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  1. Thanks for posting this for us. Here's the track "Alarm" that premiered today. https://soundcloud.com/science-of-silence-records/city-of-ships-alarm
  2. Golden Antenna coming on board for the EU version was a late addition from the band after we already ordered our vinyl, so at the time of posting the pre-order is was exclusive to SOS. On another note, we are giving away a test press ( /15) for this release. Anyone that pre-orders is entered and a winner will be chosen at random when we're packing up orders in a couple weeks.
  3. UPDATE: Orders are getting packed up tomorrow and will be shipped out by Friday. Below are links to check out the purple & magenta vinyl. Pretty crazy how the same vinyl looks different depending on the light. Place your order by Friday morning to guarantee shipment with the first batch. http://s0.limitedrun.com/images/1099522/PFS_Purple.jpg http://s0.limitedrun.com/images/1099523/PFS_Magenta.jpg
  4. Anyone that pre-ordered this way back in July, you will be happy to know that after many delays your vinyl is officially in the mail as of today. Packages should start showing up within the next couple days, most should have by the end of the week unless it was an international order. Thanks for being so patient with this one. We had absolutely no control and was completely out of our hands since it was a Prosthetic release.
  5. For anyone that ordered this release... we found out from Prosthetic that there was yet another delay with the pressing of this album. We are very sorry about this as it is completely out of our control. Contact us if you have any questions about your order. Thanks for understanding and being so patient.
  6. Right now there's no plans for the Blood Is Bright EP. Sometime next week the pre-orders will go live... same day as the Pray For Sound pre-order.
  7. Science of Silence Records has teamed up with Junius for their 10 year anniversary and will be re-issuing their Forcing Out The Silence EP on limited-edition etched vinyl! This album has also been remastered for vinyl by Will Benoit. Pre-orders are up now at www.scienceofsilence.net Vinyl is limited to 500 with four different variants: Black (180g) [sOS Exclusive], White [band Exclusive], Red & White/Black Swirl.
  8. We sent out an update to anyone who pre-ordered the vinyl on release day. There was a production delay with Prosthetic Records and we hope to have the vinyl in hand by the end of the month and get them out soon thereafter. If there's any other delays we'll let you know.
  9. Can't give away any information yet since it's not finished yet. We'll be announcing when the pre-order goes live which should be by the end of the month. No plans to repress Red Forest at this time, but you never know...
  10. Science of Silence Records will be releasing Pray For Sound's debut LP "Dreamer" on vinyl November 18th. There will be more pre-order information soon, but we'll have three vinyl colors available... white, clear w/ purple swirl & clear w/ magenta swirl. 500 will be pressed. Pre-orders are now live at www.scienceofsilence.net. 8 test presses are also available. You can stream the album in full here: https://scienceofsilencerecords.bandcamp.com/album/dreamer UPDATE: In addition to its vinyl release, Science of Silence Records will have a completely remixed Dreamer digital companion piece also available on November 18th. "Dreamixer" will be included with all vinyl purchases. More details to be announced soon.
  11. New song "The Last Night, A Vivid Memory" is now online - https://soundcloud.com/setandsetting-official/the-last-night-a-vivid-memory
  12. Just an FYI - Prosthetic is in charge of all the manufacturing on this, we didn't have anything to do with it. They were nice enough to give us our own color. Guessing they will be shrink wrapped though. If you place an order and want the vinyl packed outside the jacket just leave a note when checking out. Thanks for all the kind words from everyone, really appreciate it. We have an official SOS release that we're working on now that you all should be pretty excited about which looks to be released in late October. Hope to announce it soon. Also working on a couple early 2015 releases now too! Additionally, we have learned from past releases. All of our releases (starting with Set and Setting's "Equanimity") are now in polybags instead of being shrink wrapped.
  13. This variant is /200. We have the online exclusive which we have 100 and the band has the other 100 which they have to sell at shows.