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  1. As I was moving into my new apartment and setting up my record stand, the cassettes ended up in the last cube next to the power strip. As I was thinking about it, the EMF from the power strip is probably very low, but I was wondering if over time (years), it could theoretically erase a cassette tape. I moved them to a different cube out of not wanting to gamble, but just curious if I'm being paranoid or not. I might end up posting on the EEVBlog as well because I know it's a fairly technical question.
  2. Grabbed a /250 variant. Interest to see how the whole album plays. That single is a little slower and almost reminds me of the 90's emo scene.
  3. Gotta listen to this release again. Only had one chance on a walk the other night. It was good but I was a little confused about how the story fits in with the other record. Like he has the song where's he's yelling "Please sign the papers" which just seems weird since most of the last album was about him feeling sorry and waiting for her to come back. Character evolution orrr?
  4. Probably wasn't meant to go up yet, because they aren't listed anymore.
  5. That splatter looks legit. Wonder if it's worth it to grab it...
  6. Yeah I'm still on the fence about movie scores/soundtracks as well. Like 1) they are generally more expensive than other records because of licensing stuff 2) some just don't make sense without the film. Like I bought a copy of "Arrival" because that stuff is unique, and Jóhann Jóhannsson was amazing, but then I was like oh let me listen to the "Alien Covenant" score and oh dear is that not interesting/good at all. I kinda need to pick up the recent LOTR presses though.
  7. This. I just want to hear like one song with the same recordings but mixed by someone else so I can have resolution and go "yeah Yip needs to stop mixing" or "oh wow this could have been even worse if Yip hadn't mixed it."
  8. Nice nice. Mine "shipped" already.
  9. Will check it out today. I mean I listened to the first 2? singles that came out and went "Hmmm ok".
  10. Grabbed one. I was just thinking about this last week and wanted to have a copy.
  11. Yeah they went on Hiatus in Oct 2017. One singer Jake has another band Slaughter Beach, Dog. The other singer Brandon is still going through a lot of stuff, both mental and physical. On his instagram he's said that he had to have some kind of extensive surgery and not having insurance he had to have lots of help from friends and things like that. I still wouldn't expect anything from them for a while.
  12. Heyyyy. Tiny Engines just announced today that Somos is back on their label and is releasing an album in Fall. Recorded by Jay Mass (Deafeater, Title Fight). I liked their last single from a year ago, so I'm really hoping their last album was just a fluke.
  13. ?? Didn't see this until now, but gotta say how the heck did they not did some STYG represses? Diamond's OOP since 2014, Disobedient since 2015, and the Hope Division since 2010. Those would be like immediately sell out-able.
  14. New remix EP out today on Closed Casket Activites. One time press of 999 https://closedcasketactivities.com/products/harms-way-psthmn?variant=27953049731165 Europe: https://evilgreed.net/products/harms-way-psthmn-12 20 Test Presses 210 Electric Blue Pinwheel 290 Green/Blue/White Merge 299 Electric Blue Splatter You can listen to the whole thing already here:
  15. Grabbed TDWP thanks. Anyone have comment on what the free mystery pack thing is? I ordered something else from them and I think that's still a pending pre-order so kinda curious and also hoping I get some Polar Bear Club.