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  1. Gosh dang it. I grabbed a red but would have loved the bundle. I was literally watching the video at like 6:50 AM and spent 15 minutes searching for a vinyl link before I got busy with work. O well Rise is being super cool and said that it qualified for a “free vinyl mystery pack.” So I’m good. EDIT: Everything sold out but Red, 480 when I was buying it.
  2. Still haven't gotten a shipping label. Listened to it even more times, I'm split on it. If you haven't, check out the "video game" panorama that they put out. It actually helped me understand a lot where they were going with all the lyrics. That we think we're alone on some journey of sorrow, and then we run into hundreds of other people taking the same march. Also "Anxiety Panorama" straight up gave me anxiety when you load into just a giant blob of pointy things. It's donation only, so you could technically check it out for free.
  3. Hero for today. I've been wanting a repress of this for a while and figured S1D would do it some point since they are 100% anthology label now.
  4. Dude.. /100 /200 were sold out. I grabbed the /750 at least. I could realllly see this selling out before 11AM lol.
  5. I'm looking here: almost all issues are still up for sale and claim to include the flexi. So I'm assuming they go up for sale at some point. https://www.decibelmagazine.com/flexi-series/
  6. Also of interest is that FOH has a flexi with Decibel magazine in the May issue. It appears almost all of them are still on sale, so odds might be good of getting one?
  7. Cool. Cool cool cool. What country was that spotify single available in? Was just thinking I kinda wanted more FOH.
  8. Ok I’ve always been leaning more on the side of defending Yip and his tendency to mix vocals really low but this is the place where it makes the least sense. Did a listen to this song a few times and the last few albums. It definitely hurts the story/listenability.
  9. We'll see. It's really hard for me to judge their albums at face value any more since ROTH took a long time to grow on me. I've listened to the leak a few times now and enjoy it like a 7/10. But I'm waiting for the physical vinyl so I can sit down, read along, etc and wager that will increase. It was the same for The Hotelier "Goodness". That album was good, but the first time I sat down, read the lyrics, completely different.
  10. Lol surprised no one mentioned this. https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/10905 4 3” Records from Epitaph bundled with a tiny 3” turntable. You get 1/4 at random. I really wan one but that’ll depend on price. List has some decent stuff. deathfrips IDLES
  11. Damn. That’s what I get for being cheap I guess. Official store and Banquet sold out. It didn’t have Media Mail and I was like “$5.50 Shipping! Pfft”. Anyone a hero and got 2 or something?
  12. From promo email "We're putting it out on our own brand new label, Little Dipper, with help from our friends at Rise, BMG, Universal, and Cooking Vinyl." Interesting.
  13. Just ordered the regular Pink w/Splatter. The color book one would have been cool but let’s be honest, no one is going to draw that in. was hoping for my Flexi to arrive yesterday since I thought it’d be a new track but was raining pretty hard so I think the delivery person just said “yeah no…” also: It is so nice to have ApplePay on their site. Wish Merchnow/others would do that. It’s so stinking fast. Just add to cart->scan thumb. Apple already knows where I live and where I keep the toilet paper.
  14. … I don’t get everyone’s 100% non acceptance of Yip. He did get Code Orange nominated for a Grammy in a genre that doesn’t normally accept new comers… As for this song, not amazed (7.5/10) but not going to let that stop me. I really didn’t like the last album till I listened to it a few times front to back and grasped all the themes, the connections. I imagine it will be te same here.
  15. LP4 from La Dispute is up for preorder. New Songs: Amethyst Vinyl Bundle - LP, Shirt, Hardcover Book, Pin - $65 - https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute/products/panorama-vinyl-bundle Pink Tourmaline - $20 - https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute/products/panorama-12-pink-tourmaline-splatter-vinyl Black 180g LP - $20 - https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/la-dispute/products/panorama-12-180-gram-black-vinyl