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  1. few die hard editions up: http://www.tankcrimes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=1543 4 green: http://www.tankcrimes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=1544
  2. Midheaven is all good. I have ordered thru them several times with no problems.
  3. Up an Inimical clear vinyl. Interpunk has yellow. Guess there is 7 colors total: can order all here: All 7 exclusives: http://inimical.bigcartel.com/product/sfh-jfc-the-fucking-split-special-offer Clear: http://inimical.bigcartel.com/product/star-fucking-hipsters-jesus-fucking-christ-the-fucking-split-7
  4. And more ending in 24 Here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/psychoriley13/m.html?_ipg=&_from=&_nkw=&_armrs=1&_sop=1
  5. got a red & green...With what colors are on the sleeve, I would think blue white or clear or even a grey would have been better choices than green. Hoping it's a opaque red...I have too many transparent red records already I can not believe there are STILL color copies of Lions Share available being only 100. **EDIT**Machete has color copies of Lions...Machete's shipping charges are straight bullshit. They profit on shipping I snoozed and missed color for Hooligan Classics Vol 1...Anyone help me out and get an extra?
  6. And the real kicker is in the description it says Put out by Burger Records....And being able to google burger records and seeing still avail for $6...anyone that stupid doesn't even need a message
  7. And ANOTHER Old Firm 7" split...on red, green or black Didn't know anything about this coming out but up at Randale http://www.randaleshop.de/
  8. Didn't see this posted anywhere. Figured a few might be interested. Not sure how "limited' it is, but hopefully they have some left next week. Crime / Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You're So Repulsive - Tri-color Edition LIMITED EDITION PRESSED ON TRI-COLOR VINYL, AVAILABLE TO MIDHEAVEN CUSTOMERS ONLY Originally released in 1976, this debut single was the first punk rock single to emerge from the U.S. West Coast. As well as being wildly influential in America's hardcore movement, "Hot Wire My Heart" was made famous to a whole new generation by Sonic Youth's faithful cover on their classic Sister
  9. sorry guys definitely not happening...All refunds have been made, let me know if anyone was missed.
  10. Just ordered from Hang up records. I wasn't charged shipping so it was only 5PPD? Not sure if that's an error or what, but order placed! What label are these on? http://store.hanguprecords.com/product_info.php?cPath=33&products_id=319
  11. This is what I was told earlier today, but after seeing all these refunds happening on the thread I called back 30 mins ago and asked for them to look into it now....She said I will be getting a refund can be a day or so to show in my account....My refund showed up within minutes of getting off the phone.
  12. Sorry guys....they never responded back. That's really fucked if you ask me. I mean they could have at least got back to me and say no can't do that....and now I'm fucked outa this release because its sold out....again sorry. I'm out and about right now, just checking some emails, but I'll be refunding tonight when I get home....
  13. Sorry everyone, I just got a cancellation and told 3 only...I emailed back asking about making an exception, and told him it was a group buy with a link to this thread....guess I'lll give em a few days? If want refund now just let me know, or mONDAY evening if I had not got a response, will assume it's definite no and refund all Monday night...SUCKS
  14. Chucks were sold out. But order was placed. Total was $152.45 for 14 copies. Which comes out to $10.90. I just checked my paypal details for the payment of $10.50.... fee amount ends up being .60 so it leaves $9.90.... Please remember...this total does not have shipping from me to you in it. I figured I'd deal with that when they arrive. Will only be $2.50 maybe 3 So anyhow, cost went up a bit. $15 might be more accurate price, that being total with the shipping cost from me to you included. Wasn't thinking about the additional fees added when a measly ship cost will be sent....sorry for

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