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  1. scottheisel

    Camp Punk in Drublic

    Ha, I recorded that video on my friend's phone. It was so sick.
  2. scottheisel

    Camp Punk in Drublic

    Camp PID was rad. Tons of good bands, most everyone was chill. I didn’t see any overt negativity or fighting. The Interrupters and Descendents had the sets of the weekend in my opinion.
  3. scottheisel

    WTB The Cancer Conpiracy - The Audio Medium

    Glad it found a good home! It's a great record.
  4. scottheisel

    The Weezer Thread

    Everything is 15% off in Weezer's webstore this weekend with the code KEEPITWEEZY, vinyl included: https://weezerwebstore.com/collections/music They currently have Pacific Daydream, White and Red Deluxe in stock.
  5. scottheisel

    WTB The Cancer Conpiracy - The Audio Medium

    I have that Cancer Conspiracy LP on sky blue splatter; PM me an offer.
  6. scottheisel

    PO: The Fury of the Aquabats!

    This is $20.99 with free shipping on PopMarket today only: https://www.popmarket.com/fury-of-the-aquabats/847191093646 Best price I've seen anywhere. I finally pulled the trigger.
  7. scottheisel

    various download codes

    Grabbed this, thanks — should still be two downloads left (not sure if you have to enter my name/email to make the download work, though).
  8. scottheisel

    various download codes

    A few more codes for ya, all ?s are a number 0-9: The Flatliners - Inviting Light http://www.dropcards.com/vinyl 93T?Q3693J Bella Vista Social Club - Destroy http://bvsc.bandcamp.com/yum jpf?-y6du The Saint Catherines - Dancing For Decadence Bonus! http://fatwreck.cougarwaltz.com 18e76ef?83dfa AFI - AFI (The Blood Album) http://www.memphisvinyl.com/downloads 9Zo?P
  9. scottheisel

    various download codes

    Also, I think this link to download the new Dashboard Confessional album is still good: https://redemptions.warnermusic.com/downloadable/download/link/id/MC43MTgwMjEwMCAxNTI1MTQyMDQxMTIwOTE0MjQ0NTc3MTU3ODEwOTgzODU,/
  10. scottheisel

    various download codes

    And a few more — ?s are a number 0-9, per usual: Circa Survive - The Amulet http://www.atozmedia.com/soundcard T7CATM?EGL Chris Farren - Can't Die http://www.dropcards.com/vinyl VD7?TJVFGR
  11. scottheisel

    various download codes

    Here's a bunch of codes for everyone. All ?s represent numbers 0-9: Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle http://6131.co/download JBXAL5HS8? Jeff Rosenstock - Post- http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl U?RG3K6TZECTKKDA Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens http://www.subpop.com/download_code tujzu?zc47k4 The Flatliners - Inviting Light http://www.dropcards.com/vinyl XF?D4F697C
  12. scottheisel

    various download codes

    Grabbed this, thank you!
  13. scottheisel

    RIP - Caleb Scofield

    It already sold out, so hopefully you got a ticket!
  14. These are both phenomenal deals.
  15. Bumping this to a new page. Call this store if you're still looking for stuff!