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  1. Grabbed Minor Threat, thanks! Gouge Away and H2O were already gone.
  2. Call My Mind's Eye Records in Cleveland, they had 20+ copies left as of this afternoon. They'll take orders over the phone: 216-521-6660 EDIT: Here's what they had left in-stock earlier this afternoon. Call them tomorrow when they open (noon EST) to get yourself some shit: Book 1 left Planet Wax: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Soundtracks on Vinyl' book+7" by Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas 7"s 1 left August Burns Red 'Bones' [opaque bone white color] Cassidy, Ted 'The Lurch' Dicks, The 'Hate The Police' Earle, Steve 'Times Like These' / 'Devil Put the Coal in the Ground' / 'It's About Blood' Ex, The 'All Corpses Smell The Same' Gun Club 'Eternally Is Here' / 'Psycho' 1 left Lennon/Ono With The Plastic Ono Band 'Instant Karma! (2020 Ultimate Mixes) Loop 'Sevens' 3x7" really cool! Mouth Congress (Scott Thompsom from Kids In The Hall!) 'Ahhh the Pollution' transparent orange 2 left Pink Floyd 'Arnold Layne Live 2007' Ruts DC 'War On Crime' / 'War On Crime Version' Salmon, Kim 'Let’s All Get Destroyed' / 'Unadulterated' he's great! Soft Boys, The 'I Wanna Destroy You' / 'Near The Soft Boys' (40th anniversary edition) 2x7" 1 left Stevens, Cat 'But I Might Die Tonight' [Light Blue] 10"s Banton, Buju 'Trust & Steppa' LP Alphaville 'Sounds Like A Melody' 12" America 'Heritage II: Demos/Alternate Takes 1971–1976' 1 left And Also The Trees 'And Also The Trees' 2XLP Bastille 'All This Bad Blood' 2XLP 2 left Black Keys, The 'Let's Rock' (45RPM) Brown, Marion 'Porto Novo' color vinyl Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker 'Hooker 'N Heat' 2XLP Yellow & Gray Charlatans UK, The 'The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers' 12" (yellow vinyl) Cradle 'The History' 2xLP (purple vinyl) Cure, The 'Bloodflowers' stupid picture disc Cure, The 'Seventeen Seconds' stupid picture disc Davies, Dave 'Rock Bottom: Live at the Bottom Line' (Remastered 20th Anniversary Limited Edition) Def Leppard 'Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame 2019' DeMarco, Mac 'Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos' [Purple] Denny, Martin 'Exotic Moog' orange color Dio 'Annica' 12" picture disc Eno, Brian 'RAMS: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' [White] Far East Famly Band 'Nipponjin - Join Our Mental Phase Sound' Fight 'A Small Deadly Space' 2xLP red & black marble vinyl Finnigan, Kelly 'The Tales People Tell (Instrumentals)' blue vinyl Fluence 'Fluence' (Pascal Comelade) Fuzztones, The 'Lysergic Emanations' Galaxie 500 'Copenhagen' 2xLP Glass, Philip 'The Essential' 4xLP box set Gong 'Live! At Sheffield 1974' 2xLPgreen vinyl Gorillaz 'D-Sides' 3xLP Gorillaz 'G-Sides' Gravediggaz 'The Pick, The Sickel & The Shovel' 1 left Green Jelly 'Triple Live Mother Goose At Budokan' Groundhogs, The 'Split' 2xLP red vinyl Hall, Terry 'Home' Hawkwind 'At The BBC 1972' 2xLP Hawkwind 'Quark, Strangeness & Charm' 2X12” clear Hayseed Dixie 'Blast From The Grassed' Hino, Terumasa 'A Part' Hino, Terumasa 'Journey To Air' Hino, Terumasa 'Love Nature' Hino, Terumasa 'Peace And Love' Howard, Brittany 'Live At Sound Emporium' Ike Yard 'Night After Night' 12” James, Bob 'Once Upon A Time: The Lost 1965 New York Studio Sessions' 1 left Jethro Tull 'Stormwatch 2' 1 left Judas f'n Priest 'British Steel' 2xpicture disc June of 44 'Engine Takes to the Water' glacial blue vinyl June of 44 'Tropics and Meridians' glacial blue vinyl Khemmis 'Doomed Heavy Metal' color and black vinyl Killing Floor 'Out Of Uranus' 1 left lang, k.d. 'Drag' lang, k.d. & the reclines 'Angel With A Lariat' Leaf Library, The 'About Minerals' Loeb, Lisa 'A Simple Trick To Happiness' Lothar And The Hand People 'Machines: Amherst 1969' (blue vinyl) Luarks, Marcy & Classic Touch 'Electric Murder' Manic Street Preachers 'La Tristessa Durera (Scream To Sigh)' 12" 1 left Marley, Bob & The Wailers 'Redemption Song' 12" clear Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets 'See Emily Play' / 'Vegetable Man' 12" Morby, Kevin 'Oh Mon Dieu: Live à Paris' 2xLP opaque red Nat Turner Rebellion 'Laugh To Keep From Crying' color vinyl 100 Flowers 'Drawing Fire' 12” (Expanded) Parker, Charlie 'Jazz At Midnite' [Midnight Blue] Penderecki - Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra 'Actions' [1971] Pogues, The 'At The BBC 1984' 1 left Pop, Iggy 'Kiss My Blood (Live In Paris 1991)' 3xLP w/DVD Opaque Red and White Splatter Vinyl plus a DVD and a copy of the original tour poster Pretenders 'Live Paradise Boston' clear with red 1 left Prine, John 'The Atlantic Albums' 4xLP box set Raw Material 'Raw Material' 2xLP Refused 