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  1. I actually did a review of the S on my YouTube channel. Any of them are going to be a big step up from the onboard preamp in the Marantz. I'm actually getting ready to sell it, if you're interested.
  2. It sounds like a power issue more than a motor issue.
  3. For fans of Naked Raygun/Pegboy/Chicago punk, Wax Trax is reissuing the Strike Under EP. There's two limited edition versions on colored with a bonus 7" (one of which is sold out) and an unlimited press available. I preordered the one on red, but I wish it had the same original cover as the unlimited press. http://waxtraxchicago.bigcartel.com/products
  4. I own the Pixies and early Elvis Costello MoFi released and I'm a believer. They for sure sound better. If there was a MoFi pressing of a record I loved I would own it. Unfortunately, they haven't released many records that appeal to me.
  5. They arrived yesterday. I highly recommend ordering from Juno. They shipped fast with reasonable shipping costs. My one complaint is that they were basically shipped in a large Priority mail flat rate type sleeve with one piece of cardboard. In my experience, this seems to be a common method of shipping records out of the UK. But, hey, they arrived without as much as a dinged corner. so I can't complain too much
  6. I ordered from here. Good prices on both the records and the shipping costs.
  7. Nope. They're not in the US store and when I try to order them from the UK store it removes them from my cart.
  8. It would be nice if Merge reissued the Hubcap LP and "Last Dog and Pony Show" since Amazon UK won't ship them to me.
  9. That's pretty weird. I placed my order for both records on 4/27 and it arrived a few days later. I never received a shipping confirmation or anything, though. They just showed up.
  10. I wouldn't call the cartoon on the back an "antifascist cartoon", it's just a caricature of the Axis leaders of World War II. And maybe? Vrooooooooom...
  11. Considering the extent to which he used fascist imagery, I think it's reasonable to assume he was not being ironic.
  12. Hahaha... none. And that was a Boy Scout on the cover of "An Ideal For Living".
  13. I think I need that "Paul's Boutique" to have that record split up on two records... Hmmm...
  14. I assume that you're a fan of the Germs. Darby was known to extol the virtues of fascism. The armbands were clearly Nazi inspired. The original cover of the "Lexicon Devil" literally had Hitler on it. It seems a bit over the line that you draw at fascists, yet you're into it enough to name yourself after them. It's ironic.
  15. I bought the original Dim Mak pressing when it was released and it sounded great.
  16. The Rhino press is garbage. Earache's twitter showed the master, so hopefully the vinyl will be cut from that and not whatever horrible source Rhino used.
  17. This seems right to me: Speakers / Headphones Cartridge Pre-amp Turntable Amp
  18. Here's my opinion of the Bugle 2 (and by proxy the Bugle 3 since the only difference is to change loading and gain on the 2 you need to replace some resistors whereas on the 3 there are dip switches to engage them)... it's good. It's a step down from the Rogue Triton for sure. It doesn't have the depth, clarity, or soundstage that the Triton has, but the Bugle 3 is $239 new versus $999 for the Triton. I picked up the 2 used for $120 shipped. It's been years since I've used a phono preamp in $200 range, but from what I remember, this is the best sounding by far. If you're in that price range, I don't think it can be beat.
  19. I think I'm going to keep the VPI Scout for now. If I were to buy a U-Turn, I would build it custom with the cheapest cart (since I would replace it anyway), the acrylic platter, and the cueing lever. I found a video of a guy who was able to significantly knock out vibrations by putting sorbothane padding under the power box, since apparently it vibrates. I've also heard they do a pretty crap job on setting up the preinstalled cartridges.
  20. You can replace a couple of resistors with different values. Nothing too difficult.