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  1. Yah I’m curious what the delay was. Various members on various podcasts saying “soon” / “next week” etc to some degree of an announcement and just crickets. Also really curious what the TID The Season line up is gonna be. I got tickets cause 2019 was so fun I didn’t wanna miss it even though the bands aren’t announced yet. Haha.
  2. My local shop said there was a fire and they didn’t get a lot (80%) of what they ordered. I wonder how extensive that fire was and what exactly was effected.
  3. At least it’s on streaming apps now. Listen on Apple Music. Sounds great.
  4. My good buddy is friends with Rami. I’m gonna see what the deal with the records are: see if they’re holding copies for tour, if there are more, etc. Pretty wild 12,000 are this hard to come by, even considering it’s Foo.
  5. https://returntoanalogrecords.com/products/dead-by-daylight-ost-rsd-canada-exclusive?_pos=1&_sid=d87a31e02&_ss=r
  6. Foo is always hard to find on RSD cause people who don't normally care about records will go out to buy it. I've had it happen for Medium Rare and Laundry Room, but ended up getting both. They were just more challenging than you'd think.
  7. https://lunchboxrecords.com/collections/rsd-drops/products/foo-fighters-dee-gees-hail-satin-rsd21-lp?variant=39471513272419 6:30PM EST.
  8. FEAR for UK people: https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=79433
  9. They always have stupid prices. I didn't go there even when I lived in Seattle cause he charges 25% more for normal releases, let alone RSD titles.
  10. Zia had them still a few minutes ago. Got mine from there.

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