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  1. In case you missed what Deleted Art posted: Hi, We still get a lot of messages and e-mails regarding The Bronx box set that we were scheduled to release. The box set will not happen unfortunately and we are truly sorry about all the high expectations we brought upon you. / dLTD https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152384793707627&id=141621957626
  2. Got mine today too. No download code. Anybody have mp3s of these tracks?
  3. Got this in the mail today. Just finished the first side and it rules. It is really refreshing to order a new lp and receive it within a few days. And with a download code. Dirtnap rules.
  4. I haven't received mine yet. Are other people still waiting for theirs to arrive or is it time for me to check with the label to make sure my order didn't get lost in the shuffle or something?
  5. It's particularly annoying for this release because I can't seem to find a download of the reissue amongst the many many links for the original resignation day.
  6. no mp3 download with the banner pilot. lame. now i have to find a place to get it online.
  7. Anyone have the new Marked Men 7" on 540 Records? It didn't come with a download code.
  8. That looks more like "salmon mix" to me than cream but it could just be the picture.
  9. Pressing numbers from no idea: 1st: 20 Cream, 50 Pink, 100 Blue Mix, 150 Purple Mix, 150 Salmon Mix, 1440 Gray (7/4/2009) Does the download code include the bonus 7" tracks by any chance? It's such a hassle for me to hook my record player up to my computer I'm hoping I can just download them.
  10. Anyone know when these are shipping? Anyone got one yet? It is supposed to hit the stores Tuesday, right?