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  1. hey Ian.. I own Limited to One if you want some advice feel free to msg me. I could help from what experience I have . (My shop is 3 years old..) Kristian
  2. unfortunately there might be a bit of a line for that one.. maybe your kids' kids might have a chance.
  3. that's awesome. a few years ago when I was in Japan, I found a copy of the red White Pony vinyl, signed by the whole band including Chi. It's currently one of my favorite things I own.
  4. bought a few this morning. awesome!~~ thanks. my shop is releasing something JC related soon too,. hit me and ill make sure you get one.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333695012332 this started at 75.00
  6. I ordered the STAR from the bright eyes bundle.. and I almost deleted the email but it's like... "The star coordinated at RA 19h36m13. ---' dec 11.06 mag is now registered in the Online Star Register as Kristian S.. Attached are all the PDF-documents that are part of your Online Star Gift. - Personalized star certificate - Personalized letter - OSR code explanation sheet - Personal message Enjoy your star gift!"
  7. did anyone just get a star delivered to them via email (thanks to BE)?
  8. any chance you'd be down to trade for that Boysetsfire TP?
  9. I might be down for a trade for that Champion. if you're interested.
  10. so excited for this. one of my favorite rock bands from this era.
  11. just so you know.. someone posted a wooden box on discogs for WAY too much. however I rarely ever see them pop up!!
  12. Pelican has a cool tour press up. https://pelican.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-the-grog-shop