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  1. love this band, not sure how mathy they are but love love them.
  2. I have an original press of this and I can say that song Easy to Please might be one of their best songs.. it's so so good.
  3. how about some older ones - dianogah, june of 44, rodan , don cab, turing machine, a minor forest, just to name a few..
  4. yeah I got some great stuff stashed away for RSD again. are you going to go to fest this year?
  5. also. it did sell ...
  6. it was 300.. however. I bought it directly from S1D and they charged me 275 for it. no shit. I just wanted it for the shop... so I bought it. made a whopping 25 bucks on it.
  7. not sure if anyone cares... but I have two rare vaporwaves lp test pressing for sale,.. PM me if you're interested. HKE - Dragon Soul James Ferraro - Human Story 3.
  8. this is still available. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/music/hatchie-keepsake looks like it's limited to 100.
  9. three feet high and rising is the record of the month. de la is dead is their 2nd lp and has been sold out for quick minute.
  10. agreeed. that man needs a metal / punk band immediately
  11. coincidentally enough... I bought the four 45's. it wasn't a scam and I got them today. a little rough figuring out how to pay for them (ending up doing COD, which scared me a little)>.. but it worked out. thee end.
  12. which pressing of these? I imagine the latter two are the Matador presses...