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    PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

    Still confused about how little people like the self-titled. Realized there’s a handful on Discogs right now for like $20. Need to grab one eventually.

    PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

    Yeah really surprised to hear people dishing In Defense. At the very least it has so many "cameos" on it. Gerard, Chris Carraba, Haley, Chris Conley, Matt Skiba, Adam and Fred of TBS.... I find the album worth going back to for that alone because it gives you a weird image of where the SA was at and the Scene at the time. And the album is just good on it's own.
  3. Ya'll are geniuses I didn't realize you could click through to details. I just order the rarest variant and pretend to be better than everyone else because I managed to click fast.
  4. Lol just realized this was an EP and an LP. Makes a lot of sense. So what's on the third 12" of the deluxe edition since these are both single presses? Also that book just looks amazing. If it doesn't take like a year to make, I'll be even happier.
  5. Well I retract my statement, assuming those go up retail later or something. I grabbed a space deluxe and a black with the more complex artwork.
  6. Well damn I grabbed what I think is the most limited: Deluxe Version: Audiophile White (200g) /1175 Split /425 Splatter /425 Space /175 Normal Single LP: Purple /200 Orange 150 Green /200 Black /50 Red /? Blue /? Yellow /? Black /30?
  7. So I'd watch their twitter. Looking at the HTML source there's a hidden input field for a 'password'. I might just be crazy but they might give out a password to access it. I guess we'll find out in 10.
  8. Thought I was gonna play some video games but now I'm going to watch old TV shows and watch a clock count down.

    PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

    Yusss. Actually been waiting for this since Will Yip teased it on New Years. That song is actually pretty dang good. Definitely going to preorder.
  10. I thought they were going to do it when they did the Zombie 5 year tour, but apparently not. That EP has some of their best songs on it IMO.
  11. Ordered. Somewhat on the cringey side but whatever. I need to listen to non-depressing music sometimes lol Still better than two tongues. I didn’t even listen to the full album since r was hurting my soul.
  12. It is. He posted on his IG towards December last year a list of records he got work on in 2017. There’s a bunch that still haven’t popped up like this and a Say Anything Record. Oh and of course the La Dispute record that I neeeeeddd. and of