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  1. It's not that, it's the sheer stupidity of the pressing quantity + price here. Whoever thought this would move is insane. At this rate they'll be stuck with what, best case... 950?... leftover copies. I guess that'd net them a massive profit because even with the bells and whistles they're promoting here, these things ain't costing much to print. This may be the stupidest display of vinyl-selling hubris I've witnessed by a band before.
  2. I could maybe see gouging your fans if you made like 25 of those books, and that price would still be pure insanity, but 1000? That cover looks like an ultra-simplified AMSP.
  3. Popstar Connquest cover is up at their store https://shop.thelonelyisland.com/products/popstar-vinyl-connquest?variant=29073342201925
  4. Pretty sure that Storf has explained some of these new releases as being open orders that they'll produce tons of that won't go out of stock anytime soon, hence the missing pressing qty label.
  5. Got damn that’s a beautiful mock-up. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/31265073/m83-dsvii-pink-galaxy-vinyl
  6. Considering Lakeshore’s history with ST variants and the fact this doesn’t ship until September I’d be shocked if it doesn’t come back in stock.
  7. Might be worth noting that those two releases (Lakeshore & UO), I believe, contain different music. Pretty sure Lakeshore is the score and the UO record is the various artist soundtrack.
  8. Lakeshore put theirs up: https://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/stranger-things-season-three-fireworks-splatter-vinyl-kyle-dixon-michael-stein
  9. They're having their yearly sale now, some pretty good prices considering what they started at: https://waxworkrecords.com/collections/vinyl?page=1&sort_by=created-descending
  10. First album I've double-dipped on in a long time (split-color and the Texas one). So fucking good!
  11. Limited preview vinyl given out tonight apparently
  12. The deluxe book version that’s being sold in Indies (/1400 in the US) is identical to the deluxe book version being sold in EU Indies and the deluxe book version on Thom’s website. Just different regional/merchant allocations of the same item.