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  1. I’m sure the tri will come back in stock. The orange / red version of Dirt restocked periodically.
  2. I honestly like the new album. It’s better than I thought it would be. It’s not amazing by any means (I still hate the opener and will probably always skip it), but it’s fun and their best since AI. Also got a ticket for the Dookie / AI show. A little expensive, but with a gift card I couldn’t pass up hearing Dookie in full.
  3. Hmm. Wonder how Nate feels about it being re-recorded. Nonetheless, definitely seeing them in DC. They still got it.
  4. B&N https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/ohio-players/40879018?ean=0075597900293
  5. Why I was glad to pay the $40 price tag for these. I knew the quality was going to reflect it. Glad to hear they’re great, to no one’s surprise.
  6. I actually really like Look Ma and Dilemma. I’ll probably end up ordering the indie version from Monster Music on their next Saturday sale.
  7. I wonder when we’re gonna start getting more of this reissues. I know Until Your Heart Stops was one of ‘many’ reissues they plan on doing. I’m just curious how long the gaps will be in between them, cause they have a lot to do. Especially with the demand for Jupiter through Perfect Pitch Black. Also, they killed it on Saturday. Well worth the drive up to Jersey and getting back at 5am.
  8. Same. Got the ghostly ones. Those variants usually come out pretty cool. Shipping is lame but at least one LP is a reasonable $25.
  9. Dude. 100%. I find myself tipping more as of late rather than getting a cheap quality shirt that’s just gonna shrink in the first wash. Either that or I buy a print if I like it and tip. I see some photos on IG where it’s $35 at other venues and that’s still too high. It’s hard to tell but they at least look like the soft line of perhaps Alternative Apparel or the like, but still, $35 is a lot.

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