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  1. this is interesting... check it out. http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/ test pressings and cool screened covers!!
  2. where is the limited /200 going to pop up?
  3. thepunkguy

    WTB/T - Dirty Nil Rarities

    .... bump?
  4. thepunkguy

    WTB/T - Dirty Nil Rarities

    WTB/T - Dirty Nil Rarities been looking for all of these for: Dirty Nil Record Club Lathe's 1-4. and any early cassette release. would be willing to trade quite a bit for these. please hit me up if you'd be willing to trade. thanks
  5. yea that dude is selling like two other things I want for dumb prices. ugh
  6. thank you. I jumped through ridiculous hoops to get one..
  7. If you are interested in seeing my copy, I posted it here. Www.instagram.com/recordnerdz
  8. are they numbered?
  9. thepunkguy