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  1. https://www.xtramilerecordings.com/Shop/PhysicalDetails?pid=XMR_PH_285 red vinyl now.
  2. thepunkguy

    WTB: Black Flag on colored vinyl.

    I did the same thing a few years ago .. I got them all but In My Head and Family Man.. (and of course not What the..) good luck..
  3. dude thanks, love this band and definitely grabbed /100
  4. thepunkguy

    FYE Exclusives

    it wuz a dubbell tye-Po on a dolphin.
  5. thepunkguy

    FYE Exclusives

    it was a double typo on purpose!!!!
  6. thepunkguy

    FYE Exclusives

    " [Excluisve 2LP Red Vinyl]" the ever so elusive Ecluisve red vinyl..
  7. sidebar. how the fuck does Lars not know what a digital download is?
  8. thepunkguy

    Studio Ghibli soundtracks PO

    thank you
  9. thepunkguy

    Studio Ghibli soundtracks PO

    do you have a link for the amazon.jp for all three?
  10. we should all make offers of like .36 cents like 100 of us.
  11. no po yet right? or did I miss it?
  12. so excited to find this.. check it out US - https://www.kingsroadmerch.com/anti-records/artist/?id=137 EU - https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/anti-records/search/?search=promise+ring finally .. not on a ten inch record. now go...
  13. a friend of a friend got me them for me but I haven't gotten them yet.. if someone else doesn't post it by then, I will.