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  1. You know I paid money for a thing I cannot confirm is the thing and will be waiting for it all the way into 2022.
  2. Nice. I'll likely grab a few of these. Also, I know people were bugging them in their live streams forever about Say Anything move soundtrack and I see it's now up but no press release on it. So if that's your thing...
  3. Insta buy. I have everything from him on vinyl minus that lathe 7”. Grabbed a bundle but wish it would have just been a shirt. Not really a hat person.
  4. Yeah the statement on Storm Chasers store said they'd keep updating the artwork to whatever they wanted. That's cool. Boys night out did something similar with their release, but I'll admit I haven't checked to see if they updated the video that one went to either.
  5. As for the record itself.... don't know which variant to grab. I think I have several of his records on clear 180g so maybe I'll just keep that train running.
  6. All good, I'll change the name back, was originally for a compilation.
  7. Lol. I had a feeling they'd do this. They made so much merch for this and kept running an ad on my IG saying "Almost Sold Out" for like 10 days? I think first set is this Saturday no? I'll be sure to download it as always.
  8. Yeah all the EU variants look so much better. Shame.
  9. Lol just went and read their wikipedia and it's just full of weird. It says Martin Shrikeli expressed interest in joining the band via twitter DM? And they announced a fourth album, despite never releasing their third?
  10. Oh the joys of clicking every time I see a star and trying to figure out if anything related to music was announced.
  11. Yeah I think the biggest flaw was that they didn’t even invite all 6 members to the sessions. They called this a positive in all the docs because they weren’t fighting but I think this really just meant they were writing basic parts to fit in between the parts they actually cared about writing.
  12. Nice. Saw the instagram story a few days back and way wondering when this was going to come up. I started this thread so maybe I'll rename it temporarily. Also excited that there may be new T/T/T material coming soon.
  13. Same boat. That single was not memorable at all. It was fine. My impression was "cool.... what other new music got announced?"
  14. "Only true fans buy black" Or just put up a record as black only /200 and then proceed to the colors later ha.

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