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  1. yes indeed. we were going to do a new Push soon. but we have some cool store exclusives coming up... (possibly something Sanction / LIHC related..., a band featuring members of gameface and yellowcard members single and new shirts and totes.. )
  2. you're the best.. thanks Kyle.. Kyle and I will make this great!! and thank you friend.
  3. thanks. I think he had a bad experience cause we had missed a month or two. however, I do say and always will, that if there's any issues, I would love someone talk to me, and i'd correct any problems.. Unfortunately what most people don't realize is that it's just me packing and curating each box alone, without anyone helping. I do appreciate anyone who joined and I am sorry to see anyone go. and I am sure that he had a valid reason why he didn't like it. I just wish we could have talked about it and I could have refunded him or sent him or somethin
  4. I think you're right . We just haven't gotten anything yet..
  5. I'm signed up for daughters but I don't remember what exclusive vinyl they've done. Or has it not happened yet ?
  6. but if you want to sing our Patreon praises.. no one would stop you..
  7. I know this might not be a good thread. however, I thought it might interest a few... So far, I know of two Patreons that offer rare / limited vinyl.. Pallbearer : https://www.patreon.com/pallbearer/posts Evan Weiss / IIOI / Pet Symmetry/ TTT / Etc : https://www.patreon.com/intoitoverit/posts if anyone knows more . please feel free to add...
  8. For Anyone who cares... We have a store exclusive at the shop (Limited to One) of Pain of Truth - No Blame... It's an alt cover, limited to 30. If you're dying for one shipped, hit me.
  9. ha . I saw that tour too. but saw them in the parking lot of Giants Stadium.. what a strange show.
  10. so bummed I missed the /100. please let me know if someone would trade / sell me a copy.
  11. super impressive, I am literally listening to the single for The Fire, The Steel.. as we speak. great band . hard band to collect for sure.

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