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  1. Damn. That’s what I get for being cheap I guess. Official store and Banquet sold out. It didn’t have Media Mail and I was like “$5.50 Shipping! Pfft”. Anyone a hero and got 2 or something?
  2. From promo email "We're putting it out on our own brand new label, Little Dipper, with help from our friends at Rise, BMG, Universal, and Cooking Vinyl." Interesting.
  3. Just ordered the regular Pink w/Splatter. The color book one would have been cool but let’s be honest, no one is going to draw that in. was hoping for my Flexi to arrive yesterday since I thought it’d be a new track but was raining pretty hard so I think the delivery person just said “yeah no…” also: It is so nice to have ApplePay on their site. Wish Merchnow/others would do that. It’s so stinking fast. Just add to cart->scan thumb. Apple already knows where I live and where I keep the toilet paper.

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    … I don’t get everyone’s 100% non acceptance of Yip. He did get Code Orange nominated for a Grammy in a genre that doesn’t normally accept new comers… As for this song, not amazed (7.5/10) but not going to let that stop me. I really didn’t like the last album till I listened to it a few times front to back and grasped all the themes, the connections. I imagine it will be te same here.
  5. LP4 from La Dispute is up for preorder. New Songs: Amethyst Vinyl Bundle - LP, Shirt, Hardcover Book, Pin - $65 - https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute/products/panorama-vinyl-bundle Pink Tourmaline - $20 - https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute/products/panorama-12-pink-tourmaline-splatter-vinyl Black 180g LP - $20 - https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute/products/panorama-12-180-gram-black-vinyl
  6. Imgur album of all the pages. I still don't know how to deal with stuff like this in the age of the internet so.... https://imgur.com/a/GQ3iQsB
  7. I'd say just wait? I'm guessing it was from that, because it came from Hello Merch and I tend to get them earlier than everyone because they are in AZ and I'm in Los Angeles area. I might just post better photos on imgur and post the album here.
  8. Yooo. So I was in their merch subscription thing and I just got something super cool in the mail. It's a free black and white zine teasing what I'm guessing is the new album. I posted some videos on my story on IG @a_a_ronchamberlain. I'm gonna guess the album title is "Alone There Like All of Us" because it's in huge text in the center of the zine. Other pages have lyrics and album art in greyscale. Also has what looks a bad screenshot of an iPod for the tracklist. Here's what I make out: 2. Fulton Street 3. Rhodoniteando 4. Anxiety Panorama 5. In North...N Michigan 6. View From ... M Window 7. Footstep TTher 8. There You Are I just noticed that the same page has what looks like a Todo List App Screenshot that has things like Spread, RICS2 (this is hightlighted), (2 Tasks not in view), Vid1, ...Stuff So first track pretty soon? I'm excited. Still selling all my vinyl (see other thread) but will probably get this, cause their albums always hit so hard.
  9. Bumpity bump bump, like ya was in the club.
  10. Split color for the comp was already sold out at Lauren Records so grabbed it from Asian Man. I’ll have to see about grabbing the other two split colors next paycheck (hopefully).

    PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    New Christmas EP “Winter Wilderness” from the boys. Only variant I found this far. https://augustburnsred.merchnow.com/products/v2/279759/winter-wilderness-vinyl
  12. I didn’t even look to see if there was cheaper shipping. Was $13 in the end.
  13. Only Sufjan can sell out a 7” in a matter of <45 minutes. Grabbed one.
  14. That DGD track is fire as always btw
  15. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Both of those variants look better. I just got shipping on the black. Might just sell that and grab a different variant.