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  1. Ha! Not likely. The plates were accidentally destroyed by the pressing plant years ago.
  2. This album is good, but that "High five, yeah right / Down low, too slow" song is sooooo cringey.
  3. I'm wondering this myself, as I'm currently having a mono jukebox being restored and wondering if I can play stereo records in it or not.
  4. I went to the Cleveland stop of this today. It was verrrry cold, but that's what they get for setting up on the shore of Lake Erie in late September. It didn't feel like the records were really very organized (maybe they were at the start of the tour, but not now), and pricing was wildly inconsistent — for example, I'd see the same brand new, factory-sealed record priced at $20 and at $25. Tons of records weren't even priced either. So yeah, super-disorganized, but it was worth digging through the scratch-and-dent bins for some deals. I got two Tallest Man On Earth LPs and the new Seam Numero reissue for $10 each, plus the Indian Summer collection for $20 new. They threw in a tote bag with a handful of stickers/buttons/patches inside it too.
  5. Yeah, I'm super-stoked for these shows. AEW is must-watch TV right now.
  6. Outside of that Isbell release, RSDBF is a steaming pile of dung. Who buys this crap?
  7. All Out was incredible last night. Easily worth the $50 I paid for it. That Lucha Bros/Young Bucks cage match was INSANE. Punk looked good, and I’m so stoked Bryan Danielson showed up.
  8. Teenage Bottlerocket - Sick Sesh! https://u2955889.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=domfbLmOGzEsM99l7US2S2id-2FuRt982H81qMgQPzKv2gYaUG-2BFDqVgxqY8EMpeayEz2hGFdZ8eMYhYjqNyxQov21awccA2sVEKMzGxYarIk-3DHQJB_6pJcKsw2A3cmd-2BpCffAg2B5yXJ2WShQ-2BxX21p4ypJyoGOYyY3dMe60UuYhfsX5IUZ0AXUlNpTh5SoxZucxJtvoLKuLdUs7FNVwL5VDuvcEt36E-2BMI3Ychy-2Bjowa14kvQ5MxyEagxFk1vsFjIe1qPC1YWuX7Yx7FC0AVCBeaGG55-2FX1a3kQIbinFS5e5RDTH9xkid2uR9hIYikSvjJkHCKg-3D-3D
  9. Hard disagree, The Underground Is A Dying Breed was HRC's best record.
  10. I didn't, but instead I got baked as hell and ate an entire bag of jerk chicken Wavy Lay's while gleefully screaming at my TV screen.

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