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  1. Meh. It was hit and miss. My copy of Tron for example sounded amazing out of the box. My 4xLP of Rogue One had to be washed like 10 times to sound fine.
  2. Agreed on the Poster front. I tried maybe 3-4 times to get a poster that might look nice in my office but it’s even tougher than records from them. And to see even 5/70 or whatever on eBay is way too many. As for Mondo as a whole, this sucks. Now I gotta know what they got out of the Funko Merger deal because it doesn’t seem like much.
  3. Nice. I have a pre-order from iam8bit that looks like it’s shaping up to be my longest preorder ever. 2+ years.
  4. Wow I guess this is what I get for deleting Instagram. Take This to Heart represses seer by So Many Ways on Wax Mage? Underrated band that slipped away. Guitarist is current guitarist for Senses Fail.
  5. This album is really good, but uggh. Deluxe vinyl + today's prices are insane. I paid $53 the other day for the Devil Wears Prada 2xLP Deluxe since they didn't have media mail. My budget has been $100 for quite a few years. That used to be 4-5 records. Now it's like 2-3.
  6. Same boat. Have a red SRC copy that sounds worse than my MP3s. Easily in the top 3 of my worst sounding records. Would have to get reviews before paying anyone.
  7. They’ve been intentionally both open and confusing about it ha. IG says /2,000 at the show, but this seems to be the same variant of a much larger pressing. They just happened to have that many at the show.
  8. I feel so bad for anyone that bought it for $100+ when it might just go up on their store later today.
  9. No one complaining about the price yet? $55 shipped was steep, white whale or not. Bootleg owner (2xLP). Curious to see how it holds up. Honestly I wouldn’t buy a bootleg again just because they’re so damn hard to resell. Like I’ve figured a legit press might be coming on this and tried forever. You can’t resell those things even at a loss. Discogs doesn’t allow you to sell boots, so flippers just list them on a random unrelated variant and clarify in description. Tried eBay as well and they’re just wildly inconsistent in their enforcement. They immediately flagged mine and wouldn’t let me relist it while copy after copy of the same thing was showing up in the “Recently Sold” page. Related: saw someone trying to sell a boot on Reddit yesterday. $100. His dreams are smashed ha.
  10. Nice. I honestly did not listen to it that much after its release but once the vinyl came in I realized how good it is. Been listening on vinyl and streaming a lot since.
  11. Last 24 hours for this. Went to my order page and saw that it says 2,464 people have pledged. But if you just do the current total divided by thirty you get 2,698. So either, people are giving Kimya more out of the niceness of her heart, or 200+ people have bought $150 “test presses” ha.
  12. Real talk I’ve never heard this album, even though I was listening to plenty of RFC bands at the time. My extent of Superheaven knowledge is when Lil Tay used to troll on people at Bled Fest and someone said “I’m here for Daylight” and he said “Whoa! Superfan.”. The end.
  13. Lol. $45 shipped for a single? And a $5 copy of AP?
  14. IMO, the standard Id really like labels to adopt is what iam8bit does. Even though their estimates are garbage and often change, they have all the preorder times listed on its own page. So it’s easy to not bug customer support when it’s just available for me right there.
  15. Yeah just realized that post was barely in January. Will give it a pass for at least a few more months. Was just curious because so many of my other back orders have started shipping.

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