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  1. Good catch. Hopefully we get a bunch of represses from the label combo then. Parting Gift has been doing a fine job with all their others, so could be great.
  2. Also kinda sad because as far I can tell, not a single one of these variants has sold out. Pretty big fall from grace.
  3. Got mine in. Can’t remember if they swapped out the mock for this one but the green/violet is pretty underwhelming. Also: kinda cool that they put the pressing numbers on the one-strip but then the bar code says the variant is “Apple Red” when it obviously isn’t. Shrink wrap is correct. I guess I could put the shrink sticker on the Obi if cared… That’s kinda a lame way to ruin a good idea.
  4. I was trying to sell my AFI record after I decided I would just wait for an official release and it just keeps getting taken down. Guess I’m just holding on to it.
  5. Got my copy in. No Gangsta Boo on Love Again. Which is made weirder by the fact that the lyric sheet has the lyrics for that verse.
  6. And… plenty up on eBay for $130+ if you want them.
  7. Grabbed a split. Their 7” was incredible. New song sounds great as well.
  8. Urban Outfitter has adjusted the date on their store page and emailed me saying this is now coming July 22, 2022. I now have 11 records on pre-order that think they are going to come 7/22 or 7/30. These dates mean nothing to me at this point as it seems pretty clear that plants are just spitballing all of this and will absolutely bump up a bigger release over others.
  9. Yeah, need to look at my copy again, but it seemed perfect. Sounds good, packaging fine, condition fine.
  10. Honestly, we've seen precedent for this already with the Stick to Your Guns releases and a few others. US rights holders are being greedy with things, likely cheaper or easier to do things in the EU or UK, but not technically allowed to sell to the US. It was $44 shipped for me from Banquet (Paypal always uses a kinda high conversion rate). Honestly not horrible since basically every record is $30 shipped these days.
  11. Shipping as well. Very nice to get a pre-order this early. My spreadsheet is going to generate some interesting info this year. My average delivery time is likely sitting at around 7 months.
  12. Was about to order from their Bandcamp page, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.
  13. Thank you! No record stores near me again this year, grabbed Gambino from them. That's all I really wanted.
  14. Don’t mind the thread, but just in general with touring uncertainties and vinyl backups it seems like every band is taking the slow burn on album announcements, so it could honestly still be months away.
  15. I was kinda waiting all week for this given their announcement. None of those variants sound great. Just grabbed an orange + splatter for now. Maybe a picture disc as well. I did lol at the charm pack in their store. I thought “are these pins?” But putting in their specific description of “croc charms” led me to find out people make “charms” or decoration for the holes in their croc shoes. Fascinating.

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