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  1. Exactly the shoes I am in right now. Saw FOH-003, skipped it mentally. Wonder where the x250 red will be going to. I have a pretty good FOH collection going at this point, and I pick up the oddities during slow pre-order months.
  2. That is exactly what I implying/going to print. If it has enough play, you could 3D print that for a tighter fit.
  3. Hmmm... Hmmm... interesting. When I get mine in, I may experiment with a few things. I wonder if I can 3D print "adaptors" that fit each ring to improve tolerances, and thus the sound.
  4. This. My mail has been messed up for ~1 year now because people keep breaking into our mail boxes (it got fixed last week and then broken 3 days later). I've gone to USPS multiple times knowing 3+ records are there, they bring out one, and I have to kindly go "noppppe.... here's the two other tracking numbers that prove you have it"
  5. Yep to all of this. I budget somewhat successfully and when there's a lull in new releases I dip into the past releases that I want. Always worked for me, but recently if I don't live off FOMO, things at any reasonable price are gone immediately. I'm kinda just hoping for a drop off of people interested at some point in the future (even if that's a few years from now). In another hobby, I manage to upgrade the GPU in my computer from a 1070 to a 3070. I bought the 1070 for $460 (w/ Tax/Shipping) in 2016, and just today it sold on Craiglist for $390, in less than an hour. It's stupid.
  6. These negative posts are scaring me. I've been lucky thus far with shipping on records, but this could be the one...
  7. Got an email from Second City Prints "... if you purchased any additional items on top of the first three album vinyl represses we will be split shipping your order so that your other items are shipped once they are off pre order." So sounds like only the first 3 albums were affected and they doing right by shipping separately. Cool.
  8. Yeah wikipedia has the link to that claim. Pat made that statement in a Reddit AMA. shame. I guess I'll have to back to the CD for that one.
  9. Oh. I've honestly never payed attention to the difference. Why would they add so many new songs but remove an song from the original version. Weird. Found the track on YT and someone claimed that Grand Coda and that's track removal were due to a Bukowski lawsuit? Source? Would make sense since so many of the song titles and lyrics were taken from his works.
  10. Nice. Was waiting for a repress at some point as well. Grabbed a black/pink marble.
  11. Hmmm... really want copies of I and II, but I'll take this as well.
  12. Cool. Grabbed one of those in the end. I was just confused because the description doesn't really match. My mind was just broken. I saw the image and out of the 4 four variants I wanted it, but my brain didn't think to look on Merchnow again or to try the menu out.
  13. Depending on timing, I might request if I can send extra shipping in to split it up. I ordered a total of 4 records (including Million Masks) and not really in the mood to wait to for them all.

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