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  1. This is what happens when you’ve been buying vinyl for 25 years: https://discogs.page.link/NxW5
  2. Legitimate LOL if you think records cost $17.99 in 1999. I’ll pay $20 for a single LP and feel okay about it. I’ll pay $25 if it’s a double LP or something I absolutely must own. But man, I just can’t drop $30 plus shipping for a CD-sourced reissue. I’ll stick with my OG. Maybe the Wolf will go on sale someday.
  3. The Wolf is an instant buy. I have an OG I Get Wet so I’ll probably wait on that one. AWK forever.
  4. COI013 takes a look at the failure that is the Rockstar Disrupt Tour. Read and subscribe for free: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi013-i-cant-be-honest-with-even
  5. I am guaranteed to have whatever the most recent Weezer album is at the time in my car's CD player, going back to, like, Maladroit, ha. Also in my car's changer right now are two Silkworm albums, a Creeper Lagoon album and a Ted Leo album, I believe, but I rarely play any of them — I listen to a lot more podcasts than music in my car these days.
  6. I'm (hopefully) seeing them this Thursday so I'll know then.
  7. COI012 is a mailbag issue! Keep the questions coming, this was fun: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi012-mailbag-1
  8. Looks like Popmarket is blowing out the exact same shit as Deepdiscount (and some of it's at cheaper prices!): https://www.popmarket.com/closeout-crate/b236603?mod=AP&ft=LP+Vinyl Their free shipping starts at $100, though.
  9. All of my Deepdiscount stuff arrived today in impeccable condition. What a sale, man.
  10. My second order had one record get canceled (Light Years) but it appears they’re still letting me have free shipping, which is tight.
  11. Fuck it, just placed a second order: Item Qty Price Total Subtotal Standard Shipping Sales Tax Total 5 5.75% Subtotal$25.16 Standard Shipping$0.00 Sales Tax$1.45 Total$26.61 Beck Song Reader / Various Various Artists 602537947621 LP 1 $3.99 $3.99 Half Speed Mastered Aleister X 760137567318 LP 1 $5.58 $5.58 I'll See You When I See You Light Years 8054521840005 LP 1 $5.24 $5.24 Islands Ash 4050538368079 LP 1 $6.36 $6.36 Kitchen Table Frank Schweikhardt 799475262944 LP 1 $3.99 $3.99
  12. My order already shipped, no cancelations. Wild times.