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  1. I’ve put serious thought into this, and have decided against it only because it would then encourage me to buy even more 7-inches. If I limit it to stuff that is already large hole, it at least prevents *some* excessive spending…
  2. Damn, the tests were large-hole 45s? I gotta go check the No Idea Collector's Corner to see if any of those are left, I need these records for my jukebox!
  3. That's what's been available on Amazon the whole time (and it's currently only $20 Prime, too).
  4. I misspoke; the bonus 7-inch was included on the CD, but only subscribers received the bonus 7-inch. (source: https://www.discogs.com/release/1211733-Chuck-Ragan-Open-Up-And-Wail-Trenchfoot) So yeah, the bonus stuff was a button, a sticker, an extra 7-inch and the CD.
  5. I mean, there was also a bonus 7-inch that was left off the CD. That was nice.
  6. https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/cm2023?utm_id=cybermonday
  7. The text on the Altpress page is 10000000% AI generated. What a fucking terrible company. (I know, I worked there for a decade!)
  8. Blue Elan Records' BF sale is still going on through today — 50% off a bunch of titles from Cory Branan, KT Tunstall, Ozomatli + more: https://blueelan.com/collections/shop?page=2&pf_t_explore_by=Vinyl
  9. So RSD just launched an online marketplace for participating stores to unload RSD stock: https://rsdmrkt.com/
  10. ...and I'm spent. (I'm also apparently on every record label ever's mailing list.)
  11. The weird thing is, I reached out to them a few years ago about writing some of their zines, and they were super gung ho until I asked how much they pay — then the email chain went suddenly silent...

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