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  1. Long shot, but is anyone selling an extra ticket (at or close to face) to see the trio tomorrow 5/24 at the best buy theater in NYC? Message me. Thanks!
  2. Just ordered the pink/black Mania from Bridge 9, so no longer need the RSD release. Thanks everyone!
  3. Got a copy of straylight. Just need NFG Mania.
  4. Thanks, but the shipping to US is like $40.
  5. I couldn't get to the store until later yesterday and they sold out of both; New Found Glory Mania and Straylight Run Prepare to be Wrong. If anyone wants to sell, let me know. Thanks!
  6. I placed an order for Louder Now last week with CD Universe. It says its back ordered but they let you put the order in. Someone on here had mentioned they got it shipped a few weeks back, so its worth a shot if you wanted.