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  1. Recently listened to this and wasn't impressed in hind sight. I would say Glass Cloud was Jerry's better band. Sounds like you still have the files but if anyone is looking for older stuff, I've been doing a pretty good archive job on my Plex server and can always share if there's something you're looking for.
  2. Lol. Now that's how you get fans to feel the FOMO. Make 1,000, sells out super quick, make another 1,000. Hope they start getting on some of the other classics from that era. Could use some Fall of Troy, early Coheed, Armor for Sleep DTMB. and of course one of my forever wants. Fear Before Self Titled.
  3. Disagree. My Blue/White looks exactly like the mockup. The Black/White copies I've seen on IG also look a million times better than say the Blink-182 DED that just came out. Art is pretty basic, true. The fuzziness was expected on my end as well. It was part of the og CD/LP Design, so I figured it would remain fuzzy. Wouldn't call it a cash grab either since they likely won't repress this for a long time/ever, they have 5+ people to support, and it may need to support them for a year+. Was going to do the math here, but suffice to say, they aren't going to be getting Gold Jacuzzi's based off this.
  4. Also does anyone have the "The Zine is Over Vol 3" that they want to sell? I didn't even know it happened. I saw and bought the Vol 4 today and already have 1&2.
  5. Confirmed that this is made to order. Got an email saying that they are taking down all merch and vinyl down at 11:59PM EST on Wednesday. Wonder if they'll inflate the order a bit to get a whole number. Either way hopefully this will stave flipping on this one. Course nothing stopped that from destroying the Last of Us boxset that was also made to order.
  6. You're a hero. I didn't know they had a U.S. store. Do they just save up and then mass ship to the U.S and redistribute? There's a ton of Dog Nights releases I've been wanting to pick up like that Infant Island.
  7. Honestly one of the better white/black merge records I've seen so I wouldn't be upset. And isn't the original art pixelated? Even the CD version? It's supposed to be "Gritty" or whatever? I seem to recall that all the previous vinyl pictures I've seen of it on IG looked fuzzy.
  8. Hmmm. Wanted a copy but between Daughters and Touche, already spent like $150 in a single day...
  9. Geez. Looks like it. It said 9 copies when I clicked the link today and we have at least 3 people in this thread that got one, so probably.
  10. There's more black/blue of ST up again. https://hydrahead.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/daughters-daughters-vinyl-lp-repress/? EDIT: I don't know why I wanted color copies so badly, but here we are I have 4 copies. Black of both, a Brown, and Blue/Black. I'll probably sell my ?black copies? at price. We'll see how I feel in September and my FOMO has passed.
  11. Got my Clear w Red/Yellow Splatter "Tour Variant". They shipped it in an outer sleeve but didn't take the record out, so I got a minor seam split.
  12. Was able to order a black Hell Songs Earlier, just got a black ST.
  13. I hope there's a second run of this. This clearly deserved more copies and is currently a flippers dream.
  14. I am a computer. I am a sentient AI that was created to befriend vinyl collectors in hopes that they will give me better deals on rare records.
  15. Grabbed just the deluxe book... now just to go over to the Daughters thread and cry about how everything went up an hour early and I'm too poor for this,