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  1. Well he decided to ship the record back after saying he wouldn't until I gave him a refund. Luckily the pictures check out and he did ship the exact same record I sent him (always worried someone has a defective one and will try and return the bad one). Listening to it right now, as expected, absolutely no issues. Not worth taking it up with eBay though after all of this. I will probably offer it to the second highest bidder, but I'm definitely very iffy on it. It's reassuring listening to it seeing there's nothing wrong, cause I definitely had those moments of "what if I somehow didn't catch it?". Gotta hand it to the seller though, he shipped it back very well packaged. I was totally expecting a half assed packing job as a nice F-You to me.
  2. 100% positive, member for over 10 years (star count is in the 40's).
  3. Doing that as we speak. It's even part of their policy, he can't fight it.
  4. So I set up the return and now he says he doesn't trust it and requires a full refund before I ship it back. What a joke.
  5. I can safely say I'm done selling (at least records) on eBay after all of this. Seen too many stories of buyers abusing eBay's money back guarantee.
  6. Two things: I don't mind negative feedback because I don't plan to sell anything on eBay. I've sold about 3 things and after this headache I probably won't bother Say I sent it in perfect condition, I get it back in a worse condition then I sent it (maybe the issue he's having was caused by something he did), do I have any protection?
  7. That's what I was worried about. Man, this sucks, haha.
  8. If he did file a complaint to eBay, would I be in the wrong? I just feel like the lack of proof gives me the upper hand.
  9. Do you think this is a better option than fighting for him to keep it and for me to keep the money? Side note: Am I protected if I receive the record and absolutely nothing is wrong with it and I provide proof it plays perfectly?
  10. Hey guys, I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I need some help. Basically, beginning of this month, sold a record on eBay. The bidding got increasingly high, and ended at about $150. I promptly shipped out the record after payment received (packaged properly) and all was good! Until a few days ago. The buyer is claiming that the record is having playback issues (audio cutting in and out, he claims due to warping) and is insisting on a refund. I played this record not too long ago before selling it and there was absolutely no issues like this. To me, it sounds like it's the fault of his setup. I respectfully respond to him asking to please check all adjustments on his turntable to make sure it's not a fault of his player (maybe an imbalanced tone arm, or something). I feel like he is having buyers remorse, but I will never come to a conclusion without proof regardless. He is very quick to say it is not his set up and keeps demanding a refund. I ask then if he can please provide provide proof of this issue (either a video of the record playing on his table with the audio cutting in and out, or a picture of the warp). He says that he does not have a video camera and cannot provide proof, while still insisting on the refund. I even ask as far as saying if he can provide an audio recording of it, but he dodges the question. Tomorrow (the 29th) is the first day that i'm eligible to get eBay involved and to make the decision. Now at this point I'm thinking, well, I have nothing to lose cause if eBay gets involved and I lose, he gets his money back and I get my record. But after reading several people's experiences, apparently, a lot of the time eBay will have the buyer keep the item AND refund him the money. I have no idea how accurate that is, but there are multiple people saying it happened to them. His last message said 'are you giving me a refund or not". Am I better off not responding to this message, and getting eBay involved tomorrow? Is it not worth fighting and should I give in? I feel like not being able to provide proof is a pretty legitimate reason to not accept a return. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, maybe I just worry to much. Thanks!
  11. Is there any difference between the Phono Box MM and the Phono Box MM/MC (besides being able to switch between MM and MC, obviously). And for that matter, are the pre's on the MM, MM/MC, and S box all the same? Just added bells and whistles? Trying to find what is best for my set up. Have heard a lot about the Mani! Any reason that you'd choose it over the Pro-ject besides price? I'm bummed, had a chance to grab a Pro-ject Phono Pre MM/MC for $79 on ebay earlier, but the guy sold the 3 he had today
  12. I'm really torn on a preamp for my setup. I have a Pro-ject Debut Carbon, Yamaha A-s500, and a set of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's. Long story short, phono preamp on the A-S500 is shot, so looking for a good replacement. Got a free ART DJ Pre II to use in the meantime but don't really care to much for it. Was eyeing the Pro-ject preamps (Phono Box MM - Phono Box S) or potentially the U-Turn Pluto. Any thoughts on these? Prefer to keep the budget under $200 if possible.
  13. Selling a few rare-ish records! Thursday - A City By The Light Divided (black/red/white splatter) /1000 http://www.ebay.com/itm/281947971559 Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (clear) /2000 http://www.ebay.com/itm/281947958584 The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie EP 10" (grey/marble) http://www.ebay.com/itm/281947967089
  14. If you're looking for an EQ pedal, I HIGHLY recommend the MXR 10 Band EQ. Not to tell you what to do or anything, but personally choosing that over the Boss EQ was one of the best decisions i've made!