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  1. Limited To One, Academy Annex and Generations are all the correct answers, but I also wanted to recommend Black Gold in Cobble Hill. Combination record store/coffee shop in a really cool part of Brooklyn that has a relatively small but well curated selection of mostly used stuff. https://instagram.com/blackgoldrecords?igshid=1w9kflvbifucy
  2. I paid far far far too much for a Weezer test press because of this. Good luck, Walt!
  3. I slept on this. If anyone doesn't want their copy, PM me.
  4. AEW is my favorite wrestling on TV right now, bar none. I still like NXT and will always give attention to main roster WWE too, but AEW is the only thing that’s actually exciting me right now.
  5. Well shit. I bought the Hold Steady 10-inch through your Discogs store the other day. Wish I would’ve waited!
  6. This is a great deal, but what’s up with your shipping calculator? It says it will cost $9.15 to ship two LPs, which is definitely not accurate!
  7. 10% off everything + free shipping on orders over $49 at RevHQ this weekend: https://revhq.com/
  8. https://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/643858-thanksgiving-sale-5x-random-lps-enamel-pin
  9. Three One G is offering 10% off and a free patch with every order with code POOF: https://kingsroadmerch.com/three-one-g/
  10. All music is 50% off at Carpark Records, vinyl included: http://store.carparkrecords.com/ Discount is applied in the cart. Go buy every Cloud Nothings record and thank me later.
  11. Picked up Lizzo, both Cheap Trick releases and Tenacious D. Debated getting the Jeff Buckley 12-inch but ended up passing on it. The only thing I really wanted that my store didn't have was the Hold Steady.
  12. My Mind's Eye in Cleveland had one of these left when I stopped by there a few hours ago. Call them to order over the phone: (216) 521-6660
  13. Popmarket is offering 15% off + free shipping on all in-stock orders with code BFPOP15: https://www.popmarket.com/