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  1. ... totally would have preffered this bundle more. More limited, could have used the pins instead of a random candle. And this coming from a candle guy... like I burn candles every day to have my room smell good.
  2. Since I know a few people said they missed it here: just realized there are a few more of the "For the Sake of Brevity 7"" on sale http://www.tinymovingparts.com/products/633906-for-the-sake-of-brevity-fish-bowl-7-vinyl (bundle not required)
  3. Hmmmmm..... I kinda wish they had made these cheaper since they are just standard black pressings. Not trying to flip, but these will basically be unsellable even for like $15 later since you can't take a cool picture with it or whatever. Kinda want the People You Know 7" though since the Color Pop version is just the Black/White Artwork.
  4. Also didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but since they haven't announced any other variants, say that it was limited to 1,500
  5. Dope. I'll have to wait to see how Amazon JP comes through since I've never done that before.
  6. Ouch. Will get it, but next paycheck probably $75 is kinda high (MWY's book was only $65 and is basically the same).
  7. Now that’s more like it. Ordered the LP off the first track but was kinda meh about it, this one definitely made up for it. We shall see.
  8. If this means that it's a little more rock-based I'm in. I prefer them as a balance of both genre's as opposed to all in electro-pop.
  9. Not a Joe Bro’s fan (my wife is though, made me get tickets to their next tour…) but that looks like a pretty nice set. Expensive though. Despite being bundled that’s like $30 per 12” and $15 per 10”/7”. Kinda funny how pop music works though because 80% of those are ghost written, or live recordings which explains how there’s so much.
  10. I might buy this just for Never Ending Story. Best. Comedic relief ever.
  11. Ha yep. I figured it wouldn’t be immediate given pale horses. Even when that arrived there was the whole double A/B thing, and the missing Dorothy lyrics.
  12. Now that sounds like a good date night. Listen to the bath bomb variant and soak a little, then light the candle, and snuggle up under the blanket. Heavy metal date night/self care.
  13. What the? They sure do like to drop new releases often huh? How fast do you think this sells?
  14. On sale at Merchnow for $15 which should have been the original price only 50-ish left? https://protestthehero.merchnow.com/products/v2/246563/pacific-myth-green Finally grabbed one.