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  1. Fuck. Yes. Hot Rod AND Pop Star just months apart?? Amazing. I can make out most of them and they all seem to say black vinyl, wondering if maybe it’ll just be random covers. There’s also one cover that’s hidden beneath the rest that I don’t think is pictured.
  2. I saw em in 2016, most of the set was TYLS and DC songs. They were still really damn good but I guess I just prefer some bands/genres in the comfort of my own ____. Good question. I'm guessing just because it's a color variant of Bloom and the other ones (white and GITD, right?) aren't super cheap. But good point on how the specific retailer of a variant or item can also add to the lure of it. Like in the world of soundtracks, just slap "limited Mondo" on anything and it's lusted after 5x more. I still think this would have sold out pretty quickly on Newbury though.
  3. As I mentioned in this last post, F Golf Wang and other retailers that pull the "no cancellation" policy on long preorder windows. If you paid with PayPal, file a claim saying they didn't refund what you asked for. GW is breaking PayPal's policy. And fuck Neoncity too. https://www.paypal.com/us/brc/article/presale-policy-and-reserves
  4. That's comical. GW is essentially taking a dump on PayPal's official presale policy which states any item pre-ordered must have a guaranteed delivery within 20 days of purchase. Anyone that files a PayPal claim for these orders will win.
  5. Yeah I'd bet a large number of my favorite songs ever would be "bathroom break" moments for crowds. I saw BH live just once and I sorta just wished I was back at home with headphones on...
  6. Call me crazy but 7 is my favorite of theirs followed by Teen Dream.
  7. Anything and everything u/w1x1w says on reddit should be considered gospel.
  8. 380 was the stock level within 5 seconds of it going live so I think I'm correct there.
  9. The Crow finally went up at TTL and literally sold out in 10 seconds. Guessing a bunch of people had page monitors set up.
  10. A repress of 7M3 is going to happen. Not sure on colors, quantities, etc, but Wargod said they're going to make more.
  11. Not sure if posted yet but someone added the detailed album credits here: https://www.discogs.com/The-National-I-Am-Easy-To-Find/release/13638498
  12. yeah but Midnight basic time so double-check your time zone