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I have found something that is not described in such details.

The question what azimuth angle adjustments does for the sound and what to listening after.


I have a rather fine pickup a ortofon 2M black shibata  diamond (that can make it more sensitive).

DEPENDING on what record you use. Azimuth angle are from almost none affected to other records that are more effected/sensitive.


That is one reason why it is such a hard way to get this right! 

I have everything adjusted to perfection except one angle. The azimuth.. I thought I needed expensive instruments to adjust it..


I have put azimuth to parallel and in level with the record. Yesterday night I sat down to listening to a new bought record.


And noticed the artist where more to the right than in the center of the image. And that is something I have experienced with some of my records..


But ok what do I have to loose? It is just to rotate the headshell some degrees back and forth and listen.


And now it happens things! Of course I rotated the headshell and got the azimuth worse and the artist event even further out of center.. Ok now back to 0 degrees and past it to approximately 2 degrees of. And now the artist got back to the center of the image as it should be!


My question where ok now it is adjusted for two of my more sensitive records. And they are now great! But the question is what has happened with my other records that the artist where already in the center of the image, after my adjustments?


I put my well known Adele 25 and she was still in the center of the image!

So different records are more or less sensitive to azimuth regarding the center image.


So witch two recordings do I experience that it is easier to adjust the azimuth by ear?

James Blunt ‎– The Afterlove

Label: Atlantic ‎– 0190295850784

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold 

Country: Europe

Released24 Mar 2017

Genre: Pop

James Blunt is a new production and the artist shall be in the center of the image. This recording is recorded with a very broad listening stage. That make it easier to hear and get him in the center of the image. One of the tracks that is good to listening after, that James are in the center is "Make me better".


Various ‎– Chasing The Dragon

Label: Chasing The Dragon ‎– VAL007

Format: Vinyl, LP 

Country: UK


Genre: Jazz, Classical

Here on this audiophile recording with Mike Valentine's magical placements of his microphones. Here listen on B side on track "soprano" Daisy's beautiful voice shall also be in center of the sound stage.


And remember that the shibata  shaped diamond CAN make it more sensitive to azimuth adjustments. Other shapes (elliptical, cylinder and so on) may be is not so sensitive.

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49 minutes ago, Jlegg said:

I read all of it. I don't know why, but I did. 

Good, then it may been little bit interesting. :)


And as a side note I really like James Blunt album. It has a heavy and distinct base in some of the tracks (mono bass?). As a vinyl lover that listening to old and gold. With is far from great as in the 70-ies (of course there are exceptions).


The great thing is I have also discovered that my new RIAA stage can reproduce lower frequency than the old one. :)

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27 minutes ago, xxmartinxx said:

You could potentially be compensating for a weak channel in the amp or phono pre or maybe a room issue.  If it sounds good, I'd probably just go with it.

Yes, that may be the case but I don't believe that. Because then the week channel should be on all records during play back.

Another thing is when I think of it. That the shibata are

"slim, highly polished profile allows an exceedingly wide contact area to the groove walls"


With that in mind. It makes sense that shibata are more sensitive to azimuth than more common shapes.

In other words if azimuth angle is off by 1-2 degrees than the opposite will occur than "wide contact area to the groove walls".. :)


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Some records are better recorded, mixed and mastered than others so the effect of stylus profile will be more noticeable in all sorts of ways not just azimuth sensitivity.


The better your system gets the more errors in recording, mixing and mastering are shown up so a record that sounds as average on any other on a cheap midi system can sound almost un-listeneable on a very good system whereas a really good one can yield superb results.


Because of the mechanics involved in the whole process of a vinyl record from mastering through to playback this sort of thing is much more evident than with a Digital recording.

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