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  1. Grabbed Piñata 1974 and Alfredo while I was at it. My shop surprisingly got like 10 copies in. They just started carrying hip hop (tiny shop) recently so I grab a must have album every time I’m there.
  2. That looks rad. I can say I definitely don’t have a record that matches this variant.
  3. Good luck, homie! It would be cool if they sold the box by itself at some point.
  4. I bet Clutch is gonna be hard to find. And if I randomly found it it would have been hard to say no even though I own all but 2 releases in that box.
  5. I have an order through Best Buy that was supposed to be delivered Friday and then got a shipping delay.
  6. Debating hitting you my local shop in the morning for Freddie Gibbs. The only thing I want this go around. But also considering just paying a little more tomorrow or down the road to save the waking up early / hunting it down.
  7. It just says gold, but is completely possible it’s the indie retail golden yellow.
  8. Wondering if the pre order I have on Bull will be the variant they showed. Or if it’ll be black for an indie retail and that variant for their store. Interested to see what they announce.
  9. Gold: http://store.landlockedmusic.com/product/julien-baker-little-oblivions
  10. Yah, I got mine at a local Barnes and Noble. (My local shop didn’t have any.)
  11. Glad I ordered the red when I did. I know it’s Paul but I didn’t expect a /3000 variant to sell out in a few hours.