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  1. thepunkguy

    Help ordering in Japan

    dm me. I have a friend there.
  2. so did mine. my box is utterly fucked. somehow LPs survived tho.
  3. thepunkguy

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    we're not birds, we're a jugband.
  4. thepunkguy

    PO Soon: Restorations - LP5000

    Funny you mention it., I got mine today
  5. man I am so psyched for these.
  6. the great label from NOLA just posted some rare records up.. http://shop.communityrecords.org/ these guys rule and just thought you guys might be into a few.
  7. thepunkguy

    Sale whole list. Serious offers on Misfits

  8. it's weird that they would sell two together. if u look at it quickly it seems like it's one test pressing for 500. when it's actually two. why not sell them seperately. weird.
  9. this seems like it might be a cool idea down the road.. https://exclusives.discogs.com/shop/
  10. SUPER7 posted something about it today on their IG. saying that they were cancelling any items that was bought by multiple people and talking against the "bots" that were used to buy them all up.
  11. yea I did. was trying to buy one for my friend in germany for her bday. (she's sxe but would never spend $50 on that.)
  12. thepunkguy

    WTB: Black Flag on colored vinyl.

    did u get any of the colored presses of Damaged? those seem to be the most $$
  13. thepunkguy

    Treepeople-Actual Re-Enactment

    caught that too today. awesome. thanks