'Not Fit For Broadcasting - Live at the BBC' [Crystal Clear] Roxy Music 'Roxy Music - The Steven Wilson Stereo Mix' clear] Russell, Gene 'New Direction' (clear with heavy black swirl vinyl) 1 left Shakespear's Sister '#3' 2xLP (transparent red / blue) 1 left Shankar, Ravi 'Chants of India Slint 'Breadcrumb Trail' b/w 'Good Morning, Captain' 12" clear vinyl Sock-Tight 'Smudge' 12" color vinyl 1 left Spacemen 3 'Threebie 3' Spoon 'All The Weird Kids Up Front (More Best Of Spoon)' Stoltz, Kelley 'Crokodials' LP+7" Surfer Blood 'Astro Coast' 2xLP blue & red 10 Year Anniversary) Team Dresch 'Choices, Chances, Changes' pink vinyl Throwing Muses 'Purgatory / Paradise' 2xLP 1 left Tom Tom Club 'Genius Of Live 2020' 12" Tones On Tail 'Pop' 1 left Ultravox 'Sleepwalk' 12" [2020 Stereo Mix] clear vinyl Warsaw Pakt 'Needle Time' LP+7" Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt 'Summer Into Winter' [1982] Wild Tchoupitoulas 'Wild Tchoupitoulas' light blue color 1 left Wishbone Ash 'Live Dates II' Wolfgang Press 'Unremembered, Remembered' red vinyl Various Artists 'Beach Boulevard' 2xLP Various Artists 'Cleveland Confidential' Various Artists ‘Land of Sensations & Delights: Psych Pop Sounds of White Whale Records [1965–1970]' 2xLP 1 left Various Artists ‘The Ska (From Jamaica)' 1 left Various Artists 'Studio One From the Vaults, Vol. 2' 2xLP + 12" 1 left Various Artists 'STUDIO ONE Rockers' 2xLP green Various Artists ‘Sunrise On The Blues: Sun Records Curated Vol. 7' Army of Darkness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2 LP] by Joseph LoDuca 1 left Dune Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1984) color vinyl Mulholland, Drew 'A Haunting Strip Of Marshland: 'Ness' Original Sountrack' Planete Sauvage' OST color vinyl by Alain Goraguer CDs Cradle 'The History' Khemmis 'Doomed Heavy Metal'Lothar And The Hand People 'Machines: Amherst 1969' Lothar And The Hand People 'Machines: Amherst 1969'
  3. UPDATE: 5 of 6 shipped, looks like I'm not getting the Milemarker LP.
  4. Fuckin' FINALLY. I was negotiating with Chris Sorensen like TEN YEARS AGO to try and press this, and I know I haven't been the only person to try over the years. Maybe we'll see it in time for the EP's 20th anniversary in 2023, ha!
  5. My DD order — six LPs for $27.62. I only added the Belle & Sebastian one to get myself free shipping, lol: Afterlife Light Years 8054521840555 LP 1 $5.53 $5.53 How To Solve Our Human Problems (part 2) Belle and Sebastian 744861119517 LP 1 $3.99 $3.99 Overseas Milemarker 643859884010 LP 1 $5.18 $5.18 Saboteur Silver Snakes 881034113405 LP 1 $6.31 $6.31 Somewhere Between Wrong Is Right Kill Holiday 098796007716 LP 1 $3.99 $3.99 Sunshine [Import] Auxes 643859858011 LP 1 $5.08 $5.08 Subtotal Promo Code: ENJOY Standard Shipping Sales Tax Total 6 $4.51 8% $30.08 ($4.51) $0.00 $2.05 $27.62
  6. Jeff Rosenstock - N O D R E A M https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl W5XAB4W4SB2JTS3C
  7. $1.75 million sounds impressive until you realize it's gross, not net, that number is pre-taxes, and it's split five ways minimum (likely upwards of 10 ways — five band members, management company, record label and merch company). So yeah, it's good money if you can get it, but remember, Virgil grossed $1 million with Vinyl Collective back in 2008 or something. Look how well that worked out for him!
  8. Dude, I haven't even thought about this band in years. There's no anger here! Whereas you're a complete stranger who joined a message board and bumped a decade-old thread just to brag about a band who you literally have to be related to in some capacity, because seriously, who else would give a shit?
  9. Literally anyone can become a contributor to Forbes. It's an unpaid position. It means absolutely nothing in the long run, just like anything this band will ever produce: https://www.joshsteimle.com/writing/how-being-a-forbes-contributor-works.html Welcome to the board, though! Which band member's father are you?
  10. Wild to me that this still hasn't been repressed. I've been sitting on an OG copy in perfect condition that I bought for something like $12 from Virgil back in the old VC days, and my wife and I probably discuss once a month if we should sell it or not.
  11. The New Trust - We Are Fast-Moving Motherfuckers. We Are Women And Men Of Action. http://thenewtrust.bandcamp.com/yum hsmj-c58m
  12. Here's a few Polyvinyl releases: Rainer Maria - S/T G5YN93DYAS6H27HS Owen - Other People's Songs 7EVNT5F59G8XMEXP V/A - Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl (this comp rules, it's 20 PV bands covering their favorite songs from PV's back catalog) 7FZZU766F3VJV5FN All redeemable at http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl