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  1. Yep just found it as well after enough googling. Count me excited. Really really missed these guys. My favorite show of all time is still TWY, Fireworks, MoBo, Citizen at Downtown Disney Anaheim.
  2. More context? I filled it out and listened to the song but is it a project related to Fireworks? Where did you get that link?
  3. I've been debating getting it. Not surprised though, band isn't super active and this is like Bad Timing's 3rd release for 2019, so they aren't that active either.
  4. Dude WTF. Ok now I'm mad. I could have saved like $30 on this and the NJ release. That's like 1.5 records elsewhere. I get doing sales 6+ months down the line, but on records that haven't even shipped yet?
  5. I should have grabbed one of these just in case but we'll see. Given that almost every Whirr release on Discogs is ~<$30 I don't think this will go too crazy.
  6. Hmm this is bittersweet to me. I know their quality was meh, but I had a dream to work at a pressing plant, just to get some VC cred. Time to move to the east coast?
  7. I would keep my eyes here: https://merchnow.com/catalogs/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties/music Or here: https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties
  8. New Anti-Flag Album Previous single is on it: This special edition of Anti-Flag's new record "20/20 VISION" is limited to 500 pieces and is exclusive to the A-F Records online store! This bundle includes: - 1 red on white splatter LP - 1 full-color 4-page newspaper insert - 3 seven inch records with 3 b-sides exclusive to this bundle only! the seven inch labels are hand stamped and the b-side records are not available in any other format, this is the only way to hear these songs! - Hand-numbered jackets - MP3 Download of "20/20 VISION" emailed to you on release date (01/17/2020) ***please note this is a pre-order item and will ship around it's release date of 01/17/2020*** Variants: 500 A-F Records Deluxe Edition 1xLP + 3x7" (A-F Records) - http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/653978-anti-flag-20-20-vision-lp-3-seven-inch-mp3-bundle-a-f-records-exclusive /? - Random Color Vinyl First 100 Order Get a Stencil (Merchnow)- https://merchnow.com/products/v2/302016/2020-vision /? - Red Vinyl (KRM EU) - https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/anti-flag/view/?id=16269&cid=4277 /? - Black Vinyl (KRM EU) - https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/anti-flag/view/?id=16270&cid=4277
  9. Yeah I might have to listen to this one again to see if it's something I might regret the price on later. Haven't listened to their new album more than once because it was... whatever it was.
  10. My favorite one was one I funded for a smart bike lock. They kept saying like "oh we had issues" then "Yay! we got FCC Compliance for the Bluetooth stuff" then "Oh yeah this product doesn't exist." Everyone got their refund, but essentially since Kickstarter hadn't changed their rules yet, all indicators are that the guy took it as a 3.5 Million dollar loan with no interest, started another company, and then returned the loan.
  11. I'm not sure it won't either, but the marketing is at least hilarious. Image of guy at sound board at a tiny outdoor local concert cutting to a 10". Because we all definitely need that preserved.
  12. Yeah only listened to this album once while at work so can't give a strong opinion but that was my thought as well like "wait this is another new direction". One second it's heavy, then it's spoken word, then it's Silent Planet....
  13. I needed another good long thread that "only happens on VC" about this nonsense so here you go: https://phonocut.com/#kickstarter It goes up on Kickstarter tomorrow for 999 EU, and can cut music at home through a standard headphone jackinput.
  14. Well we'll see... it not getting voted two months in a row seems to indicate that this probably will never get pressed.