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  1. The new EP is sooooo good. Ready for a full-length!
  2. What's really wild is the listings all say these are being made to order. I highly doubt that. Every single pressing plant in America (and likely Europe, too) is backed up for months and months, and at many plants, new orders are being told to expect up to a 13-month(!!!) turnaround. Either Glassjaw is lying about these being made to order and have already placed an order with a pressing plant (with plans on a wider release after the tour is over), or they're extremely overconfident about launching a pre-order with no defined end date that is dependent on being ready by
  3. Lifted Bells - Overreactor http://bandcamp.com/yum dlr4-jtvg Smoking Popes - Born To Quit http://www.dropcards.com/vinyl F6ZWJ362SP Saosin - Along The Shadow http://www.dropcards.com/vinyl CDD4PV4463
  4. Wild to me that this fest isn't sold out yet. If it were anywhere but Alabama, it would've sold out months ago.
  5. I'd trade my TP for your regular copy + something else, do you have a tradelist online somewhere? Deadformat is down.
  6. Yup, it's an actual test pressing from A To Z Media.
  7. My order came in, and I got an actual test pressing of Pryor/Nelson/Nolan. 🤷
  8. That looks to be the Heaven Is Whenever deluxe reissue, which makes it a great buy (even if the album isn't among their best).
  9. Allegedly, these are exclusive to brick-and-mortar record stores. We'll see. Available on Friday, July 9: Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare 1-LP on clear vinyl, Limited edition of 11,500 cop
  10. Maybe it's this album by Skeleton Key? It came packaged with a screw underneath the CD tray, visible on the spine.
  11. Smartpunk has RSD titles if people still need anything, if you spend more than $50 use the code LTJ10OFF to save $10: https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/rsd2021
  12. I grabbed that test press of the Sean Nelson/Matt Pryor/John Nolan split 12-inch, which I didn't even know existed until today. It was only $40, and then I got a 10% off code for signing up for texts, which dropped it to $36 — which still hit the free shipping mark!
  13. Anyone else spun their Red Fang Arrows LP yet? I am absolutely astonished at how muddy and lifeless this record sounds. The songs rip, but it sounds like someone threw a blanket over my speakers. What a bummer.
  14. The Prince cover is wild. What a bizarre, awesome band.

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