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  1. Sup, fellas. Been awhile. I can't keep my addiction alive. 1st press vinyl hunting has cursed me to more harsh bills and having more pieces of plastic that I don't use. So, let's get rid of a few. Hard times are hard and all. Go ahead and offer your offer for them in a message. Please don't fuck with me. I don't wanna hear "$30 for that Juturna one?" or any trading. I'll be pricing checking on Discogs/Popsike and will provide my findings. I've got my tradelist in my sig too. But know a few things... It hasn't been updated in a year so, some thing's on there aren't actually mine anymore. I know PANIC is definitely one. If it's not on this list, it'll be tough to convince me to part with so, get your bartering pants on. Finally, I only have like 7 mailers on hand so, I want these orders to be worth it. I'm sorry, but I won't use a mailer for a $15 vinyl when I can't use it for Juturna or something. Anyways, if you want pictures, I can get you pictures. I ship fucking excellently and get all the proper shipping amenities. I'll be doing this over PayPal and am wanting to get the ball rolling ASAP so, don't expect me to hold it till you get paid next week. Double anyways, thanks. You're all very sweet. Blood Brothers, The - Crimes (Baby Blue w/ Silk Screened Cover - 1st Press - 4/333) Circa Survive - Juturna (White w/ Green Swirl - 2nd Press - /1000) Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Black w/ Blue Swirl - 2nd Press - /750) Dear Hunter, The - Act 3: Life and Death (2LP White - 1st Pressing - /1000) HRVRD - From the Bird's Cage (Yellow/Orange/Grey Splatter Coinflip - 1st Press - /70) La Dispute - Wildlife (2LP Clear/Clear DELUXE - 1st Press - /250)
  2. Picked up the HT variant on the 23rd from Chandler, AZ and got the Yellow/Black yesterday. Question though. My Yellow/Black's 1st disc has two A side labels. Meaning it goes AA/CD. Anyone got this mix up?
  3. PANIC IS SOLD. OCEAN AND SUN IS SOLD. AIM AND IGNITE IS PENDING (Currently held at $110) Everything else is still up for grabs, but I have interest in everything! Again, EMAIL ME PLZ AND TANX.
  4. I can't for the life of me ever follow up on this site so, if you are interested in anything just email me. [email protected] That being said, I need a lot of money. I know I won't even come close to enough with these, but I gotta start somewhere. I'm not looking for low balls. Some of these are hard to come by and I do my 'search yah dig. The Complete Color Spectrum by The Dear Hunter (Signed CD Boxset) Illumination ritual by Appleseed cast - blue/green SIGNED Doppelgänger by Fall of Troy - Red/Black Bone Splatter Inuit sessions by circa survive - pink Let me know. Trade list in sig if you're interested in any of those. Only have like 5 mailers so, they'll have to be worth my while. Thanks, y'all. Remember, EMAIL ME!