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  1. Got my Smartpunk order today. Very satisfied. It was nice buying records at 2010 prices again.
  2. Massive flash sale at Smartpunk right now, save 50% off your entire order with code V8PBC884S1C1 — here's all 600+ records they have in stock: https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/all-products?filter.v.availability=1 Not sure where free shipping kicks in, but my $101 order shipped free, as did my buddy's $92 order.
  3. New song is better than pretty much everything on Havasu. That album was a big dud for me. (Phoenix was great however.)
  4. Holy shit I can't believe this is getting a proper pressing! I spin the promo 3x10" all the time even though it's a pain in the ass to get up and flip every three songs, ha.
  5. I guess it was lost/unable to be located in time, so the band commissioned him to create something new. (This is what Derek told me, at least.)
  6. The Helmet record will have new artwork created by Derek Hess.
  7. $34.98 Prime on Amazon. I hate to support Bezos as much as the next guy, but $9 shipping is wack.
  8. Doo-Wops And Hooligans - $24.98 Prime Unorthodox Jukebox - $24.98 Prime 24K Magic - $31.98 Prime (no idea why this one costs so much more) An Evening With Silk Sonic - $24.98 Prime
  9. Huge 50% off sale at Zia Records, literally 2500 LPs available: https://www.ziarecords.com/c/230/vinyl-markdowns?&so=3&page=1&af=-10
  10. Different promoters and different venues. WWWY is Live Nation and on the strip. BFF is S&S (an indie promoter from Utah who most notably does the Kilby Block Party) and downtown Vegas.
  11. Yeah, the lineup is definitely missing a bridge-gap band, someone like Jimmy Eat World, Thursday or Dashboard Confessional — bands distinctly rooted in the 2nd wave but a huge reason the 3rd wave took off. Of course, all three of those bands are playing the pop-punk fest in Vegas the following weekend, lol. The only other band I can think of with that level of name recognition from that time would be At The Drive-In, but they're currently back-burnered while Cedric and Omar do the Mars Volta again. They're trying to sell this fest like it's some debaucherous thing, offering unlimited-alcohol upgrades and $8000 "VIP cabanas" and shit, and I'm like, dude, I just wanna watch Karate and Rainer Maria in peace.

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