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  1. This seems right to me: Speakers / Headphones Cartridge Pre-amp Turntable Amp
  2. Already bought the Bugle 2, but thanks.
  3. Here's my opinion of the Bugle 2 (and by proxy the Bugle 3 since the only difference is to change loading and gain on the 2 you need to replace some resistors whereas on the 3 there are dip switches to engage them)... it's good. It's a step down from the Rogue Triton for sure. It doesn't have the depth, clarity, or soundstage that the Triton has, but the Bugle 3 is $239 new versus $999 for the Triton. I picked up the 2 used for $120 shipped. It's been years since I've used a phono preamp in $200 range, but from what I remember, this is the best sounding by far. If you're in that price range, I don't think it can be beat.
  4. I think I'm going to keep the VPI Scout for now. If I were to buy a U-Turn, I would build it custom with the cheapest cart (since I would replace it anyway), the acrylic platter, and the cueing lever. I found a video of a guy who was able to significantly knock out vibrations by putting sorbothane padding under the power box, since apparently it vibrates. I've also heard they do a pretty crap job on setting up the preinstalled cartridges.
  5. You can replace a couple of resistors with different values. Nothing too difficult.
  6. xxmartinxx

    New cartridge advice - for Rock n Roll

    I like Denon carts a lot but the DL-110 isn't the best bang for the buck of the Denon line. For that, I'd suggest the DL-103 or the DL-301 MKII. The problem with Denon carts is your loading isn't going to be right with most inexpensive phono preamps. The Orton Bronze or the Blue are better choices for your set up. The Bronze is significantly better than the Blue, but I think the Blue makes more sense with your turntable. I'd all throw the Nagaoka MP-200 in as a contender, too.
  7. Alright, well, I just bought a used Hagerman Bugle2. I'm going to have to modify it, because the previous owner bought it as a 40 dB MM unit. I'll report back in a few days.
  8. I've seen that guy, but I'm using an MC cart, so I'd need to get a SUT, which defeats the purpose of downgrading.
  9. I sold the Rogue locally, so there's no turning back with the phono preamp. The Mani doesn't seem to have the loading that my Denon DL-301 MKII wants to see, so I think it's between the Pro-ject Phono Box S and the Emotiva XPS-1.
  10. Chill, bro. Did I try to get the label to not press this? Maybe you're a fan of Golbincock (the band, not the activity, but you do you) and Rob's other joke bands, but I'm not going to pay $15 an LP for them.
  11. This seems like a waste of $150.
  12. Know when a better time to be alive was? In the early 90's when Superchuck was still good. That's right, I said it.
  13. I rarely listen to records. Like almost never. I downgraded my stereo from a Audio Research VSi55 to a Musical Paradise MP-303. Now I'm considering downgrading my VPI Scout to maybe a U-turn Orbit with the acrylic platter. Does anyone know how the Orbit is compared to better turntables? Also, while I'm at it, I figured I might downgrade my phono preamp from a Rogue Audio Triton to a Schiit Mani. Any opinions on that?
  14. xxmartinxx

    Music Hall MMF-1.5

    The weak link of your system is the speakers. Get yourself a pair of ELAC Debuts.
  15. Their first EP was amazing and it's been downhill since then.