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  1. RT @XXL: [email protected] talks to us about his new film and 'The Silent Partner' album w/ @Alchemist https://t.co/KOe1UPlGMa https://t.co/7…

  2. RT @MorpheusSoul: #np The @MorpheusSoul Show (May 5th 16) f. music with @mobbdeephavoc @Alchemist @Babygrande & @methodman https://t.co/ns5…

  3. RT @DJKerosene: New @Phillyfreezer album banging tho... No weak views, only strong sounds.

  4. Their break through album has been re-issued. White vinyl 2LP. These will not last long. Sold out in one day at UGHH. You can order now H E R E
  5. LeftOverCake describes it as “a stunning debut" in its entirety. As the co-founder of 2dopeboyz Shake states, "…this is perfect for those late night car rides through town…or even when you’re chilling in the crib dolo…I’m on my third listen and I don’t plan on putting it away any time soon. This is fantastic stuff." Born in Brooklyn and raised by two Jamaican immigrant parents, Kasim Keto finds his influences in a wide range of places and experiences. Having moved from New York, to Alabama, to Florida and then back to New York within the span of two years as an adolescent, Kasim found sanctity in a diverse array of musical styles, which is today reflected in his eclectic blend of production. Growing up in an impoverished household, Kasim saw music as a method of escape and an outlet for creative expression. Kasim began writing music at the age of 8 and it would go onto become a life-altering experience. At 16 years-old, Kasim began cutting school and, unlike his peers, his days were not spent in relaxation but rather, working through the ranks of various studios to learn pro audio gear in an effort to hone his talent as a producer. As Kasim explains, “working on several local projects and trying to gain notoriety became a facilitator of my musical talents.” After releasing numerous online projects to critical acclaim, Kasim is ready to show the world why he is in a lane of his own. As popular local blog BrooklynBullshit states, “keep an eye out" for Kasim Keto. With an unmatched drive, Kasim blends hip-hop and electro into a cohesive musical journey on his debut album Long Car Rides. Long Car Rides serves as a journey through the mind of Kasim Keto, as he takes listeners on a road trip of sonic delectation that they will not soon forget.
  6. http://www.fatbeats.com/products/wu-tang-wu-tang-meets-the-indie-culture-vol-1-pink-vinyl-2xlp
  7. Honing in on the modern man's struggle, Journalist 103 uses his words to paint vivid pictures of peril, inspiration and overcoming hardship. As the lyricist behind The Left's critically acclaimed 2010 opus, "Gas Mask," Journalist maneuvered through obscurity and rose to infamy as one of Detroit's most celebrated narrators. Throughout the years, he has shared the mic with legends such as Kool G Rap and even lent his voice to the opening track on Proof of D12's out-of-print Detroit classic and now collector's item, "Electric C oolaid Acid Testing." As his name suggests, Journalist 103 is able to articulate his point of view like a true professional, never relying on cheap frills to captivate listeners. "Journalist is a perfectly-titled MC because his raps have no gimmicks....but keep the listener coming back for more because they're expertly-arranged, compellingly delivered, and contain real substance," declares RapReviews.com. Journalist 103 continues his investigative report on the human psyche and charters new territory on his solo debut, "Reporting Live." Featuring guest appearances from Freeway, Saigon & Fashawn, and production from Snowgoons, Apollo Brown, Oddisee, The Audible Doctor, and more, Journalist 103 returns to boast lyrics straight from the headlines of an eye-opening periodical.
  8. Many believe this is their best album. If not their best album then Stoupe's best production. Its now available again on vinyl HERE and many other fine retailers.
  9. It was this 12" that spawned the sub-group know today as the Heavy Metal Kings (Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill)
  10. Here's another great re-issue. The response has been overwhelming. Thanks to all for your support. Shipping now HERE.
  11. Yea they got away with this one. Lucas sold everything to Disney last year. Also, since they have been using it since 1997 or so, they can argue Lucas Films abandoned it and or failed to maintain their rights.
  12. Tomfiend your wish has been granted: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/88513-jedi-mind-tricks-the-psycho-social-2lp-red-1000/
  13. We are very excited about this release. 1000 were manufactured by the group themselves in 1997 and not one more until now. This is a fantastic debut album. This is SHIPPING NOW HERE Feel free to post links to other stores as they get them in stock. This is the only store that has them today.