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  1. Did you open the standard white version? Wondering if they'll take mine back since I've already opened it. I sent them a chat and the customer service rep said I need to fill out a claims form and someone will get back with me. He also said, "We had a couple people with the same issue, so our team is currently looking into how many people received the wrong ones". Hopefully the pink+blue isn't completely sold out.
  2. Finally got mine in the mail, ordered pink+blue and the sticker on the back says it's pink with red/black. Not sure if it's even worth emailing Second City customer service.
  3. Mine does not look nearly as cool as y'alls. Still happy with it though!
  4. I believe the matches are just standard, I definitely wasn't in the first 300.
  5. I only ordered Anthem, I got the red/flame yellow. One thing I noticed is the smart punk record is a gatefold and the European version isn't. I didn't expect that. Opening the gatefold now (as I type this) and it has a pack of matches in it! Super cool.
  6. Direct link here: https://mondoshop.com/collections/music/products/new-found-glory-self-titled-vinyl-lp
  7. Today's the day boys, I missed out on the other variants, got my alarm set for this one.
  8. Got my UK version today, they sent me 2 copies for some reason.
  9. Oh damnnn, my milky clear had a sticker on the front indicating the color. Did yours have any sticker on the plastic?
  10. The HHV page has the catalog # as MOVLP2742 which matches the catalog # on the mov page. I am assuming they should be the same pressing/info. Can anyone confirm?