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  1. This is a great deal -- use the code 20OFF2018 to get 20% off everything in Murder By Death's store plus free shipping. That brings their box set down to only $160, which is a steal: http://store.murderbydeath.com/category/vinyl The code works for everything in their store, too, not just vinyl.
  2. Holding out until someone in the US is selling it, but will 100% buy at that point.
  3. scottheisel

    various download codes

    Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed? (3 downloads left) https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=76417C21DFAE57F176E1DF9EDA80524C
  4. Going to see this tour in Cleveland tonight, hopefully they have the vinyl of the new EP available. I'm also flying to Seattle for the very last show in December, anyone else (besides @jhulud) going? Also also, I have a ticket for the second-to-last show on Saturday for sale, PM me if you're interested in it.
  5. This and Maritime's We, The Vehicles are the two best albums Davey Von Bohlen has ever made. Fight me about it.
  6. THE MAYFIELD ERA... HAS BEGUN! Glad I picked him up in the 15th round.
  7. scottheisel

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Ordered nine records in that Rough Trade sale, ended up getting seven of them. (The only things I struck out on where the Chris Staples LP for $2.50 and the Andrew McMahon LP for $4.50.) The Dictators 10-inch is pretty worn, but everything else looks good on a first inspection. And shit, I just paid $33 for nearly $150 worth of records. I'm good!
  8. scottheisel

    PO: Dashboard Confessional Reissues

    Technically "Vindicated" was on Dusk And Summer two different times. On the original release, it's a hidden pre-gap track (if you put the CD in a regular CD player and hold down the rewind button from track 1, you can get to it). The album was later re-released with "Vindicated" in the middle of the tracklisting, as well as the revised version of "Stolen."
  9. I would buy the Definitive Act immediately. That album rips. Is there no one in the band who was on that record? I don't know who's playing with them now but I figured Gabe was still on drums, at least.
  10. Anybody else going to All In?
  11. Good record, but waaaaaaaaaay too much money.
  12. I've seen my fair share of stinkers with my MoviePass, but Mile 22 might've been the worst yet. Yeesh. Gonna hit up The Meg tomorrow though, stoked for that one.
  13. No keepers for my team. As for draft times, Fridays through Mondays are usually my best days. If it's on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, I'm generally not available until 9pm ET.