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  1. How does that happen? It's not even a "splatter" record. I could understand if it was a different color splatter or something. This was the version I got in the Jordan print bundle. I'm fine with it. I wanted one of the ultra neon ones anyways.
  2. Email from [email protected] Hi! We want to thank you again for pre-ordering the vinyl, and to give you an update on those items. We’d love nothing more than to have these in your hands right away, but due to the global vinyl shortage impacting the entire music industry they will take longer than expected to be completed. The albums are now scheduled to be manufactured and completed by early Spring 2022, at which time they will be shipped to fans. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding and for your support of Senses Fail.
  3. Delayed to early spring 2022 (March/April). This is so fun getting albums literally a year after they come out digitally.
  4. Classic album, hasn't ever had a good sounding repress (several were prone to skips I believe). They could sell 3000+ of these, my guess.
  5. Ordered the purple translucent, did not get a download, which very much seems to be the norm now. Don't have the vinyl so might get a drop in card. I've just been downloading everything I get from Deezer, which stinks because they now limit the free version to 128KB. Might subscribe for $60 just to get 320KB downloads.
  6. Worth noting the details on this album. I bought it because I liked the tracks and found out about this later. During the pandemic and a little prior, Dan had that song commission service to buy songs from him. Later on, he realized he liked a few, and asked the buyers if he could re-record them for this album. It was interesting to see the people who commissioned the songs chime in. The two I saw were about their father suddenly passing and about their mother.
  7. I liked the /700 Half/Half the most but common, gotta go for the rarity...
  8. All available standalone here: https://dancampbell.co/collections/frontpage/products/other-peoples-lives
  9. Oof. Just realized it says Q3 2022 ETA on Hyper Light Drifter. This is going to be a fun wait.
  10. Just got the email from iam8bit as well and was able to order. Is the packaging different this time? Will have to compare to discogs. Same as everyone else though. I wanted this so bad when it was originally out, but back then $75 was much more to me back then. Was $120 shipped for me, but still better than anything I'll ever see online.
  11. Clarify? You can buy these right now? I joined disasterpieces mailing list and don't see anything. Signed up for iam8bit right now, but there isn't a direct link?
  12. Is it? That’s how out of the loop I was on it. Agreed on the plot point as well. At some point I do want to see it resolved and we actually finish things off. If that means having the most ridiculously absurd and large gunfight ever, then so be it.
  13. I enjoy Death Cab when it randomly plays, but for whatever reason I can't find myself buying their vinyl. I listened to this again last night and went "meh" (mostly because I've spent a lot on records recently)
  14. Nice. Still need to play this. Like SS but it's fairly meat and potatoes so I'm waiting for a Steam sale at like $15-.

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