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  1. Doubt it. Bullmoose used the same image. I think it's them not realizing there's the pink/blue split and the pink/blue merge.
  2. Nice. I saw the tour and will probably grab some SF tickets. Wish I had got the Smartpunk version, ordered from Bullmoose because we all know that black/blue ain’t going to work
  3. Is this the DVD? There’s several long videos uploaded to YT with Nothing and Whirr.
  4. Can’t find the thread where we talked about the repress of Disambiguation on the Revolver “Icon Series” but just got a notification it was shipping. Wasn’t on my spreadsheet so had forgotten about it. Ordered all the way back in Nov 2022. So that’s cool. Hoping it comes out decent. It was $62 after all. I oughta transfer the NFT to my main wallet at least lol.
  5. This is what I don’t get. Like, maybe you can get by ignoring quality concerns and just approve whatever horrible sounding record. But seems super low bar to have some intern listen to the < 3 test presses that come in every week and say “Yes all the songs are there” and “Yes the labels and artwork we approved are in the right order” that’s like $50 of labor to avoid burning tens of thousands on represses.
  6. Same. I knew of her albums and that they were on metal labels but never put myself to listen because I think of her from her earliest stuff on YouTube about being “a real girl” and all that.
  7. Agree on secret band release. Which BTW I saw no one mention here but they apparently did represses of the EP and LP1 on 2023. Still very much available. Been debating grabbing them but pretty sure they out every variant of LP2 on sale at some point
  8. Got my /2000 bundle yesterday, there was a tracking label given beforehand.
  9. AFAIK it’s only with Cove. I guess the better way to phrase this is: “I wish labels would stop making artists do this.” I believe they are doing this exactly why Taylor Swift, Senses Fail, etc have all done this. A label won’t give up the rights to the music so they’re hoping fans will just move on to this version on streaming services.
  10. Post from the band today. They say they are working on a “Saosin’s Version” of ST and about 1/3 done. Not sure I’m into that idea. They also have new songs in the works.
  11. Ordered the latest album's "Deluxe edition". When adding it to Discogs I discovered there is supposed to be a bonus 7". I went looking and it's stuck inside the gatefold panel on the front side. Like it lept from the regular pocket to the front half. It also seems to be glued or stuck inside one of the folds. So strange. Hoping to not destroy the sleeve to get out the 7" lol
  12. This band is getting attention because of their Coachella set. Dude pulled a dildo out of his pants and played the keyboard with it, so of course that freaked out more normy Coachella people lol. Someone posted a recording on TikTok.
  13. Got an email that Pale Horses deluxe is shipping EXCEPT the single rainbow variant. "However, if you ordered the Single Rainbow version of the Collector's Edition, your copy is still currently on hold due to a coloring issue with the vinyl disc. We will send out another update once we have more information about their ETA. Hopefully it shouldn't be much longer." Glad they take these things seriously, but also difficult to realize how often the factory is probably to blame for most boo-boos.
  14. Slip cover and poster FWIW. All editions have the 20 page booklet. Interestingly all normal versions have an “Obi Strip” that the deluxe ones don’t. I grabbed a blue splatter. No DVD but someone put it online. I’ve downloaded and archived it on my servers.
  15. Same. I ended up grabbing the Rough Trade this morning. I don’t think I own any glow in the dark records, but have heard nothing but bad news.

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