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  1. Yes, thus why I found it so funny as well. I already own ?all? of these tracks on cassette or vinyl and these are all from when they had a bigger lineup so probably not ordering myself.
  2. New compilation of all their splits, cassettes, etc. https://t.co/mcZ250UCEl?amp=1 Also noticed that this is attached to Triple Crown.
  3. Dude just me or did Kerrang start coming out of nowhere with those videos. So many good ones I've been meaning to watch but don't have time.
  4. Meh. I like a mild splatter sometimes. Like when it's a clear w/black splatter and 80% of the record is black, shouldn't you just have gone with black?
  5. Cool need to listen to this. I've been back and forth on the songs and been trying to spend a lot more wisely on vinyl.
  6. I kinda want this but already got a vinyl copy. Should I pay $25 to get Bill on a pillow.
  7. At one point Buddy said he was working on a Bayonet album, so that maybe that'll satisfy our Hardcore needs.
  8. PTTFYH is great along with Renacer, but it was clearly the lowest point for them as a band financially. It didn't sell that well (you can still buy the first press on their merchnow), fans hated him left and right for it (might have just been him talking about being Queer too much just for it years later to become ok to do so). I have a shirt from that era and I can't tell you how many people said to me "I used to listen to that band" as in, they could care less about the hardcore records. Also if you count their Audiotree live sessions as any evidence, it has so few views on that puppy (relatively speaking). I need to get over my parentheses habit.
  9. Yeah this can’t be the only variant? /500 seems small for them.
  10. wtf? so we're gonna see a lot of those get flipped huh? Or a repeat of the "I have 30 internet friends" problem from the Knocked Loose thread
  11. Exactly what I said... but people wanted that 2xLP of random extras. I'm just happy they kept LTJ for a second month of voting. If this is literally the only way for us to get that record, it needs to happen.
  12. Banjo solo? I'm in. This album could have some unique moments on it.
  13. The fact that these aren't sold out yet tells me exactly what fans think of them in 2019. It's /50, so would be the rarest variant for I'll keep you in mind... no?
  14. Yeah I noticed that too and decided not to. I bought the #1 for Knocked Loose and it's arguably the worst one. That candle is weird and it was the least limited version of the screen print.
  15. Dope. Also when did we get new Promise Ring represses on Clear? I was broke when the last ones came out and didn't want to pay the $50 for them, so might grab them now