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  1. Yeah no offense but the LD Set was actually almost better than TA. Jeremy jumped in and did the two songs from the 7” as well so it was gold all around.
  2. Damnnnn. I’ve been wanting to start collecting soundtracks, but you guys are too quick some times. Saw this on Friday with a friend and didn’t warn them how crazy I expected it to be. EDIT: Ordered a red from JPC and it was actually quite affordable to the states. It was $28 shipped. Resident Music was going to be like $42 so ignored that…
  3. Noticed on the TA IG video that there is a 6th Red w/Splatter Blue w/ Splatter variant. Maybe tour only version?
  4. Damn. The EU variant wins best looking yet again. Does KRM cancel international orders?
  5. I find it interesting there hasn’t been a mention of a DVD or video in general. Releasing it free somewhere?
  6. Grabbed a splatter. Both color variants are /500 and black doesn’t say.

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    I had another 30 minutes prepared but decided just to start a podcast. It’ll be called “Vinyl Conspiracies” or VC for short.

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Or this could be an new tactic from Russia to repress American bands and hack their account profiles to promote it. They are using this money to then fund counter intelligence operations. But I don’t know, are you willing to risk your patriotism to purchase your favorite bands record? This makes a lot of sense actually. Who are all these flippers? How do they know about critical items so quickly like the Circa BSN repress? They must be also working with the government to procure copies and increase profits that way as well. So if buy from a flipper you’re an even worse person. You helped hack the elections.

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    It’s a legit pressing. In case you didn’t read the other pages, both Andy and the band have confirmed it’s legit after being asked with the exact link here. My guess is just that it’s getting announced later today and they were keeping hush about it. They did say they have another show to announce after all, so could be a show for this album.

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Probably goes on sale tomorrow or something. i grabbed one from Creep but secretly kinda hoping they cancel I’m case there are other variants or less expensive copies. Getting hit hard this year with represses that are 100% necessary.
  11. Instagram story of Jeremy and Band
  12. Sorry autocorrect has been killing me all day. “Certain”
  13. Holy hell. Yeah that was good. Looking forward to this even more now that’s its slightly certain that the album will be “heavier” than the EP
  14. Nice find. Geez 29 songs. I remembered it being a long set. 3xLP?
  15. Looks like they’re finally posting video from the 10 Year Anniversary show tomorrow. Maybe there will be vinyl, maybe just a DVD, don’t know but it was a sweet show. Also kinda hoping the La Fispute Set makes it way on there as well.