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  1. shit . missed the /100. if anyone got two or want to trade, please let me know. I love this band.
  2. just so you know, the /300 is on clear now, not orange. repeater posted this on their IG earlier this week. but yeah. guess it's also pretty close to selling out.
  3. not to get too much into it here. I am involved in this.. it's a long process but we're trying. trust me.
  4. for anyone who cares... two super limited .gif from god represses just went up. /50 each. https://giffromgod.bandcamp.com/album/approximation-of-a-human
  5. new split up - https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/662016-portrayal-of-guilt-slow-fire-pistol-split-ep (/100 still available I think.)
  6. nice.. dumb question.. what's the most limited? is it the 180, /150?
  7. anyone has an extra tape, let me know. I'd be willing to trade something good for it. thanks
  8. side note.. any huge PG fans here that can help me decipher the difference between a few early tapes I have by them?
  9. bought and bought.. damn missed the cassette tho.. hopefully they won't sell out in the next batch I buy..
  10. I wonder why they charged more for the galaxy one if it's less limited. weird.
  11. I did on an earlier page. Adam, the owner has great taste.