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  1. Damn. Really digging Black Earth. Going through their back catalogue now. Probably gonna end up buying all their stuff.
  2. Tour announced. Got tickets for DC. Stoked. I’ve somehow never seen them live.
  3. Kinda tempted by the McCartney box even though I have the individual albums. But I love a box set.
  4. Any word on the Movielife - Gambling release? Haven’t heard anything and it was due for late March, yah?
  5. I’m not sure what they have there. I think they rotate stuff? I found this copy at Reckless Records. I used to own it, but sold it ten years ago for rent money. So I’ve been wanting to get it back for a long time. Picked up some other records too, but I’m going to another Reckless location to check out if they have other Numero releases.
  6. I found the box set at Reckless Records in Chicago so had to get it. Too bad Numero Outlet is only open on fridays, or I would have gone there. Maybe it’s good cause that probably saved me a lot of money. Haha.
  7. Opening a credit card for records, amazing. Scratch that, opening a credit card for one record. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all.
  8. That cloudy clear looks cool, but almost $34 for single LP shipped is pretty steep.
  9. Agreed. Hoping for simple, single transparent colors myself. My hopes / guesses: YPAA - Coke bottle or transparent green. Electra - Clear Downward - Transparent Blue (again) Inlet - Transparent purple
  10. Weird. I posted it on there and haven’t heard a thing. Sounds like typical mod behavior to me.
  11. Agreed. $30 for a single LP is lame. Especially when all they did was color the record. Same plates, same jacket, etc. It’s a simple repress.

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