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  1. Lol at saying this is “weird”. All 3 tracks fucking rule. Love this new one especially.
  2. I super disagree with all of this. Not only is Josh a founding member, he hasn’t released anything really (bedsides maybe a single digitally) to be “profiting” from it. You said it yourself. Also this single sounds very TTA, and picks up right where “Immolate Yourself” left off. They (I say “they” because Cooper also wrote Immolate) haven’t sounded like they did during “FFE” in years. This new track captures the new direction they were going perfectly imo. The single is great and I’m super excited for this record.
  3. Anyone going to the record release tonight that can pick me up the record release cover LP? I’ll tip. HMU!
  4. Havent bought/collected in a while but this band is bringing me back. looking for: Time + Space (color) - Any besides white Move Thru Me: -300 Pink -500 Yellow (Deathwish Inc Exclusive) -Tour or Record Release Hit me up if you have any of the above. Cash ready. Down to trade too. Thanks!
  5. Ordered. Loved “I like it when you sleep” and all 3 of their new singles have been super solid. Can’t get enough of “Love it if we made it.”
  6. Anyone got a Suspiria they’d be willing to sell or trade? Got vinyl and posters if that’s your sort of thing. Need it to go with my deep red. pm me
  7. Blue Line Baby is on Spotify now randomly and it’s got me super fucking excited for this album. Amazing song
  8. Looking for this Variant specifically of this incredible record. Hit Me up if you have one for sale or trade! Thanks! Culture Abuse “Peach” Pink in milky clear
  9. I picked mine up today and it was also yellow, looked up the shop that posted the Red/yellow and they are located in the UK so it’s probably the Euro Indie exclusive (bummer). So many variants of this LOL. There’s also a Pink out there also, my guess is that it’s the tour color since Jeremy from TA is the only person I’ve seen with it.
  10. Bump cause this album rules and deserves to be on the front page ALSO: Video for Dip dropped. There is a retail color of Red/Yellow Swirl /900
  11. Missed the /100 but grabbed the Deluxe. 4 bonus tracks. Can’t wait
  12. Zero Day is on Spotify and hot damn it’s good. Ready for the video tomorrow.