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  1. It truly is wild how good Wasting Light was. It really felt like the band found their footing again after three straight so-so albums (One By One is trash, In Your Honor, like every double album, could be pared down to one disc, and Echoes... is too scattershot). If I play Foo Fighters these days, it's either Wasting Light or Colour And The Shape.
  2. Saw the first single on SNL, wasn't really feeling it. Barely listened to Concrete & Gold either, and didn't find a whole lot to love in Sonic Highways. Maybe I just don't like this band anymore? The first three records are still top notch, as is Wasting Light, however.
  3. I didn't listen to SF's covers, but STD's covers sound like Chris playing with a drum machine. How on earth does this cost $14?!? And how did it already sell out?!?!?!?
  4. What's the music sound like? I wasn't super into Josh's most recent band, Jackson Mud, but I'm a longtime Popes fan.
  5. $10 LP sale at Magnolia Record Company: https://magnoliarecord.store/collections/10-sale Heads up: That "Produced By Simone Felice" 10-inch features exclusive songs from Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst and more. Use code TWENTYOFF to save 20%.
  6. I finally got a shipping notification today too, though it was to my old address — I have emailed them repeatedly and asked to have my address changed, and they were weirdly coy about committing to change it. So now I guess I wait to see if the USPS will properly forward it...
  7. There's ads on here? I've been using Adblock Plus and Ghostery for years and don't see a thing.
  8. Now we just need that gif of that one girl pulling her pants up and this will officially be a OG VC thread.
  9. 12/18 was when that mod Jeff (whose screenname was ScriptedRain) went crazy and deleted a whole bunch of shit. I think maybe he even blocked me and other folks? Can't remember now. But I will still NEVER FORGET.
  10. Here's what what I definitely remember seeing at My Mind's Eye Records in Cleveland as of approximately 6pm tonight. They don't do online orders but you can order over the phone: 216-521-6660 7"s Jimi Hendrix 'Message To Love' The Unrighteous Brothers (Orville Peck and Paul Cauther) 'Unchained Melody' Mike Watt + The Secondmen 'In Quintessence' Wurm 'Poison' 10"s Meat Puppets 'Meat Puppets' Rolling Stones 'Steel Wheels Live' Hank Williams '1951 March Of Dimes' LPs/12"s The Black Crowes 'Jealous Again' Canned Heat

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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