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  1. I have up for trade, a brand new sealed copy of Twenty One Pilots the LC LP which was a Record Store Day 2015 Exclusive! It is a red 7" vinyl cut into the shape of Ohio! I know that this is a vinyl site, but I was hoping to see if I could trade it for some playstation games. Any system will do, I just want to work on my Playstation library. I might be willing to sell if someone gives me a good enough offer. I haven't done a trade on here in a while but I am reliable and I do have an Ebay account with some feed back (100% feedback though). Let me know if anyone is interested.
  2. If you have any unwanted video games (preferably in bulk) I would like to buy them! I would like to buy anything from the N64 and PS1 generation to current gen! I am a collector at heart and so are my friends so your games will not be going to a reseller like most people! Please let me know if you have anything! But do note if they are all sports games don't message me because they are way too common and easily accessible.
  3. I have the lift a sail one I believe! Except I thought it was white with multicolor swirl (or at least it says it's white but it does appear blue)
  4. So my little sister has put me on the impossible task of find here this album. And like a good brother I'm on the case. Does anyone have this album and are willing to sell it because she doesn't wanna pay 50+ dollars for the one on discogs. Thanks for your time!
  5. Soooo if someone has an extra one of these which I'm assuming not id like to take it off your hands! But I did find a black repress of Brand New's the Devil and God that I'd be willing to trade! Please let me know!
  6. Wish I coulda gotten that dcfc, I actually went to one of those concerts! :/
  7. I am in need of a bit of money and i have for sale my copy of Sublime's Acoustic Album on Picture disk! This thing is beautiful and I have listened to it once since buying it this summer. There are no skips and sounds great! Please message me an offer!
  8. Well it's up to you if you want a lil extra cash! I can tell you already I have a Mario kart and will probably be buying another because mine is in rough shape (note above) but I have zelda and super mario rpg already. Those and the three final fantasy games they released I believe are my only RPGs I own. I don't have any super mario games or DK games.
  9. i sent him a message. I have a mario kart already but mine is in terrible condition

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