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  1. Grabbed this. Would have loved one of the EU variants, but it would have been like $20 more. It was $44 shipped for me, and at 38EU, that's already more expensive without shipping ha.
  2. Hey everybody! Quick update on the Halloween “Dead Stream” Vinyl. Unfortunately, the universe dragged some 2020 production delays into the new year. This has pushed the delivery date of the record two months to late March. Everybody is understaffed and backed up, but still kicking ass and doing the best they can!!! In the meantime, we have attached a link to download the Dead Stream show video in its entirety here… <you thought> We apologize whole heartedly for the delay and appreciate your support and patience! These are unprec
  3. Whew. Forgot about this because I was packed with meetings this morning. Obis are gone but got a splatter. Thanks Corey.
  4. I personally cancelled my order. I liked the songs, thought about the price, looked at how their stuff is valued on Discogs and wen't "oh yeah if this doesn't get repressed, it could get even more expensive..." but now that there could be 2K to 5K of these things, I'll wait to grab it for cheaper. And that's assuming these aren't on their next album, which in that case, I will not rebuy this 7". I used to think I listened to my 7" records more than other people but have slowly grown annoyed by them ha. Especially if it's already on an LP, I don't bother.
  5. FWIW this is a Merchnow issue. I have the same issue with Pure Noise records and their Christmas sale. I finally emailed them on Monday. This was their response today "Due to COVID restrictions we are only able to work with a quarter of our usual staff on site, which has caused a backlog of orders that need to go through a check for a possible unavailable item on your order. It looks like it is the Elder Brother record causing the issue, but I can't say for sure as the out of stock team has your order and has to get to it. I apologize for the inconvenience, but your order will not be able to s
  6. Haven't listened to mine yet, but the sleeves were fine. So at least we got that.
  7. Well there's only really two variants. The smokey black, available separately or in the boxset, and the revolver colors. So I'd see no reason they didn't go 100% in on this new plant, which apparently is Gold Rush Vinyl in Austin. I figured this delay was going to happen though. I'll remain optimistic because it sounds like they are at least doing QC on records, but if it's on that cheap Audio-Technica, then that might mean nothing ha.
  8. I'm still laughing at all the people trying to sell the 10th anniversary of EIT for $200 when you can readily buy the 1xLP for $30. I love the B-Sides, but they aint worth that much.
  9. Good songs, I'm trying to really not buy 7"s lately cause I don't spin them enough (and I have 100+). Grabbed it anyways. If it comes out on an album will sell this.
  10. Has anyone got their copy of DISCO4? I got a tracking label on December 4th and it's been stuck in Batavia, IL since. Need to reach out to the store,
  11. I would look at the Jack’s Mannequin Thread for insight into which US stores will get this. It will likely function just the same since they were both MOV, numbered and out of /1,500. As for me, I’ll just order from the EU from HHV. They did good last time. https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/anti-flag-for-blood-and-empire-797647?p=cABUJa EDIT: Looking at that thread it looks like Bullmoose was the only one in the US to get some and it was very limited. It went up or SRC and Amazon US but most ?nobody? Didn’t get their orders. $41.50 from HHV
  12. This was my thinking. At first I thought it was a "Friends of Relapse" thing, but then noticed there was too many for something like that.
  13. Interesting. Didn't really know about this. Some discussion on them here. https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/415266 Can be played on a regular turntable, but they are more fragile so may not last as long. May or not be more expensive since people can't really play them, etc.

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