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  1. Limited to One would donate a few things. let us know how to help.. - k
  2. it's available for streaming now .. currently listening to it,.
  3. yeah. just working on some things. but he's good...
  4. I know B, he's doing well, I don't think he's out of the band for good. just taking some time..
  5. hey I am sure you guys saw this.. but check this out. https://www.adweek.com/creativity/why-volkswagen-just-moved-the-beetle-on-the-cover-of-abbey-road/
  6. thanks!! I just did it.. hesitantly .. hoping it wasn't going to be.. "congrats you signed up for Scientology!!" but thankfully worked perfect. thanks again.
  7. I don't do 'the Facebook'.. any chance of listing the number or sending me it via message?
  8. not sure if I missed this but does anyone know the pressing info for this year's Riot Fest 10"'s? any ideas? my friend saw two variants, orange / blue split and purple w white haze.. are there other ones?
  9. anyone know the difference in pressing between the two. the uk is 300, should I assume the us is also 300? thoughts?
  10. I don't know. a friend sent that to me when I showed him tguk's post. don't know what's going on... but it seems like something is about to come out.
  11. https://instagram.com/beentherefeltthatoverit?igshid=u9e8w9rgho4h
  12. If anyone wants / or is interested in trading .. I have the /25 test press from the original pressing of this. And would love to find something worthy of trading for it. Dm me.