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  1. Huh... yeah I was looking at them, I know of the band but can't say whether I know many of the songs and decided to not to buy. Seems the black is still readily available. I would say maybe I'll look at my local store (Mad Platter) but COVID got them....
  2. I'm just as confused that it hasn't sold out, maybe just because everyone really wants the 2xLP and is hoping discogs prices drop to compensate for these? I wan't to believe it's only /1500 since that's all MOV has said about it.
  3. ... can someone explain to me why this sold out so quickly? I know it was out of print, but it seems like there were a few on Discogs / elsewhere that were affordable.
  4. The MOV release notes say "Individually numbered" so probably just a foil stamp or something. /1500 as per the release notes. Some great songs on the 2xLP, but I'm just glad to have this again. https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/jacks-mannequin/everything-in-transit?fbclid=IwAR3z3WfBpM_4K_zOBnvh6KByhlo2QEoINuQEODmtbGb8C5FlKdvKcDret_Y#.X5HWzNBKg2x
  5. That stinks. I really like that cover and would otherwise grab it, but I really am not going to use either the beer coozie or 6-pack holder since I don't drink.
  6. Huh.... now I gotta know what caused the explosion, but glad they're safe.
  7. Yeah this is what I mean. It's always clear + color or light transparent + splatter (as seen here) since it's the way that makes it pops most. Splatter on opaque is always hit and miss.
  8. Every record has splatter these days. Once you have 200+ records of them, it gets old. I'm at the point where if it's available I'll grab a "cooler" variant, but not going to chase them down. Still prefer a nice solid color over black though. Labels charge the same price for black when we all know it's much cheaper to produce.
  9. Holy hell ya'll are ridiculous. Went with an indie yellow from Bullmoose. $26 shipped. Spotify, 6131 were sold out. Julien still has bundle but IMO that shirt is ugly, so don't want $36 + shipping.
  10. As for the music itself, my thought on listening to the album was "oh this is going to get tons of ad and tv play, basically for anything that has action or wants to be edgy." Alas I saw it on a "Watchdogs Legion" (video game) ad last week and nearly died laughing.
  11. This was my question in the stream they just said they'd let everyone know when it popped up. Also don't see why Mondo would be doing this. They're doing the DC releases because it's Spiderman/Movie related. I'm assuming it's going to be Urban Outfitters or something of the like.
  12. Hmmmm..... grabbed the regular pressing of the album. I like the purple variant most, almost grabbed it until I realized it's a live album.
  13. Only really shows up on long posts, so uh.... stop writing essays on a forum.