp and wasn't impressed. I'll pay more attention next time.
  8. Lol I love a good math check. Let's be generous with all our numbers here. Say the youngest person chatting here is 20 years old and they'll live to be 100. Suppose they listed to this ~21 minute EP 100 times on vinyl. That indeed means that it sat unlistened to for 99.6% of their life.
  9. Going to say no. All the individual LPs that were on sale are still $12. It looks like they just increased the prices on the more elaborate stuff like Mayday Parade an the ABR 6x7" release.
  10. I need to grab that Tie-Die shirt. It's going to be summer here soon but that just looks too cool.
  11. Because they're stable. I laugh at every time when flippers try to get something and mark it up immediately. Example: Stick to Your Guns Diamond repress. Still available to purchase a few months later at the same price ($25). 7 people are trying to sell on Discogs ranging from $40 to $75. Good luck to them, it'll take a few years to be an "investment", assuming people care about the band a few years from now. Same goes for Bitcoin. It can double one night, and drop back in two days.
  12. This. Especially for records that are $60+ on the aftermarket now, it's only driven by scarcity. Eventually, there will be another vinyl crash where people want the space in their homes back and those values will not hold. Not everyone wants to be 60s and have their 2000's pop-punk and metalcore collection in their living room. If you were ever here for the investment, then it's your responsibility to watch for when that crash comes and get out before it's reduced back down to the price of plastic and paper.
  13. Well the numbers have changed now, but it's the two color in color variants.
  14. I'm fine with them increasing it. I hate it when flippers see something and are able to take it away from fans. I realize I got the perfect job where I sit in front of a computer so I can grab these but not everyone can. It'll be the same ratio/rarity so nothing missing there. Not a fan of doing a 2nd press either since that just means variant collectors have to grab more copies and gives double opportunity for flippers.
  15. I did end up grabbing a /200 pinwheel. Different artwork, cool variant, hopefully different plates than the A389 ones.