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  1. henster311

    PO The Agony Scene "Tormentor"

    You think there will be other variants?
  2. ive seen pokemon talk here before so i figured id get these out. i got a handful of codes for that new promo event happening at target. message me if you want one, ill send the code over. ENTEI - LV. 100* w/ Gold Bottle Cap (Ultra Sun) RAIKOU - LV. 100* w/ Gold Bottle Cap (Ultra Moon) *LV. 60 on Sun & Moon
  3. henster311

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    Theres some Mad Max ones at my target right now. Some chase ones too. I'll be leaving around 8pm. Lemme know
  4. henster311

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    my target had 2 vaders for about 10 minutes. my target didnt even get the ren and stimpy ones. i had to go to another target.
  5. henster311

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    my target does that too, but then sometimes its great. im transferring to another store so maybe this one will be better. i might be stupid, maybe they did years ago but they need to release a fight club series. Tyler, Jack and Marla.
  6. henster311

    Rap Discussion Thread

    Sno Tha Product i think she is great, she has her poppy'ish love songs/raps but she can throw down. Angel Haze too both have quite a bit of stuff out there, mixtapes and whatnot.
  7. henster311

    Louisville, KY trip

    I recently just went there to photograph a wedding. My friends got married at Buffalo Trace, which was reeeeally cool. My buddy is huge into bourbon and works for Rabbit Hole. so it was a big deal for them to have the wedding at the distillery. That was my first time ever in KY. I spent two days down at the Red River Gorge which was amazing if you wanna hike / camp / swim, bit of a drive from louisville though. thats all i got.
  8. henster311

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    i work ap at target, so im always there. if anyone wants me to look for some "target exclusives" or for anything else that they are missing or thats coming out let me know, ill do my best to try and locate. funny thing - i missed out on the the target dog "bullseye" pop.
  9. henster311

    PO NOW: Evergreen Terrace - Wolfbiker

    http://backbiterecords.tictail.com/product/casey-jones-the-messenger-lp-clear and some other variants as well.
  10. henster311

    PO NOW: Evergreen Terrace - Wolfbiker

    thank you for editing your post haha, i would have never known.
  11. /300 (band exclusive) https://www.indiemerch.com/thyartismurder/item/52258 some other bundle options available as well with this variant there's a few retailer variants but the links aren't working https://www.thyartismurder.net/ scroll down
  12. henster311

    TITANFALL 2 - Mountain Dew codes FREE

    message me if you want a code ill give it to you, i have a bunch and will give out two to whoever, wanna make sure everyone gets one who wants. no more pp, im sorry. message me
  13. yeah i hope more people will post more here - its great to show work, even if you're not confident in your own work. you can learn a lot from other artists. you can even learn something about yourself, which is awesome. thats the one thing i miss about school, is our critiques. we would bring in prints and take turns discussing everyones work and what we thought.
  14. heya duders - I have some codes for TITANFALL 2 from the 6pack of mountain dew. just like I stated before for madden - I have a good rep here and would do nothing to ruin it. not sure if there's a difference in codes - doritos or mountain dew. pp $666 for a code - message me interested CODE WILL UNLOCK: Dubbed “Coliseum,” the one-on-one game mode will be available through codes on the packaging of both Mountain Dew and Doritos. Purchasing either of the two products will also give you a chance to win additional Titan skins and a special execution, as well as bonus XP. "Accessible only by Coliseum tickets, this fast, ruthless game mode is determined by the best two out of three,” Mountain Dew and Doritos state in a release obtained by Polygon. “This winner walks away with gifts and unlockables in the form of Advocate Gifts." these codes actually seem pretty cool compared to the madden ones!
  15. henster311

    PO: Eve 6 debut on vinyl!

    this is great, finally!