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  1. Oh absolutely. Especially when it's all sold out (not sure on quantities), and the shipping rates are fucked up and charged $39 for shipping on that poster. So you paid $0 cause you're unemployed, but then $39 for shipping? Sureeeee. I'm unemployed, but just got a job (start next week), so I paid for everything I got.
  2. Info: https://livefrom.events/thursday/ Merch / Tickets: https://store.livefrom.events/collections/thursday-presents-signals-v-1 LIVESTREAM: - Aug 19th. 4PM EST - Rebroadcast Aug. 20th. 4PM thru to Aug. 22nd 4PM - Can watch unlimited times during that 48hr rebroadcast window. Notes: - Free options for unemployed, now sold out. - Shipping rates are now updated. They were wayyy overpriced for the first hour. - The merch is technically a pre-order where they will print based on the orders they get.
  3. Looking to grab TMR Vault Packages. Let me know if you wanna sell any of the following: Vault #22 - Jack White - Live At Bonnaroo Vault #27 - Jack White And The Bricks / Two Star Tabernacle / The Go - Live At The Gold Dollar Vault #30 - The Kills / The Dead Weather / The Raconteurs - III0 Vault #32 - The Dead Weather - Live At The Mayan Vault #33 - The White Stripes - Icky Thump XX - *I have just the 2xLP album, but would love the rest. Will buy a complete set still though. Vault #34 - The White Stripes - Live At Detroit Vault #42 - The White Stripes - S/T XX Would prefer the complete vault package. Don't want to buy partial copies unless it's #33 minus the 2xLP. Thanks!
  4. Spinning De Stijl XX and it sounds great. Love hearing the studio demos.
  5. Yah, I actually really prefer this version. It fits really well.
  6. Yah, he said they don't have any, but he could send me out a silver. I said thanks but not to worry about it as I already have that variant. A little bummed, but grade A customer service.
  7. Order an item and said it was delivered. I didn't get it. Had them send out another. Said it arrived. I didn't get it. (Saturday) It then showed up Monday with another package. So weird.
  8. Yup. I emailed them to see if they have any of seaglass variant. I sent them pictures and said JPC German variant but I guess they didn’t understand. Haha.
  9. My JPC replacement form SS came, but they sent a red variant. Hmm.
  10. Yah but it's only $246 for one of every analog release, and free shipping! So you save that Media Mail charge of $4 and that "I'm Taylor Swift, I'm gonna charge you more cause I want to and you'll like it" $3 fee. Silver linings.
  11. I emailed MerchNow about adding media mail to the Good Fight store. It’s strange cause other MerchNow stores have media mail and GF doesn’t.
  12. I like how the image for the 7” is just a smaller version of the 12”. *click to select and click top corner and drag anddddd smaller. Perfect.*
  13. No idea how fast the turn around will be, but I’ll keep the thread updated. They also might be able to open some more up from the first batch.